Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ron Paul Supporter "Logic" in Comments

Sesame Street Ron Paul- One of These Things... on YouTube

Great vid but it left out other non-CFR candidates

Paul supporter comments are stupid to the point of scary...

Monday, October 29, 2007

My Candidate Update

As you know, if you know me or have been reading this, I've had to re-align my favorites for the 2008 election... a few times. As dirt surfaces, and as people say dumb things, I've had to keep re-analysing who will be the absolute best for the long-term best interests of America.

Right when finally I think my initial assessment of Tancredo being the best is solidified, he tries to bet his campaign on a baseball game. There's too much at stake for that. Maybe he just wanted some extra publicity, and to try to capture the hearts and minds of the Americans who don't have a clue (ie: the ones who care more about "reality TV" and celebrities doing dumb things than anything else). That took him down a notch in my book. He's still in the top three for me...

Hunter. He started as my number 3. He moved up to number 2 when I learned about Thompson's CFR ties. Thompson was dropped from the list. We can not afford to elect anyone with CFR ties. Hunter took the time to visit and speak at the Gathering of Eagles event. He made it clear we were at war with an ideology, and we could not afford to back down. He was a good speaker, and you could tell the issues were important to him, not just important to getting elected.

Thompson dropping from my list moved Huckabee up to number 3. Huckabee echoes the platforms of Tancredo and Hunter, so closely that I thought since he's the most popular of the underdogs he might be the best after all. Then some dirt surfaced. He's not my top pick for the absolute best, but he keeps saying the right things, and he's still in my top 3, if only because nobody else seems to be available...

Huckabee recently got an endorsement from Chuck Norris, on WorldNetDaily, and is still popular there.

So is another 9/11 possible?
Huckabee responds,
"There's almost an inevitability, not just a possibility. It will happen again. And it'll happen because we face an enemy that is not a nation-state that can be contained within borders and boundaries, because their war is not about borders and boundaries. Islamofascism is rooted in a theocratic Islamic jihadism that seeks to destroy and annihilate every last one of us. It wants to establish a complete Islamic theocracy across the world, and for that to happen it means our culture has to be completely snuffed out. There's no peaceful co-existence, there's no accommodation, there's no naïve nonsense that if we leave them alone they leave us alone. This is a war someone will win and someone will lose. Whoever perseveres and whoever has the strongest will, will in fact win, and that's why we can't give up."

He seems to have a good grasp of the situation, and his recent rise to front-runner status is encouraging, but I'm likely going to be keeping my fingers crossed for Hunter all the way. Huckabee might not be the cleanest, but he's not stupid either- and bottom line is, he's still better than the other front-runners... I hope that if he does manage to get in office, he'll choose Hunter (or even Tancredo) as a solid VP.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Tancredo Trivializes Election- To Quit If Rockies Lose World Series???

You just can't trivialize the presidential election like this!

“Governor Romney, I propose we make a bet on the World Series.” Tancredo said. “I will agree to drop out of the race if the Red Sox win on the condition that you will agree to drop out if the Rockies win.”

This comes a week after Tancredo challenged Romney to a trap shooting contest in New Hampshire, with the loser to drop out of the race.

What on earth is he thinking? Someone tell me he's joking! DANG IT. Candidates, square yourselves away and knock this crap off!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dirt on Huckabee (DARN He was too good to be true)

My friends of the VA Militia sent me the following from hot air and now I feel the need to rain on everyone else's parade:

The Case Against Huckabee

Well, crap. Another one bites the dust. Thank you
for sharing. I'm back to Tancredo and Hunter. I
watched Hunter speak at the GOE on 15 Sept. He had
remarkable charisma, and came across as having a
passion for trying to do the right thing. As a vet,
he's got more cred, and his son's in the service too if I recall correctly.

I think subconsciously I knew Huckabee was "too good
to be true" and that's why I wasn't giving him any
time until Chuck Norris (Please don't roundhouse kick
me) weighed in...

I gotta say, even with all that
dirt, he still comes out looking cleaner than most of
the others- but that's besides the point- I'm not
going to compromise my integrity and vote for anyone
who betrayed the trust placed in him. America doesn't
need that.
Again, I'm back where I started, 2 underdogs: Tancredo and Hunter.

3 if you count Colbert, who, since he's cleaner than Huckabee, moves up on my list if he can overcome the little matter of the FEC breathing down his neck. I mean, come on, it's Doritos promoting him... It's not like he's got Chinese dishwashers sending him millions... and he's not CFR. LOL. Yes, America, we are screwed, but I can't help but imagine Ben Franklin might like Colbert if he were alive today...

MANBEARPIG Started California Fires!

Photographic PROOF! (h/t Drudgereport for the pic)

The Gay Wizard Dumblegore (who invented fire) was seen nearby playing with matches with his pal from al-jazeera, Smokey the Jihad Bear!

Sen Reid auctioned the ashes and says it was all his idea!

EDIT: This just in Manbearpig is allied with al-qaeda, showing this goes MUCH deeper than previously considered.

Ron-Paul supporters are saying it was an inside job (a high-level conspiracy) in that the Californians worked with Manbearpig AND al-qaeda to light the fires themselves for attention and insurance purposes.

