Friday, November 14, 2008

11 Months in Iraq. A year and change to go?

I've been deployed 11 months now. That's 11 months of walking a mile to work. 11 months of the tiny shoebox of a room. 11 months of putting up with hearing the news tell everyone how awful things are here. I'm sick of it... and I'm ready for another year (with a vacation home first!!!). The biggest disappointment is feeling betrayed by the American people, but you can read about that anywhere. You'll be experiencing your own betrayal over the next 4 to 8 years... no, for now, I want to set the record straight.
I don't write here much anymore because I've been busy. 12 hour days makes you not want to sit down in front of the computer to relive some of the BS, but some things need said.
11 months ago, I wondered what I was getting myself into. We were getting mortared countless times a night- I've had them land a block away. Talk about an earth-shaking event.... Well, after the surge, that pretty much tapered off. I still walk to work and hear some machine gun fire off in the distance, and there are still the occasional booms, but things have been getting MUCH better, and it's nowhere near as bad as it was! I get told the same thing first-hand from all over Iraq from people who have been here multiple times, or spent a few years here! Yes, bad things still happen in a war-zone, but if we leave prematurely, things will fall apart and get much worse.
We are here to help build a secure and stable country. It's not something that can happen overnight, or even in a few years, and it's not something cheaply bought either- especially with a patient and determined religious insurgency. Who was elected changes nothing- a timetable is STILL A BAD IDEA! It is handing the enemy the plan, and giving them more power by allowing them to claim victory. Every time someone in America proposes our retreat, they cheer- because to them, for so few to overpower the resolve of, and drive off the greatest nation- that fuels their religious ferver and drives up their recruiting!

Most people don't care though, they would rather spit on the sacrifices of those who would lay down their lives for their freedom. No??? They did that at the polls. Why? They were told to. They were sheep for the media. Never doing their own research, or looking deeper than what looked and felt good. "Hope" and "Change" are such pretty words... Well, I HOPE the sheep CHANGE into sheepdogs before too long, or the freedoms they took for granted will vanish as they have done every moment in history when something similar occured when the wolf was cheerfully given free reign.
The price of proclaiming defeat in Iraq is great, but the price of defeat we pay at home in America will be greater if all is lost.
Benjamin Franklin said we had a republic if we could keep it... Can we? I pray so. Time will tell.
I hope I will be granted the opportunity to continue to contribute to the mission here, because I know I am part of something meaningful, and though my absentee vote did not count, being here counts for something- I've seen the faces of smiling children- boys and girls who will hopefully get to grow up knowing the same freedoms you and I did. The people here lived under tyrants for so long... I hope that with their newfound freedom they will not take it for granted like so many American people have come to do... but they must be given a chance. We will leave when they are ready to stand on their own, but that means more sharing, training, time, and patience.


The elect recently stated he would overturn President Bush's decision on embryonic stem cell research. People cheered. Are they in that much of a hurry to kill babies for research? There are OTHER SOURCES OF STEM CELLS! Does the media tell you this? No. Do your own digging... The elect wants to put in an express lane at the abortion clinics, so perfectly healthy late-term babies can be killed- some even at the stage where they would survive outside the mother's womb with a little help! All babies need help to survive! How sick and LOST can you be to choose someone like that to lead you? Yet I'VE been called a baby-killer (for wearing a uniform) before...

I have a feeling I will have plenty to rant about in the coming months and years...

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Response to Lindsay Lohan's Blog

