Friday, August 17, 2007

Take Your Hippie Medicine, Hippies!

Chorus line from "One Tin Soldier"
from the movie Billy Jack
Provided for hippies who need a kick upside their heads.
So go ahead and hate your neighbor (infidels)
Go ahead and cheat a friend (infidels)
If you do it in the name of heaven (allah, mohamed, 72 virgins, whatever the PC crowd says)
You can justify it in the end.

I guess somewhere along the way they missed the point... (words in parenthesis added)

Thanks The Religion Of Peace for keeping track (scroll down for long list- but read the whole site)!

Why just today, "Three young children under the age of 10 are slaughtered along with their father by a Fedayeen suicide bomber" in the name of his sick twisted version of heaven.

So there you have it. Hate us good guys all you want for trying to take your blinders off...

Have you hugged your suicide bomber today?


WomanHonorThyself said...

Have you hugged your suicide bomber today?..bwhahaha!...good lookin out my friend!

Brooke said...

Geez, I just watched (unfortunately) that Billy Jack movie just a couple of weeks ago!

Isn't it SO peaceful how the Mohammadins like to murder children?

falcon_01 said...

About the only thing that I remember was the part where he says he's going to kick the guy in the face and beats the crap out of him... then the guy says, hah, I thought you said you were going to kick me in the face... so he does.

I just thought it would be great to make the point using a hippie movie/soundtrack.

I looked up the movie on imdb and amazon to spark my memory. I can't believe they made sequals! Yes, that's a plural. *gag* LOL

pela68 said...

Feel yourself TAGGED!

falcon_01 said...

Thanks! (I think)