2 Year Old Donates $2300 to Obama, as do 2 Other Siblings!

2 Year Old Donates $2300 to Obama, as do 2 Other Siblings!

Well, gosh, as long as he didn't doodle a picture of a gun, right leftards? This corruption makes me sick...

frack, I forgot to mention I have two dogs, a cat, two goldfish, and one snail. The second snail died a few days ago, but that's ok, I'm sure it's ok for it to vote anyway- it happens all the time! Of course I don't make enough for each of them to donate the maximum amount of money, nor would they likely want the money I "gave" them that they "earned" by being cute to go to Huckabee or Tancredo anyway since we all know snails are bottom feeding democrats and dogs lick their @$$es- then again, they'll do anything I say for a treat. The cat? If you do something tick her off, she'll claw you, so she must be a republican.

Monday, October 22, 2007

One of These LOSERS is Not Like the Other. Obama Showing MORE "Patriotism"

During the national anthem... you know, to show more "patriotism" like when he stopped wearing a flag pin...

Illegal Progress!

More hope in the battle against illegals! Progress being made as individual states force illegals to flee to Mexico or "amnesty cities." Unfortunately the laws are being challenged, but for now, they stand, and while they stand, we gain a bit of our country back!

Chuck Norris Lists Reasons to Vote for Huckabee. Thoughts?

EDIT, dirt on Huckabee found: http://sheepdogsblog.blogspot.com/2007/10/dirt-on-huckabee-darn-he-was-too-good.html

He's still cleaner than most front-runners, but I'm just going to have to stick to my guns on Tancredo and Hunter until the final showdown. Sorry Chuck, please don't roundhouse kick me.


He makes a very convincing (and logical) argument... of course, he's Chuck Norris! Read the article and make up your own mind. Thoughts?

Previously, I had shared that Huckabee was not strict on immigration, but that was according to some lifted quotes from Coulter. Not saying they weren't credible, but after investigating Huckabee's site, I have to say I'm convinced he's taken a firm stance on securing the border and prosecuting and deporting illegals within our country- and keeping new ones from sneaking in.

His Issue Page- shows where he stands on the war on terror, ditching the IRS, being pro-life, and many other things that should appeal to the modern conservative.

I have my hopes for Tancredo or Hunter, but I'll add Huckabee to my list of acceptable candidates. Who knows, whoever gets it might appoint the others to key positions... that would be great!

However, there come a point when a decision needs made, and we can't have Hillary or Obama, or any of the other leftists... I don't want a RINO getting in either and leading us astray.

I feel that I wouldn't be compromising my integrity to vote for Huckabee. He, like Tancredo and Hunter, is not a CFR member. If enough of the conservatives are willing to back him over Thompson (as people seem more willing to do the more they learn about Thompson), he's probably got the best chance of securing the nomination and being the next president- and no I'm not just saying that because I've been working out on a Total Gym lately.

His issue page (again, go look at it if you haven't by now)

Chuck Norris' Code of Ethics

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Message For America About Who We Are

I have very good reasons for leaving out Ron Paul when I discuss our options for 2008. They primarily involve the long-term survival of our nation.
I leave out Ron Paul because he is as great a threat as the other front-runners; perhaps more so, in that he misleads so many to putting this nation on a road to hell- with the best of intentions. He would have us bury our heads in the sand while the islamofascists chop away at our necks. Any success in reforming government under Ron Paul would not last.

We are at war with islamofascism. They have stated their intent to kill us all, no matter what. Even if we leave the middle east, they will continue to attack. Look up their "perfect day" scenario. The enemy must be crushed, or in the long run, America, and our freedoms are doomed as we know it. Yes, we all have our guns, and would go down fighting, but there's a smarter way to do it- and maybe even prevent unnecessary bloodshed on our soil.

Thomas Jefferson had the Koran (that the islamist swore on) to study the enemy! He knew the threat- that's why he sent troops to Tripoli! After America tried and failed at being isolationist- to the point of PAYING TRIBUTE, he determined that peace would never be had. He declared millions for defense, but not one more cent for tribute!

EVERY peace treaty the islamists make, they break- you know why? Because they believe it's ok to lie to infidels, as we are nothing but apes and pigs to them. Living in the dark won't make the threat go away, it will just fester outside our borders and eventually overwhelm us. I do not doubt for one minute that there would be acts of patriotism and heroics in small groups- but in the end, we face a people who don't care about living or dying, or how many innocents they kill so long as their evil is spread and they dominate the world... and it would spread like wildfire without good Americans fighting that fire.

Yes, you'll hear some people spit terms like "American Imperialism" but in the end it's all about trying to make us give up and run away from a fight so they can declare victory in the name of Allah and double their recruiting- after all, if they can defeat the "Great Satan" (what they call us) once, then surely their masses will believe God is on their side. We can not afford to give them even an inch, yet Ron Paul would cede the world to them. That is why he is dangerous.

Look what they do to Israel EVERY time they give land for peace! How much of the rest of the world would you give over to tyranny for false peace? With every advance they make, and every resource they capture they gain more advantages and power to bring to bear against us. On our own soil they have already purchased 20% of NASDAQ. They bought large chunks of our resorts and casino businesses- so you're not just funding terrorism at the pump anymore. Their plan is multi-faceted and many of them are patient. Many want physical jihad against us now, others bide their time and are content with financial jihad (buying up America), legal jihad (suing people, limiting their freedoms, gaining power over courts)... Together, they spread terror over the world- fast and slow.

Shutting the doors and kicking out illegals is a good step, as would be being more strict on keeping our freedoms- but cutting us off from the rest of the world would be suicidal in the long run. Not as soon as some of the front-runners would make it, but an eventuality nonetheless. America is great, but if the world's resources were turned against us, it would be the END. It would make any Cold War MAD scenario look preferable.

There is a global resistance against islamist expansion and we must not abandon our friends to the enemy, or what kind of Americans would we be? Trust me, wouldn't you rather have Freedom and someone call us "imperialists" than have the REAL islamic imperialists in charge?

