Friday, September 19, 2008

A Response to Lindsay Lohan's Blog

Everyone for Obama cannot explain the logic when presented with facts. Obama is a liar or an idiot (though I am inclined to believe he's a liar) about being unaware for 20 years that his most trusted advisor and pastor was a raving, racist, lunatic. We need neither a liar or idiot in the White House, and out of millions of Americans, could certainly do better than a cocaine junkie (go ahead and bash Bush all you want, it simply doesn't counter my argument about what we need, and just makes you look dumb). He's stated he wants a national police force as well funded and equipped as the US military (look to history on where this leads), he is for late term abortions (where the baby could live outside the womb with help, which all babies need anyway), and for not providing medical care to babies that survive the horrific procedure, etc. I have outlined all this and more on MY blog, but because I'm not a recovering junkie and burned out pop-star, I doubt I've got as many followers and hangers-on as you, Lindsay Lohan... but I HAVE studied Political Science. I HAVE served my country and AM currently deployed in Iraq where I HAVE personally seen the difference the surge made! I AM a former Sr. International Security Specialist and I at least know what on earth I am talking about and can back things up when I say that the "feel-good" things Obama has spoken about would lead our nation to destruction in the long-run (oh, it sounds real good in the short-term, to the short-sighted like you). What are you and what did you do with your life so far? Star in a Herbie movie and do drugs... Now you're acting like some political expert? I feel sorry that you, like so many others who have been misled, but all you are doing is using your celebrity status to illogically push more people down the wrong road. I lament that you chose to squander your fame and fortune on drugs and misleading people. I'm only 5 years and change older than you, so I know there's still time for you to buckle down and get some real-world experience, but unfortunately, you're probably not eligible to join the military because of your drug background which makes you untrustworthy to hold a clearance for your total lack of discipline and regard for the law! If you wouldn't even be trusted to serve our country, then why do people pay attention to you when you write garbage on your blog? I'll tell you the only reason- because you are a celebrity in the media spotlight, not because anything you say has any true merit. That is the ONLY reason anyone listens to you... and it's an empty reason, void of any real meaning, and I'm sorry- your only followers, are hangers-on who don't really care. They don't care what the truth is because they're blinded by hero-worship because to them, your fame and fortune is something they admire over the truth... so hopefully, you'll do a little digging, find the truth, develop some humility, and publicly renounce all the nonsense you've been spouting. It's a long-shot, but I have to hope there's something worth salvaging in every misled human being- some redeeming quality. I have to hope that once you see the truth, you'll realize you were wrong, and admit it.

Obama has never done anything other than vote present! How does that make him more qualified than McCain, much less than Palin who Obama gets compared to, who has at least executive experience? Obama has been running for president longer than he's been in Congress... How dare he give a back-handed compliment by saying Palin is an "up and coming politician" like she is beneath him. How sexist can one get? She already reached the highest office in her state! Yet, she gets mocked- while Obama has been worshiped by the likes of you.

As far as attacking Palin's Christianity. If she's a Christian, she LOVES everyone, but cannot condone actions that the Bible says are sinful. That doesn't make her a homophobe. You need wake up, step down from your pop-culture cloud, and ground yourself in reality before you go slinging mud about an issue (or person) you know little about. She is entitled to her freedom of religion, so don't persecute her for it and become the very monster you THINK you see in others (maybe that's a little guilt manifesting itself in you, and rather than deal with it, you project the blame onto others). Palin is actually the most "anti-corruption" politician our nation has seen in a while, and that's what we need in Washington! There are 3 types of people in this world: Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs. Choose carefully who you want to be when you grow up. For an explanation, visit the link at the top or bottom of my blog and here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Rant on Obama

Sadly, nowhere is the utter lack of concern for the people more evident than in Obama- the supposed representaive who has been running for president longer than he's been in Congress- the person who never voted anything other than "present" on any issue. Yet somehow (because of our fine education system and the media who don't let people think long-term or critically), people are duped into following him- just as I predicted they would be (before Obama ever stepped into the limelight)- as sheep before the slaughter. I knew it could have been and would be anybody mouthing the same empty words of "hope" and "change" in a rock-star-like distracting manner. It was just a matter of time before someone like him came along to fill the void, captured people's attentions, and had them thinking that more government control over every aspect of their lives was a good thing.

He's managed to put a positive spin on raising taxes to support the rest of the world, to engender a feeling of sympathy (among the far left) towards terrorists, putting restrictions on speech, stating that a national police force whose ranks would be filled from his PC activist programs and funded and equipped as good as the military would be a good thing, and he's convinced people that he is worthy to lead them despite being either an idiot or a liar (in regards to his supposed ignorance about the blatant racism of his close friend and mentor of 20 years- I'm still betting on liar).

It's sad to see that my analysis was correct, and that such a person came along sooner than I had imagined... but I also figured out approximately 6 months ago that McCain HAD to pick Palin if there was to be any true hope of fighting corruption and preserving freedom- so there is still some hope of getting off the slippery slope we are on. It's going to take a concerted effort on the part of believers AND/OR conservatives to push back the assault on our way of life. McCain himself wasn't always a very good conservative voice in Congress, but with Palin behind him, we'll be in better shape.

Well that's enough of my ranting, I had to walk a mile through a dust storm yesterday and it got me sick, so I took a nyquil which is now kicking in... time to zonk out till tomorrow morning. blah.