Everyone for Obama cannot explain the logic when presented with facts. Obama is a liar or an idiot (though I am inclined to believe he's a liar) about being unaware for 20 years that his most trusted advisor and pastor was a raving, racist, lunatic. We need neither a liar or idiot in the White House, and out of millions of Americans, could certainly do better than a cocaine junkie (go ahead and bash Bush all you want, it simply doesn't counter my argument about what we need, and just makes you look dumb). He's stated he wants a national police force as well funded and equipped as the US military (look to history on where this leads), he is for late term abortions (where the baby could live outside the womb with help, which all babies need anyway), and for not providing medical care to babies that survive the horrific procedure, etc. I have outlined all this and more on MY blog, but because I'm not a recovering junkie and burned out pop-star, I doubt I've got as many followers and hangers-on as you, Lindsay Lohan... but I HAVE studied Political Science. I HAVE served my country and AM currently deployed in Iraq where I HAVE personally seen the difference the surge made! I AM a former Sr. International Security Specialist and I at least know what on earth I am talking about and can back things up when I say that the "feel-good" things Obama has spoken about would lead our nation to destruction in the long-run (oh, it sounds real good in the short-term, to the short-sighted like you). What are you and what did you do with your life so far? Star in a Herbie movie and do drugs... Now you're acting like some political expert? I feel sorry that you, like so many others who have been misled, but all you are doing is using your celebrity status to illogically push more people down the wrong road. I lament that you chose to squander your fame and fortune on drugs and misleading people. I'm only 5 years and change older than you, so I know there's still time for you to buckle down and get some real-world experience, but unfortunately, you're probably not eligible to join the military because of your drug background which makes you untrustworthy to hold a clearance for your total lack of discipline and regard for the law! If you wouldn't even be trusted to serve our country, then why do people pay attention to you when you write garbage on your blog? I'll tell you the only reason- because you are a celebrity in the media spotlight, not because anything you say has any true merit. That is the ONLY reason anyone listens to you... and it's an empty reason, void of any real meaning, and I'm sorry- your only followers, are hangers-on who don't really care. They don't care what the truth is because they're blinded by hero-worship because to them, your fame and fortune is something they admire over the truth... so hopefully, you'll do a little digging, find the truth, develop some humility, and publicly renounce all the nonsense you've been spouting. It's a long-shot, but I have to hope there's something worth salvaging in every misled human being- some redeeming quality. I have to hope that once you see the truth, you'll realize you were wrong, and admit it.

Obama has never done anything other than vote present! How does that make him more qualified than McCain, much less than Palin who Obama gets compared to, who has at least executive experience? Obama has been running for president longer than he's been in Congress... How dare he give a back-handed compliment by saying Palin is an "up and coming politician" like she is beneath him. How sexist can one get? She already reached the highest office in her state! Yet, she gets mocked- while Obama has been worshiped by the likes of you.

As far as attacking Palin's Christianity. If she's a Christian, she LOVES everyone, but cannot condone actions that the Bible says are sinful. That doesn't make her a homophobe. You need wake up, step down from your pop-culture cloud, and ground yourself in reality before you go slinging mud about an issue (or person) you know little about. She is entitled to her freedom of religion, so don't persecute her for it and become the very monster you THINK you see in others (maybe that's a little guilt manifesting itself in you, and rather than deal with it, you project the blame onto others). Palin is actually the most "anti-corruption" politician our nation has seen in a while, and that's what we need in Washington! There are 3 types of people in this world: Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs. Choose carefully who you want to be when you grow up. For an explanation, visit the link at the top or bottom of my blog and here:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Rant on Obama

Sadly, nowhere is the utter lack of concern for the people more evident than in Obama- the supposed representaive who has been running for president longer than he's been in Congress- the person who never voted anything other than "present" on any issue. Yet somehow (because of our fine education system and the media who don't let people think long-term or critically), people are duped into following him- just as I predicted they would be (before Obama ever stepped into the limelight)- as sheep before the slaughter. I knew it could have been and would be anybody mouthing the same empty words of "hope" and "change" in a rock-star-like distracting manner. It was just a matter of time before someone like him came along to fill the void, captured people's attentions, and had them thinking that more government control over every aspect of their lives was a good thing.

He's managed to put a positive spin on raising taxes to support the rest of the world, to engender a feeling of sympathy (among the far left) towards terrorists, putting restrictions on speech, stating that a national police force whose ranks would be filled from his PC activist programs and funded and equipped as good as the military would be a good thing, and he's convinced people that he is worthy to lead them despite being either an idiot or a liar (in regards to his supposed ignorance about the blatant racism of his close friend and mentor of 20 years- I'm still betting on liar).

It's sad to see that my analysis was correct, and that such a person came along sooner than I had imagined... but I also figured out approximately 6 months ago that McCain HAD to pick Palin if there was to be any true hope of fighting corruption and preserving freedom- so there is still some hope of getting off the slippery slope we are on. It's going to take a concerted effort on the part of believers AND/OR conservatives to push back the assault on our way of life. McCain himself wasn't always a very good conservative voice in Congress, but with Palin behind him, we'll be in better shape.

Well that's enough of my ranting, I had to walk a mile through a dust storm yesterday and it got me sick, so I took a nyquil which is now kicking in... time to zonk out till tomorrow morning. blah.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin VP!!!

Hello all! I don't usually take the time to post as much as I should anymore- between working 12 hour shifts in Iraq, and doing other things, I've been strapped for time, but I REALLY wanted to write something when I was coming out of the chow hall and saw that Sarah Palin was finally chosen as the VP for McCain.