We were LOSING the Revolution, until one young man decided to go against his king's orders. He believed in liberty and America, so much so in fact that he spent his personal fortune to bring ships, guns, and men to our aid, risked his life on the battlefield time and again. America as we know it would not exist today were it not for foreign assistance and the "American" spirit of others- the spirit of Freedom. Similarly we have since devoted and given lives so others might know freedom. Unfortunately that process is never ending, so long as there are evil tyrants and brave men to fight them. I would hate to think the process would end because America had run out of the latter.

Should we cheapen ourselves now by turning into cowards and tucking our tails in the face of enemies on multiple fronts only to have them eventually overwhelm us down the road? Or should we face the enemy wherever they may be, and make them pay dearly for every inch of turf they would despoil- no matter where? Either we are America, and all that it was supposed to be, or we are not. Let there be no middle ground.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More Important 2008 Candidate Info!

Glad to see someone else spreading the word!

Here's some of what I've got so far for more resources:

Try as I might to share the truth, too many people want to believe SO much that Thompson is our Great Conservative Hope. He is not.

Tancredo has the most solid record and conservative stance- He believes in the Constitution, but he won't be so isolationist to the point where the terrorists can do whatever they want in the rest of the world to gain strength and plot our eventual demise.

Huckabee isn't what we need either- he seems good natured, but... "He has compared illegal aliens to slaves brought here in chains from Africa, saying, "I think frankly the Lord is giving us a second chance to do better than we did before."

Toward that end, when an Arkansas legislator introduced a bill that would prevent illegal aliens from voting and receiving state benefits, Huckabee denounced the bill, saying it would rile up "those who are racist and bigots." "

We all know the stories about the other RINOs...

The over-hyped "front runners" are nothing more than different levels of the same thing. America doesn't need run down the same path, nor should we settle for walking down it. It's time to do some hard work to make sure we start heading the right direction to ensure our freedoms AND our future.


An email from Virginia Militia:

> Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 10:02 PM
> Subject: Please spread it out!
> WARNING ABOUT the Council of Relations and the
> Presidential Candidates that belong to it
> Please watch those short videos...
> our future is at stake!
> This is not about Dems or Republicans... this is
> about Americans and Global Elites that want to rule
> us.
> Members of the CFR: Fred Thompson, Mc Cain, Giuliani
> and Romney, Obama, Hillary, Edwards...
> Please watch the short videos and read the links...
> About Fred Thompson..... please read carefully, he
> is member of the Council of Foreign Relation, an
> organization dedicated to destroy America and create
> the north America Union...
> Please watch this short 1 minute video
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8JY_lFZjDc
> watch video about cfr
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vo5CZvD3-QM
> please read
> http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=44841
> and what Barry Goldwater said about it
> http://www.gwb.com.au/gwb/news/multi/goldwatr.html
> more about Fred
> http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=55776
>(I'll leave this in becaues it's got some good info, but Ron Paul is too extreme. He would just leave us cut off, giving the terrorists the upper hand in the rest of the world. We can not bury our head in the sand and isolate ourselves. All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Ron Paul would have us do nothing... and eventually it would come back to bite us. )
> "One or the other"
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K5A6FQbmm8
> http://RonPaul2008.com

Friday, October 19, 2007

Something good in WAPO! Comcast- It's Craptastic!

This lady, a patriot, gets fed up with crappy service, takes a hammer into the Comcast office and goes to town! MY HERO!

Let me just say COMCAST SUCKS! They lie to you and abuse you left and right! I've been kept waiting days for service, with THREE, yest 3 back to back no-shows, gotten double billed, disconnected the day after service was connected when I moved because they idiots had done it backwards! To top it off, my internet is slow, my voicemail can't be turned off and you can't delete a message from an automated telemarketer until you listen to the WHOLE thing, and though I don't watch much TV, the shows ALWAYS freeze for a few seconds here and there- usually at key points in a movie or something.... yeah, I'm sick of Comcast and this lady deserves a medal.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Traitor's Insults and my Obligatory Rant and Response.

"You don't have money to fund the war or children," he said. "But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

Gosh, can we charge him with Hate Speech and give the left a taste of their own medicine???

It's proven that socialized medicine, and giving EVERYONE handouts at the expense of hard working Americans will not work! To say that we are spending money "to" (meaning with the sole purpose of) blow up innocents is worse than slander. No, that is what the terrorists do, not our brave Americans who sign a blank check with their lives when they take their oaths. Speaking of oaths, I'll never forget that my oath never expires... this guy must have forgotten his while he's still in office.

No sir, we don't get our heads blown off for the president's amusement. We do that to make sure you still have the very rights you work so hard to deprive us of. You're welcome, asshat, sir. I invite you to take a very long stroll in the Arlington Cemetary reading the names of your betters before you think we give our lives, or even a few years of our lives, so cheaply for anyone's mere amusement. Your filthy disrespect to the American people shames the halls of Congress, and that is why your approval rating is at record low. You and your ilk are cheap sell-outs of the long-term best interests of this nation, and your pathetic sound bites will not be forgotten by We The People.

Mexican TB Bio-Terror Threat. Mexican crisscrosses border 76 times over a year with dangerous TB strain

This man crisscrossed our border 76 times and took multiple flights over the course of the year exposing countless people to a dangerous highly contageous drug-resistant form of TB.

This is beyond negligance. It is willful endangerment and an attack on Americans!

It's bad enough our border agents must walk on eggshells while the Mexican military openly "smuggles" thousands of pounds of drugs and trains machine guns!

