Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Posted on Pandagon- Sticking my neck out!

I posted the following on Pandagon.

I wonder if anyone will open their eyes to the hypocrisy, or just spew hate in my direction...

For a group of people who are supposedly open minded and accepting of other cultures, you certainly fling a lot of hatred towards those who are usually on the front lines defending your rights to speak freely, even at their expense. The hypocrisy is frightening!

You probably have no problem with someone burning a flag or a Bible, and consider a sculpture of Jesus made of dung art, but quake with rage if someone shows an ounce of disrespect for the quran in a showing of free speech. I dare not freely criticise islam for fear of being accused of "hate speech" no matter what the Constitution says about my speech being protected. I guess those celebrating 9-11 and chanting for the death of America are only resentful of arrogance after all! No matter that they incite violence and terror...

If you consider yourself pro-rights, or pro-freedom at all, watch out because PC nonsense and socialism just lead to slavery in the long run.

Look at the seething hatred posted here. Is that the kind of person you are? A hateful one? You criticize fundamental Christians and call them nuts, perhaps even intolerant, but what kind of example do you set when you are spewing such hateful things? If the people following Christianity are flawed, and do not always follow the golden rule, then what are you? They may not be perfect, and if they are true Christians they will humbly admit it- not holier than thou either, just trying to do their best in life and stumbling along like any other. How does your hate-filled persecution justify itself? Do you really need to put down Christians to feel good? What does it say of you if you feel the urge to answer that with sarcasm and more hate? Isn't mocking Christians and putting them down hateful?

I'm sure I'm opening myself up to all sorts of hateful attacks, but they will only prove my point that in doing so you are behaving as angry misguided sheep, blind to the real threats to this world, just re-bleating whatever sound bite you fixate on.

The time to wake up as a country is past due. Set aside political and religious boundaries, and look at the REAL threats we face. We are up against an ideology (a political ideology) spread by fundamentalist muslims (the true "fundie" nuts). Calling it a War on Terror is true, but also misleading. Oh wait... you probably don't want to have an open mind to anything that isn't 100% compliant with your views- after all you're open minded to anything you agree with, so I'll just leave you with a couple links just in case you are interested in having a real open mind, (which was why I stopped by anyway- to see if you really were).

Otherwise you can get back to your hateful Christian bashing because Christians are the safest things to take out your aggression on. After all, even the most "fundie" Christian men won't go out of their way to blow up as many innocent civilians as possible to get 72 virgins in heaven.

Well, it's been about 45 minutes and my comment never got posted.

I posted a link to on a different topic and that didn't appear to make it either.
I guess the "open" minded aren't open to anything but cronyism (something they accuse the "right" of all the time.

--------edit 2: tried submitting again- no luck. I guess the "liberal-freedom-loving-open-minded crowd" really isn't...duh (hint: they're really quite an oppressive bunch ;-)). I knew it would happen, but figured I had to give it a try anyway, in the hopes that maybe one more person could see what was going on.

----edit 3: one last attempt... no high hopes.


WomanHonorThyself said...

I dont bother trying to pry open closed minds bro...why exert yerself!..:)

Stix said...

I don't think you will ever get into a real discussion with some of the really left wing crazies. They are intolerant of everything except their viewpoint. Just look at the evironmentalist wackos and Global Warming, they want to place someone like me in jail because I think that we have nothing to do with Global Warming, that it is a natural cycle and has more to do with the cycle of the Sun than CO2 and anything humans do.

Sorry for not having the flushed Quran for the Image of the Day, I usually just go to for their image of the day.

falcon_01 said...

I just tried because I don't want to lose hope in America, and the only way to save this country is to have as many eyes open as possible. I figured if I could snag one or two the world would be that much better a place. (Kinda like their idea of swapping out lightbulbs one by one to save the world).
I love too, and contrary to popular opinion, us "fundies" have our heads in the clouds looking towards the future more often than those who acuse us of being backwards.

Global warming, true or not, I just don't like polution because it bugs my lungs. Polution bad, I got it. Okay... I wish they would move on instead of worshiping the Goracle.