Friday, August 10, 2007

Free Speech? No Way in Norway!

"One of his early stops was at a street corner where he began preaching to the passersby and a crowd that was gathered. While he was preaching someone threw a full bottle of beer that whizzed by his head, missing by inches, and burst open on the sidewalk beside Petar," Thornton said.

The next day he was preaching during a local parade to people who had gathered to watch.

"Soon the police arrived and told him that his amplification device was too loud. Petar immediately turned down the volume and continued to preach. The policemen moved across the street for a few minutes and called the precinct. Then they returned and told Petar that his message was not good for the parade and that he would have to move," Thornton said.
The officers directed him to a remote corner along a busy street, away from any pedestrians, and he refused to go, stating he believed he had the right to preach on the public sidewalks.
"That is a right that is guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights, which Norway has agreed to uphold," Thornton said.

He was then arrested. "

European Convention on Human Rights? I'd trust that about as far as I can throw it... Now, were he to have been publicly exposing himself in a "pride parade," or preaching islam (I don't know which is worse), who wants to bet they wouldn't have messed with him?

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