Then there's the trucks that Pres. Bush agreed to let in carrying who knows what!

Now this guy comes in willfully committing an act of bio-terror!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mexican military in U.S. border standoff

Mexican military in U.S. border standoff

Heck, they're always telling us the border is SOOOOOO big. Fine, lets use that to our advantage. Shoot the bad guys then burry the bodies!

Colbert for President!?!

Colbert for President!?!?!

Actually, he's also a sunday school teacher on the side, I read his bio- he climbed up from a tragic past- his parents were killed when he was young, and he struggled his way up to the top living the American Dream.

Sure he's a comic, but he's better than the media hyped "front-runners" of either party, and he just might have the ability to heal this nation, be funny, and bring back some conservative morality...
Remember the movie with Robin Williams? I've been hoping for something like this... if only it's real... If he plays his cards right he has a real shot. People pay attention to him.

I have a feeling he might be a bit overwhelmed if he accomplishes the seemingly impossible, but he is a smart guy, and he'd hopefully pick a good cabinet and hold onto his integrity.

New Crisis: INTERNET WARMING! Purchase Data Emission Offsets!

HALP, algoreacle! only you cans save us! Teh internetz you invented is warming!

I touched the box... and it was warm! Waht to do? (stfu perves!)

Within mere months, the "1337" (LEET) computers we all bought from retailers will be so overheated they will slow down causing mass panic! We MUST stop the Internet Warming at once or we are all DOOMED! Please, leftards, do your part and purchase data emission offsets from me! I will ensure the money goes to a good cause, heck call it a revolutionary cause, because that cause will be to bring about a revolutionary advancement in my own personal computing capabilities by helping me wage an EPIC battle against your destructive data emissions! Invest in the future of this nation??? NO! Invest in the future of the world! The Goreacle brought us teh internetz and it is our responsibility to make sure it remains habitable.

Think of all the netizens you will be helping with your bleeding heartz!!!1111!1!!!!1! Together we can make sure the internet remains free and clean of your filthy data emissions! Take the pledge to stop polluting the internet, today!

Don't post, and if you do, use only ONE character per post. Do your part to show conservatives you can make a difference!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!1 While the're making posts lasting paragraphs, filled with all sorts of data, you can upstage them with a character, start with scaling it down to 3, or even 2 characters and find your comfort zone. There are many options to choose from on your keyboard, and you'll soon find that can still make as much sense as you normally do... You won't even notice the difference, but you'll be making the world a much better place!

Quick, someone nominate me for a Nobel Peace Prize! I just solved much of the world's problems!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Thoughts on Ron Paul- Think Ahead!

Paul doesn't fit. He would have us bury our heads in the sand and let everyone chop at our necks. We need someone who is firm on the Constitution, but without the short-sighted craziness. He looks great for short term planning, but if you look a few more years down the road there's still chaos. Perhaps no Hitlery nanny state, but we would still face global problems. Terrorists don't go away by themselves.

Tancredo is firm on more than one issue- go to his issues page, and you'll see. Same with Hunter. I can't say which would be better, but I think they are great men who would do wonderful things for this country, perhaps together, if given the chance.

Other people have great logical reasons for not supporting Paul- but the only reasons I hear against Tancredo and Hunter are "they don't have a chance" and that's just stupid. If they don't win it was because the people were once again duped and mislead into playing the media popularity contest and voting not for the right person, but the person they were told had the best chance of winning. Stand your moral ground! Take the time to consider the real long term possibilities of each candidate. This is not American Idol. Sound Bites do not save the world. This is more like chess and you have to think ahead!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Boycott China- Lead in Lipstick among countless other things


The lead has apparently also been linked to miscarriages... that really hits hard for some people.

We really need to pay attention and boycot anything that might have Chinese ingredients. Between the lead in the bibs, toys, clothing, formaldehyde in "onesies" and poisoned food, there is no denying that this is all out intentional war against our population.

Why Not To Pick The Lesser of Two Evils in 2008- Don't Compromise Your Honor!

I can only say I will NEVER vote for someone who supports killing babies. It is a traitorous action to our country, as America is losing lawful citizen's reproductive sustainability. We, will cease to exist as we are overrun.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming that the unborn feel pain, and the recent successful survival and development a child weighing mere ounces confirms that although the baby still relied on assistance (as do all), it was able to survive outside the womb. http://www.abort73.com/HTML/I-C-2-development.html

Anyone supporting the murder of these children can not ever be considered conservative- regardless of how it is spun.

I will never compromise my integrity by voting for one evil over another, and neither should any other American. Don't buy into the politics and the media polls. The only way this nation's long term survival has a chance is if we live by an honor code and make a stand.

Holocaust Hero Denied... Goracle Wins Nobel Instead. 2 Stories, 2 Different Emotions

Hers is a wonderful story of courage, sacrifice, and triumph- how a true hero of the Holocaust was nearly lost to history, but whose story was unearthed and shared to touch the world when it needs it most.

Here is a story of false peace, lies, socialism, corruption, and betrayal.

The goracle won a false victory today, for his false peace, in the name of socialism, corruption, and denial. The legacy and heroic spirit of this woman will NEVER die, no matter how much it is denied!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Interesting reports on Huckabee and Thompson

Interesting report on Huckabee and Thompson

Good News! Soldier Impaled by Live RPG Survives

Hoorah! Here's another great story about how amazing our troops are: This Soldier gets impaled by an RPG and lives!

Student Advocating Gun Rights Gets Suspended, Psych Eval.

