Friday, August 3, 2007

My New Freedom Defending Implement

Not as cool as a terrorist hunting robot, but a lot more affordable!

After reading many reviews, and considering many options, I have just ordered what I consider to be a wonderful, versatile, and affordable addition to the family.

It is light, accurate, and combines the tried and true elements of the AR-15 with the compact nature of a handgun... I can't wait to outfit and customize it, much less slap in one of the new 40 round mags that just arrived. Yes, a 40 round mag in a handgun that can fire standard NATO (though I'll stick with cheaper .223 for plinking)! WOOOHOOO!

Looking forward to posting my own reviews....

You can find this gun and many others way cheaper than MSRP on
Head to for goodies

Get out there and exercise your constitutional rights!

---------EDIT: To answer anon. as to what I like about it:
accuracy, light-weight, compatibility with high-cap magazines, able to fire higher power and wide range of .223 and NATO rounds. I've read reviews by people who shoot 1in groupings at 100 yards... not bad! It's got a lifetime warranty too.

I see it as a nice bridge where a handgun would not be enough (both in range and capacity), and a rifle too big and bulky. It is in short, a nice, affordable tactical load.

Sure, it's a bit big for a handgun, but then again, who doesn't have a friend with an oversized revolver somewhere in their collection? Difference is, I won't be reloading every few shots, and mine looks like a ray gun. :-P

Speaking of revolvers, next on the wishlist is the Taurus Judge a powerful little holdout revolver that can shoot .45 AND .410 shotgun shells. Over the top? NAAAAH. not for me. :) Nice demo on the Taurus site btw. Kabloooy goes the target.


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falcon_01 said...

Yep (been drooling over it since I laid eyes on it, but held off till I read independant write-ups on it), thanks for dropping by!

Nice blog, linked!

Anonymous said...

That thing is not quite a semi-automatic rifle and too long for a handgun. What do you find attractive about it?