I've been rooting for her for months and months! She's anti-corruption- so much so that the Republican party even shunned her for trying to clean things up... but she won hearts and minds and was elected Gov of Alaska anyway! She is completely pro-life, and has a special needs child. Her oldest child is enlisted. She knows the truth about where they want to drill in Alaska- in a wasteland!!! She is conservative. She's not associated with the old regimes, and being anti-corruption, is solid proof that America has been heard.

For quite some time I wasn't fond of McCain, but I think perhaps he had to toe the party line- but choosing Sarah Palin has been the most logical choice all along, and I have newfound respect for him for thumbing his nose at the establishment. He knows he may or may not survive, so he's doing a heroic act in ensuring that the first person in line to be president after him is as honest a politician as the country has seen in some time. He's also ensuring that the odds are better that the first female president would be that person, and not someone like Hillary Clinton.

I won't have to hold my nose when voting for him because I know Sarah Palin will be watching, ensuring that there is not going to be any corruption or manipulation that people fear. This is certainly a much better alternative to Obama and Biden- both extremely corrupt and bad for the long-term best interests of the United States!

God Bless the USA, and good luck to McCain and Palin!!! I know there are some people, most notably those at WND who advocate a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" ticket, and Farah produced a pretty convincing argument- but I pray that he will change his tune now that Palin is going to be on the ticket! This can make or break the country, and we need to ensure Obama is not given power. He would surely lead to some dark times- times which I fear our nation would not survive should he attempt to enact even half of what he has proposed.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Calling Obama to Task- Do Not Cheapen Our Sacrifices!

How dare he disgrace the sacrifice of the men and women of our armed forces! That he wants to meet with terrorists, but can not find the time to hear the truth from our lips-that we ARE winning despite the roadblocks he and his ilk in that lofty body of Congress have set in our path- is repulsive to me, and I pray just as repulsive to my fellow Americans when it comes time for them to cast their votes.

Mere days ago, a brave man was awarded our nation's highest honor for sacrificing his life, that others might carry on the fight. That he would do that, and that it would be recognized shows that there is still hope for America- and I can but only hope the people of our great nation see through the lies and deception in the media- see through his lies and faithlessness to the principals which make our country great- so that our nation will not continue to fall under his spell as the media has portrayed it thus far.

That he would belong to a church for 20 years, to claim the pastors as his close advisers, yet to also claim to be unaware of the vile hatred that spewed forth from their lips, profaning a house of God, means he is either an evil liar and unfit to be our president, or that he is incredibly lost and ignorant, and unfit to be our president.

The terrorists have plainly stated their goals, and any negotiations with them can not be trusted- as it is their belief that breaking treaties with non-muslims is perfectly acceptable behavior. He says our sacrifices are pointless when we bring light to the darkness and end generations of brainwashing- if anything is pointless, it is his proposed negotiations.

When America was young, we paid tribute to Islamic terrorists- our early leaders said enough was enough and created the US Navy to do battle against them. "Millions for defense, not one cent for tribute!" Such is the resolve of the American spirit when it knows what it is up against. Here is a much needed history lesson for him, and you my fellow Americans, and the rest of the free world:

We are involved in a war that stretches back to the birth of our nation. It has been lost to our memories as we have fought other wars along the way in the name of freedom, but it has never been far from the minds of our enemies who think in longer terms than we are used to- whose goal is oppression.

Shortly prior to then we fought for our freedom at the birth of our nation, now we fight for our freedom again, not against an abusive crown, but against an even more foul and oppressive sort of would-be-master.

"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."-Thomas Paine

Most of us here know what we are up against- an enemy determined to destroy our nation- even should it cost them their very lives. The only thing that will bring us triumph and lasting freedom is the determination to win and not falter, though it may cost us our very lives. Do not think to cheapen the sacrifices we make by traitorously negotiating away all we have worked for. It failed then, and it would just as surely fail now with eve more lives forfeit to the folly.

America, should you wish to remain free, do not cast your vote for this silver-tongued man. His hypnotic message of change would mislead you down a path of destruction through the surrender of your freedoms in the guise of political correctness, or "fairness" and "hope" or some other term used to make you feel good on the path to national death! Do not let our nation as we know it sputter and die while we fight for its future on foreign soil. Improvements can be made without retreat. Changes can be made that do not require an increase in government controls and abuses. We are abroad fighting against the very sort of absolutist control that the extremist left Obama represents would surrender us to in the long run.

The Tree of Liberty is being watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants- do not uproot it as it grows (just as neighborhoods and markets here reopen)! Do not kill it at home either, for the price of our freedom has been paid by our ancestors, and is being paid here, right now as we face barrage after barrage without falter- for make no mistake, if our troops were not defeating terrorists here in Iraq, you would be fighting them in your streets at home! That time may yet come should we be forced to withdraw without crushing the enemy, as it has elsewhere in the world where radical islam was allowed to flourish, so remain vigilant!