A Christian church-affiliated university in St. Paul, Minn., has suspended a student after he raised questions about the campus ban on concealed weapons, and is ordering him to have a mental health evaluation before he can resume his education.

Frack. I thought the thought policing and "psych" evals for not "being politically correct" wouldn't start en-force until after a commie was elected president... Then again, since they do run the education system, it's not really that big of a surprise.

The message of the emails he wrote was decidedly non-threatening, and only meant to raise intelligent discussion of a serious issue that every American must come to terms with.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Islamist Running Thompson Campaign!

I thought this was over and done with a long time ago. It looks like our front-runner is still employing an islamist to run his campaign

Time to show support for Tancredo and Hunter folks! Everyone else is too shady!

910 Group Blogger Headlines?

Ok, I haven't been able to see the blogger headlines for a few days (both at work and home)... I figured it was just a glitch at first, but now I'm starting to worry. Is anyone able to see the headlines?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This Man Needs Rescued!

Azerbaijan Baptist Pastor's appeal denied despite ludicrous charges.

He had been arrested May 20 during what police said was an "illegal" worship service. He then was accused of attacking five police officers.

Zenchenko said he told the court the church teaches members not to resist with violence, and Balaev's father, who witnessed the raid, told the judicial officials it was the police who used violence.

He has been in custody since May, and faces at least 2 years of hard labor.

Another Offensive (GAY) PC Law in the UK!

Rapists get less time than someone who says something negative about homosexuals in UK

Being able to say homosexuality is bad is one's right. It's also our rights not to have it shoved in the faces of children!

Frankly, I think this PC law is gay! Just because you like "biscuits" with your tea, doesn't mean you have to force your perverted agenda on the rest of the world and expect "thpecial" priveleges and treatment! Why should a negative comment, which other human beings (especially conservatives) endure on a regular basis rate more jail time than rape????

Why Is This Man Only 5th????

Tancredo is ranking fifth in the latest home-state polls behind Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney. WHY ANYONE would think about Giuliani, Romney, or even McCain before this steadfast American is beyond be!

He's debating on how to proceed. Lets hope he surges to the front. He's one of just a couple of candidates who would actually be good for the long term best interest of this country! Sadly, I don't even see Hunter on the list!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Spanish Speaking in U.S. "Widespread and Accepted"

If you come here, you should learn English like every other immigrant group has- and not expect special treatment and catering too! Mexico exports gangs, drugs, violence, rape, and terror. This is an invasion with long-term disastrous ramifications unless our borders are secured and the effort made to kick out the illegal criminals.

" Spanish speaking in the United States is widespread and accepted by most Americans."

We need to shout out and change their perception.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Footbaths NO! Use dust instead! Koran says dust is ok!

Use dust instead!

We certainly want to support the water conservation effort, and a suitable alternative is available... so... I'm all for providing them with dust to use instead of foot-baths. That's just fine. So long as it's the dust left over from a BBQ. I'd hate for all the dust to go to waste...

Obama Stops Wearing Flag Pin- doesn't live up to true Democommie pandering potential!

" Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says he doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin because it has become a substitute for "true patriotism" since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. "

Right, since WHEN is displaying the flag a substitute for patriotism? It's ALWAYS been a display and symbol of true patriotism! This contrary-to-logic-babbling is just the sort of pseudo-intellectualism we've all come to know and loathe from the democommies.
Sure, waving a flag doesn't automatically make you a patriot, it's what's in your heart. Displaying the flag is a symptom, however.

So, he's going to take off his flag to appeal to the anti-Americans, and migically he is somehow MORE patriotic??? I'm sure that trend will catch on and everyone will rush to remove all their displays of patriotism, because in fact, they're evidently trivial and meaningless displays because Mr. Obama the trendsetter said so... Oh wait, most of the democommies aren't the ones waving flags and being patriotic anyway, so I guess they won't have to work very hard to follow his "lead." It seems like Obama has catching up to do with the rest of his fans. Maybe if he wanted to get more nuts behind him he could put his lapel back on... but get this- he could put it on UPSIDE DOWN! Now THAT would appeal to the radical left and get him some crazies to vote for him! Heck, he could even put Mexican flag pin ABOVE the U.S. Flag pin. That would be some top of the line pandering right there! Maybe even a China pin above that, though that might be a more fitting tactic for Hitlary...

Patriots are men and women of action who display the flag on top of whatever support they give. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to whether or not it's fitting that he is no longer wearing the flag.

Goldberg Goes Whoopi Over Abortions

Goldberg lectured Hasselbeck that Americans ought to "revere" women, who have had abortions.

I don't watch the View, and won't, simply because I cannot stand inane, and insane prattling. I liked Whoopie on Star Trek: TNG, but knowing what I just learned about how she trivializes murdering children, I just can't think of her the same...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Border Patrol Cut in Half!

Border Patrol Cut in Half! Going from 6,000 to 3,000 troops!

Mooning Activist Linked by DNA to Child Rape

Mooning Activist Linked by DNA to Child Rape

How much do you want to bet he was a Mooning Moonbat? You NEVER hear conservatives referred to as "activists." Surely the leftists he was with support his "life views" and "preferences." I wonder how many of them would wind up in prison too if they were actually investigated! Of course, enforcing the laws would be called a "right wing conspiracy."

How is it that people calling for the violent overthrow of the U.S., the death of troops, the destruction of freedom, and the abandonment of morals can be called activists, while conservatives trying to protect the country are called radicals?

Day Laborer Rapist Nabbed... AND Important Immigration Fact Video- MUST See!

