Wednesday, August 8, 2007

2nd Amendment Article and rant

Good points.
As I said in my comment in my last post, any laws limiting the 2nd amendment are illegal.

The author did fail to address the comma in the amendment that meanst that establishes a separate and complete thought- that "the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" but even generally speaking he makes an argument for an individual to be able to keep and bear arms so good for him.

Laws such as those in NJ that require you to keep your weapon locked in your trunk in a separate container from your ammo, or those that require you to first acquire a license of some form to buy ammo, or limit the amount you can buy, all by definition infringe. Infringement of any form is unconstitutional, and thus ultimately illegal- that is not stopping the laws from being on the books, so where then is the federal government coming to the rescue of citizens as it should? The one thing the federal government is supposed to do above all else is protect our Constitutional rights.

Instead, when federal judges DO bother to get involved it is to legislate from the bench and attack those local mayors who care enough to protect citizens by enforcing federal laws. The system is being run backwards and protecting lawbreakers and illegals, not citizens... and is restricting our rights.

Look at all the so-called hate crimes cases that will ultimately make the average non-hyphenated citizen the easiest target. In the event a criminal is charged for a crime, they won't have to worry about a hate crime. So much for equal protection under the law.

I know I went all over the place with this post (perhaps because of too much coffee thismorning), but the issues are all interconnected, and unless we elect people serious about fixing the mess, things will just get worse.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Did someone say coffee? :)
nice rant and no u didnt digress too much..heh

Brooke said...

You are right on all counts, and the issues are indeed one and the same: That our rights are being eroded from the very benches that should be protecting them.