"So bury fear for fate draws near and hide the signs of pain
With noble acts, the bravest souls endure the heart's remains
Discard regret, that in this debt a better world is made
That children of a newer day might remember, and avoid our fate.

And in the fury of this darkest hour we will be your light
You've asked me for my sacrifice and I am Winter born
Without denying, a faith is come that I have never known
I hear the angels call my name and I am Winter born " -Cruxshadows

God Bless America,

Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a couple links to good articles

Why we should fight the war on terror like WWII
(peaceful majority is irrelevant and other good points):

A twelve-step program for liberals
(Has some very good arguments, but even so, might not open eyes of those who wish to remain in the dark):

One last thing. How on earth could Obama go to that church for 20 years and say he wasn't aware of what racist stuff was going on??? Saying it makes him either a liar or an idiot, and we have no room for either in the White House.

I'm still alive and kicking, just not a lot of free time to post. Any down time I get I try to get the most out of, but I'll keep checking in from time to time. :-) Keep up the good fight on the home front!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Need Help Translating Swedish Comment in Sandstorm Post!

I have no idea what she's saying- I can't tell if she's being supportive, or something else... but she's also go Arabic on her site. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008




Why I am voting CONSERVATIVE no matter what

Just because someone was a hero like
McCain, doesn't mean they can turn liberal/socialist
and still deserve our support to become president.
Huckabee is the last conservative left running, and will
serve the long-term best interests of America. Even
if he stays in and loses with dignity he does good by
getting his voice heard on our behalf- just like
Hunter and Tancredo got us fired up about security. I refuse to listen to "toe the party line" and "do what's best for the party" anymore because it's a bunch of crap. What is best for the Republican party, and the nation, would be to stand firm for our conservative ideals- not compromise them by reaching out to the liberal extremists by acting like a liberal.

Huckabee's got my vote because he's the most conservative in
the running, and I won't surrender my principals for
the lesser of two evils, just because some big-media
pundits and their sheep followers want me to. It is my right and no RINO is going to tell me otherwise, even if they are in the majority. My mom always said stand up for what you know is right, no matter what- and that's the sort of thing America seems to have lost the ability to do. Why must it always be about compromise when what is right and what is wrong are clear as night and day.

I won't vote for someone who would enact
the same things as Obama or Clinton, but sneak it past
America because lots of sheep think he's a Republican. It goes way beyond the religious factor for me. Is Huckabee perfect? No, but he is the most firm on the most important issues, and that is what is important to me.

It is an insult and a disgrace to
American freedom to discourage us to vote our
conscience for someone who stands up for the real
important issues and has real plans for what's best for America- not just sound bites and compromises that make socialists happy while we go down their slippery slope!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

German "Beer" in Iraq

0.0% Alcohol, brought to you courtesy of General Order Number One: "No Fun Allowed!"

Holsten Pseudo Beer

Hey diddle diddle... the horse jumped over the snake? Arabic labeling on beer, non-alcoholic beer, but...

Anyway... it was pretty gross... though I may have to snag more and make a redneck arabic windchime out of them to hang outside my trailer for the heck of it!

Run For The Border... Taco Bell In Baghdad!

I am overjoyed to say I ate an authentic Taco Bell Bean Burrito for a snack yesterday. It was heavenly. Oh, the warm gooeyness... *sigh*

Run for the border!

Pretty Lights

The internet seems to be going faster than usual tonight, so I'm putting up some pics for family and friends to see- enjoy!

The chandelier of Al Faw Palace



What else can I say? It's HUGE!

JOOS In Iraq! Picture in this post!

I'm sorry... just couldn't resist! BWAHAHAHA!

I know there's a joke to be found here...

If you get sick after eating the food... DON'T blame the JOOS!!!!

Let the jokes fly!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Got a Trailer!

It's been a LONG month+ in that tent, but it's finally
over, and at least it wasn't 4 months like they originally thought.
Not a minute too soon either! People were
ignoring the "no-eating in the tent" rule and it got
infested with bugs and I was getting eaten alive every
night. The day I found out I had finally gotten to
the top of the list for a trailer, I came back on a
lunch break to drop off laundry to find a note saying
that everything in there had to be inspected and the
mattresses and the wooden bunks were to all be burned.