A 17-year-old day laborer accused of breaking into a Santa Monica condominium and raping the occupant when she returned home was charged as an adult Tuesday with nine felonies.Luis Mario Lopez is scheduled to be arraigned at the Airport Branch Courthouse on charges including forcible rape, residential burglary and unlawfully taking the woman's 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 500 convertible.

"Mexicans lose in each migrant the best of our people, young people, working people, and audacious people, strong people," Mexican President Calderón said in March 2007.

Yeah, I'm sure he had to be pretty audacious to sneak in through the doggie door! Maybe his body should contribute to fence... or was the attack her fault for being a successful American?

This Video gives some important and shocking facts about immigration since the 1970s- MUST SEE

Good News! Hero Lifts 2 Ton Truck in Gun Battle! HOORAH!

'Incredible Hulk' Royal Marine lifts two-ton truck off drowning comrade during gun battle in Afghanistan

It happened last year, but I guess the story is just now getting out... Call it a miracle, call it adrenaline, whatever- it's still amazing!

And the enemy thinks they have God on their side...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ah, That Wonderful School System Strikes Again, and Again, and Again

Some school just outlawed hugs. Yes, hugs. You know, those friendly greetings we give friends and family to show we care. Another attempt at the left to step in and control EVERYTHING you do or think.

Another school just ditched Halloween. One kid might feel left out. Someone might not be able to afford a costume. BS. You can't please everyone at once. You know what else? We were on welfare when I was little and my mom MADE my costume for kindergarten. She sewed a little and I was Pinnochio. Because of districting, many of the other kids had lots of money, yet creativity won out and I won the contest. *gasp* Looking back, I sure hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by winning... you know what? This is retarded. The kids just care about wearing a costume and eating TONS of sugar. When I was in school there were always a couple kids who didn't celebrate- they probably missed out on wearing a costume, but they got candy and didn't hold a grudge against everyone else because their parents didn't want them dressing up. At most, they would be asked where their costume was by a concerned kid. The kid without a costume would say they're not allowed to dress up, and someone would say, "aww, that's too bad. Hey, do you want to trade your bottle caps for my bubble gum?" or something along those lines... and that would be that.

Christmas, we all know about... Heck, even some muslim parents are saying they don't want our Christmas parties banned! Not everyone comes to America for the bland, sterile, leftist brainwaashing. Some actually want to appreciate OUR culture and our freedoms. Yes, many want to abuse our freedoms and take them away, but even more people are starting to see where that leads- corruption and cold, oppressive communism. There is going to be a rift in the muslim community where they will have to choose between conservative morals, and abandoning everything for empty headed liberalism. America is supposed to be a moral Christian nation, and that must not be taken away from us by the left who wants us to deny our heritage and take away rights.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Most Unlikely Ally Against the Liberals! or: Some "Local Intel" I Gathered

I think there is still some REAL untapped hope here for Conservative America and Republicans- among the muslim community. Don't run screaming yet, I've not gone mad!

I've personally gathered some "local intel" I consider valuable: That many muslim families no longer give at mosques, or to muslim charities because they do not want to fund terrorists. Stopping that giving alone may not seem like much to you or I, but to them it is a huge deal, and don't forget, IT SAVES LIVES! But wait, there's more!

They hate the corruption in their home countries- where they would be killed for speaking out against it. Even after decades here in the states to learn about our government- they say that although we have corruption it is nowhere near as bad as the lands they left. They are proud of their American freedoms and don't want to see this country become like that which they fled... that's something I wish the immigrants from our southern border would take to heart!

Again, though their religion may advocate violence against us- a lot of people were "born muslims" meaning they follow a couple traditions because that's what they've been doing for a thousand years, but they don't actually "practice" it. Our only way to win the war here isn't just by stocking up on ammo for when SHTF, but with using reason, logic, and smiles, making and winning over friends who don't like where they came from, but don't necessarily want someone shoving a Bible in their face and telling them they're going to Hell- that doesn't save ANYONE, and it just scares people away and makes you look like a fruit. Heck, I'm a Conservative Christian and I find it particularly scary! ;-) I'm not saying pander- far from it, so keep reading!

When they mentioned Ahmenidijad's statement about homosexuals they laughed. They said Iran is filled with gays!

As far as the school system goes, they don't like seeing a lot of the stuff taken out and substituted with teaching 2nd graders about homosexuality. They'd prefer an honest straightforward, and even Christian education to what the leftists are pushing which removes all reason, morals, and "cause and effect" from the system!

My assessment is that if someone could be a hardcore and blunt conservative politician and offer common American ground, the moderate muslim community could be a great tool and ally. I think many would support a Republican candidate in a heartbeat if someone would lay the cards on the table and publicly say, "I'm a Christian, I hate radical islam and the threat it poses to our country, and I, much like you of the moderate muslim community, want good morals in our society. The left wants us to surrender to the same sort of corruption most of you fled. I'm offering you a chance, as Americans, to have the same secure and free America that you came here looking for, in which you can be free to believe what you want without bringing harm to your fellow human beings." I would rather try to win them over to our side with logic, and plainly spoken conservative Christian morals (which actually DO appeal to them) than leave them vote for a democrat because they are scared of persecution.

They don't like the democrats because they kill babies, teach homosexuality, and are a reminder of the corruption in government they fled. Many families don't want catered to with public funds, because they know that money could be better spent on America as a whole... just as you or I would probably not think it right to take something we don't need/ are not entitled to- like welfare. It's stealing, and it's just as wrong to them as it is to us... we need to make these points and use them to get them on our side! No, it's not just for PSYOPS anymore!