I was able to take some clothes after I inspected
them, but the majority had to go for "medical" laundry
where they scald them just in case a bug is hitching a
ride. Sounds good until they tell me that they only
pick up on Monday and drop back off on Saturday.
Since it was Tuesday when I dropped them off, it means
I won't have my most of my stuff for about 2 whole
weeks! After inspecting every inch of my clothes
inside and out and putting them in a plastic bag I
went to the BX and bought another sheet set and a
blanket in case the heater breaks (with my luck
lately, it probably would have if I didn't buy the

Tonight I'm stuck at work late (no overtime here
folks), but thankfully it's relatively slow so I can
type this out in advance and post it when I get back
to my trailer. :-) I'd like to at least be able to
enjoy my new trailer since I have to walk between
30-45 minutes (uphill each way in the mud) to get to
and from work now... ;-)

We shouldn't have to fight al-qaeda much longer, if at
all... I mean, now that Osama said he's sorry, and his
son called him a nice guy, the bad guys will start
improvising hugs instead of explosives and we'll all
live happily ever after in some delusional politically
correct fantasy... right?

*yawn* See, you can tell I need sleep! I hope everyone
back in the states is having a good time. Take care
and God Bless,


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Historic Event! First Christian Band to Tour Iraq: Third Day!

Third Day Close Up

Last night was amazing- with all the bad news in the media it was encouraging to get to see something non-PC happen, and not something little either!

Third Day, for those who don't know, is probably THE best contemporary Christian band there is (and that's not just my humble opinion)- they've had many number one hits, a platinum disc and video, and a Grammy. They are now also the first Christian band to receive an invite from the USO, and thus the first Christian band to Tour Iraq! The location was packed and everyone got caught up waving their hands and singing along.
Third Day

9-11 Commemorative Banner Hanging in Iraq Palace

9-11 Flag in Al Faw

The 9-11 Commemorative Banner is a 21x31 ft banner made of 3014 miniature (4x6inch) flags representing each victim of 9-11. First hung at Ground Zero medical site, and then St George Ferry Terminal on Staten Island, the Pentagon, the USS Battleship NJ, New York's Hotel, and now Al Faw Palace, Iraq.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Diversion: Scrubs

Sorry, no new pic for this post, though I have a couple new ones I'll try to get on here in the next couple days. I've been watching Scrubs in my spare time thanks to some generous soul who uploaded it to a shared drive. It's such a great series (BIG praise coming from a sci-fi and fantasy fan)! So far I've watched every episode in order up to early season six! I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish the collection. I still have most of a year (or two) to go! AAAARRRRRGH!

It's been a great diversion though- and since it's really hard to get out and make friends when you're working 12 hour shifts and you've been sick, I feel like I'm best buds with J.D. and Turk. Sad, I know...

Monkeys keep flinging poo over the fence and it makes an awful noise when it lands, but thankfully I'll have a bit more shelter (or the illusion of) than currently provided by my tent- (and a bit more room) when I get a trailer sometime in the coming week (disclaimer: estimate only, no guarantee)! Thankfully some spaces have been opening up and I'm making my way through the line at a good speed!

Oh, and mostly over being sick! :-)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A New Pic of a Palace- ooh! aah!

I can't believe I finally got a pic up (and the same day someone said something about it too)!
I took this before the weather turned to crap. This is Al Faw palace. The water surrounding it is a man-made lake created in a couple months. And people say the US blows money on silly projects. Why, I bet a certain politician in Alaska is just dying to have one of these built as a bus stop (with your tax money). ;-P

It actually snowed here in Baghdad for the first time in decades just a couple days ago- unfortunately no pics of that... I have been slogging through mud ever since. Odd that you don't think you'll encounter that in Iraq. Oh well...

I think part of the problem with posting pics is that the internet here is a very temperamental thing. Sometimes you get lucky and the bandwidth genies smile favorably upon you. Other times (most usually), random sites like Blogger, Youtube, or even Yahoo, don't load properly. Trying to get anything to load is like magically being transported back into the 80's- only instead of my machine telling me "please wait" (a few minutes or an hour) it "times out" instead and I have to start the frustrating process all over. Well, that's it in a nutshell. I'm taking my nyquil and zonking out now since I've been sick.

Note: If you ever go somewhere exotic, like Iraq in the winter, and your company, or the Army tells you you don't need to pack a sleeping bag because linens will be provided at your destination, don't pay any attention! The heater in your tent WILL break on the coldest frackin' night, and you will be shivering in your jacket and running to the BX the next day only to learn they are closed for inventory. You will survive, congratulate yourself for not getting sick like everyone else, then promptly get sick a couple days later. Murphy and his stupid law strike again.