They see the preferential treatment and the catering the illegals are getting from the leftists and they hate it as much as you or I. They learned the english language, just like many of our ancestors, because they want to be Americans. They hate seeing all the money wasted on posting everything in spanish. They hate to "press 1 for english." They worry about the illegals smuggling their anti-American culture, drugs, and violence across the border. They worry about terrorists smuggling something across the borders and want them secured too because it would threaten the peace they enjoy here! They've got just as much reason, if not more, for wanting the border secure. These days, most of us don't fear being rounded up and beaten or worse... something that's more likely to happen under a democrat anyway...

The enemy of my enemy, really could be our friend.

Like most people they are stuck trying to pick what is best for their families, so us conservatives are missing out on a great opportunity to gather support from a most unlikely source. There is a void that needs filled.

I know a lot of people will think I'm crazy for even suggesting it- but we actually have more in common with them than we do with the leftists and socialists who want us to surrender to radical islam!

Well, that's one more long rant from me today! :-) I've been vague about my sources for good reason, so don't ask.

Follow up/summary: There are grandparents and parents who dislike the moonbats as much as us. If a conservative candidate gets elected, we can beef up the military, secure the borders, put an end to baby killing, and accomplish all the things on our list of issues. Many "muslims" feel strongly about these issues because the leftists are immoral and threaten the long term stability and security of this nation. If we can divide some of the muslims by showing them life in the U.S. will be better and moral under conservative government, we will stand a better chance of getting conservatives in office, and we'll also be breaking down the supposed "united front" that our country thinks they have.

A Rant Against An Isolationist "neo-moonbat"

I call them a "neo-moonbat" because they twist some conservative ideas into a strategy for defeat and the eventual destruction of this nation- different strategy from their leftist counterparts, same end result.

"What if we we didn't do anything? i contend nothing would be any different"

X, as an International Security Specialist I must "contend" that you are wrong in your assessment.

If we do nothing, as you propose, the terrorists who have publicly proclaimed that they are going to attack us... (get ready, because this is a big surprise for most Ron Paul supporters)... they will ACTUALLY be able to attack us!

Look up their little "perfect day scenario" They want to activate existing cells, they want to continue to spread lies and propaganda here, but wait, there's more... they want to continue to chop off heads, cook children and serve them to their parents, torture (and I don't mean make them wear underwear on their head), and murder people, not just in the Middle East, but on U.S. soil.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." I've seen that quite a lot lately, maybe you missed it... so read it again. There's a lot of truth to it. "Not my problem" is the attitude that leads to the decline of morality and nations. It is not what this charitable nation is about. However, when I hear stories of someone being publicly beaten without someone lending a hand to rescue them because "it's not my problem" I worry, as every time that happens, America dies a little.

No, we can't be everywhere. We are in Iraq now. For better or worse. There were WMDs they were evacuated or hidden, while your head is in the sand doing nothing, maybe you can at least help look... We removed a petty dictator who abused his people, and people are getting safer there- slowly but surely. Historically insurgent warefare is a pain in the butt, and we have to think long-term. Sadly, we will be there a while longer. Sadly, more troops will die. However, if we pull out, or do "nothing" when we have an opportunity to do something to make some people safer, the terrorists will see an opening and exploit it- one of the OLDEST lessons about warfare.If we leave before crushing them, they will proclaim a victory against us, the "Great Satan." Who cares what they say? Well, their millions of followers who are sitting on the fence. It would be a huge recruiting bonus to anyone who could proclaim any relationship to kicking our butts.

If we let Iran do whatever it wants, they will... (Here's another surprise for the Ron Paul fans) likely do what they want! What they want includes wiping Israel off the the map. This would involve slaughtering a lot of Jews. I'm sure Ron Paul wouldn't have wanted us to lift a finger to help them in WWII, but by the time he would want us to do something Europe would have fallen and all their resources would have been against us too! We'd be having this debate in German.

Here's another newsflash for the isolationists: Covering your eyes and ears doesn't make the bad people go away. I have the greatest respect for our Constitution, that's why I took a life-long oath to protect and defend it. Defending it doesn't mean sitting on my ass waiting until the enemy has a gun to my head.

The bad people are invading Europe, this time it's not with blitzkrieg, but Europe is surrendering with appeasement anyway. Jefferson was very forward thinking. He had a koran because he was enlightened. He was studying the enemy. Our first war after the Revolution was fought against these barbarians. We won it by going to them and crushing them, not doing waiting for them to come to us. Remember Tripoli. He proclaimed "millions for defense, not one more cent in tribute!" See, we tried appeasement in the past, it does not work. We tried keeping out of the rest of the world's business. it doesn't work either. We can't police the entire world, but we CAN find a balance in picking our fights that will make the greatest difference in the course of events. Allowing islamofascism to flourish by "doing nothing" only lets it grow into something we will have to face later when they start kicking down doors, raping students in schools, and then executing them... Oh, didn't you know that's what they did in Beslan? They want to do it here. They will do it here unless we do something... not nothing.

Maryland Lawmaker Stands Up Against Illegals!

Del. McDonough’s "Five Star Citizen Action Plan” features proposals that would: - Ban all contractors who employ illegal aliens from state government jobs - Prohibit illegal aliens from voting and mandate identification confirming citizenship - Regulate day labor centers and stop them from providing services to illegal aliens - Prohibit illegal aliens from receiving Maryland drivers' licenses - Lobby the State Senate to prevent the passage of a law offering discounted tuition at Maryland colleges to the children of illegal aliens

“I'm pretty upset about the way that we allow criminals into this country and we tell them, ‘Yeah come on in and by the way we're going to give you free things,’" said Bob Jones of Randallstown.
I think that statement echoes how we all feel, and the above proposal is a great start. Good luck Maryland!

Hunter Vows to Build Fence, Fight Terror

Hunter wants to keep pressure on terrorists and Vows to Build Fence outlining how he would do it, and how he has stood firm on these issues.

Another Politician Stands Up Against Superhighway! HOORAH!

Oklahoma State Sen. Randy Brogdon, who told a meeting in Tulsa that "The NAFTA Superhighway stops here at the border with Oklahoma."

Strong words from a politician.

I'm thankful for his courage in making a stand. We need more people like this guy, who looks to me like an average American, and air condition wholesaler, just wanting to do some good. :-)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Your Defeatist Attitude About Voting Will Help Destroy Us- A Wake Up Call

"but unless things change ... I'm not sure he has a chance." I've seen or heard this comment EVERYWHERE when it comes to voting for someone (like Tancredo or Hunter) who has been completely steadfast in their beliefs. It is not my intent to single anyone out, so I want to make that perfectly clear- I've just heard it from too many people, and it's starting to add up.

Why shouldn't the best, most steadfast candidates "have a chance?"

See, that's the sort of defeatist attitude that leads to our eventual destruction. The Fall of America will be all YOUR fault if you don't vote for the right person because you feel they "don't have a chance"
j/k, sort of... thousands, no MILLIONS are thinking the exact same thing! "Why should I waste my vote on this guy? Even though he echoes what is in my heart, and what I know is right, he does not have a chance..." Baaah, baaaah. That is precisely the programing we must rid ourselves of!

If we only vote for people who "have a chance" that means we are letting someone else tell us who has a chance in the first place, be it the media or our discouraging "peers." What really determines who "has a chance?" We The People, of course! The majority of us really DO want change. We want someone willing to stick to his guns and defend this nation, get it "back on track," and gosh darn it, be politically incorrect while doing it!!!

If you would rather see someone who stands firm on their issues- the same ones you say you consider vitally important for the future of this nation, get out there and encourage others to vote for them- don't hedge your bets for the person the media tells you has a chance (who is just the lesser of two evils)!

Search for the truth, post it, maybe even mention an "underdog" candidate as an alternative to others who might not have heard of him and will just vote for "whoever has the best chance." This is the only way to plant the seeds of success and really change things!

How else can we get anything really drastic done by a president to get our nation back on track? Certainly not by playing "American Idol" with the Whitehouse anymore!

Unless us Americans vote our conscience, and vote for the right people, we, as a nation, are doomed to picking the lesser of two evils that are set before us by the people running things behind the scenes. Look how many years we've suffered for our collective apathy! "Oh, he doesn't have a chance..." WHY NOT?

Why are you letting the very people you are blogging about, talking about, telling others you wish they would be unbiased, etc..., tell you who has a chance?

It's because people have been conditioned to buy what the media sells them. Even us conservatives fail to see it staring at us right in the face from time to time. This time, the stakes are too high to pick the lesser of two evils. Even slowly moving us down the wrong path at this critical juncture is too much for this nation.

Naysayers will say that we've been through worse as a country... We have not since our Revolution or Civil War faced such a threat- even then it can be argued that the threat now is greater- England just wanted us to remain a subjugated colony. We can argue over North and South, but in the end it was about government and slavery went away as a result of the North winning. The slavery we all would face under radical islam, the fall of democracy, or a "peaceful" invasion of illegals is far worse than the typical abuse of traditional tyrants. The violent crime in this nation has already skyrocketed. Imagine if you will, the future if we continue down this path. The entire country is already slowly bending under a multitude of external forces. It may take years more for the end result to reach you, but the things we set in motion now will determine that end result. Chances are you already know someone who has been hurt by these forces- yet we go about as if there is nothing to be done- not much better than the sheep we try to wake up, really.

Our borders have always been porous, but the terrorist threat is higher than ever. The Cuban Missile Crisis is a joke in comparrison with what we are in danger of with each passing day unless something proactive is done. We have become desensitized as a population- even here in our little "right-wing blogosphere" where we are less blinded than others.

The enemy has clearly stated their intentions. We are playing for keeps this round. Unless we are dead serious about playing catch-up with our security and defense with this next president, it may be too late by the next chance we have to vote someone into office. This also means paying close attention to who we vote into Congress. I'm not singling anyone out with this, but asking everyone to look inside and make darned sure you are voting for who you know is the right person to lead us, and not who "has a chance." Sure, it's a little more risky- but not if we are all in this together.

Hunter, Another Neglected Republican Candidate

Edit/Note: I deleted a comment because I wanted to make a follow-up post and did not want to single anyone out because WE ARE ALL GUILTY of the same thought at sometime: "I'd vote for him, but he doesn't seem to have a chance."

Why is this man an underdog given his firm stance on issues we consider important?

Why are he and Tancredo not taken as seriously as Thompson (who has CFR ties)?

The answer is that we are not making a bold enough stand, and the media is suppressing those who have the greatest chance of accomplishing the most good for this nation. We should offer no concessions to the leftists who want to turn our great country into a corrupt communist country. Good Americans outnumber the bad and those who have been blinded, so we should be able to make our voices heard without backing down even an inch.

He WILL build the fence and beef up border patrol
He wants to protect marriage and life
He is a firm advocate of 2nd amendment rights
He wants to keep going after terrorist leaders
He is willing to stand up to China
He wants to keep jobs in the U.S.