Thursday, August 2, 2007

CAIR can go to hell and take their 72 virgins with them!

'nuff said.


Brooke said...

I love that quote! If only more folks would have the stones to say stuff like that!

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol Chris..I posted on this too for my weekend post heh!!

Beach Girl said...

Falcon - I have now added Tom Tancredo to my sidebar under Election 2008 as well as On the Issues for Hill, Fred, and Barack based on their Senate voting records.

I might post on this post and the article as well. CAIR is so blatantly transparent - ain't arrogance a grand thang?

Semper fi - from an underage Marine friend of mine to you. He served in the China Marines at the age of 15 - tall, lanky full-blooded Oglala Souix (no politically correct stuff for him); served at Chosen with the X-Corps; served two tours in Vietnam. Now, he guest lectures at La Juene to the young Marines. Really a find example of a Marine and a great role-model for the young folks coming up. Can you imagine a bright-eyed young Marine having this Marine who crawled out over the ice to get some Army Corps boys who were pinned down by the Chinese?

One of the most humble men I have ever been blessed to know. And a man you'd want fighting at your side.

God bless!

falcon_01 said...

Beach Girl- A hoorah back at him. I had a couple marine friends when I was in training. A more die hard group of freedom loving patriots you will have a difficult time finding. Work hard, play hard.

I regret not doing something more "boots on the ground," and miss the camaraderie that developes in a harsh environment, but when my Army scholarship was dropped because of a budget cutback, I had to go where the money was, and that was the Air Force... where unfortunately I encountered a PC mess and some negligance (resulting in my disability) and backstabbing and corruption that resulted in my dream of a career being cut down to only a few years... but on the bright side going AF lead me to meet my wife and it lead me to a great civilian career where I can still push papers in support of the warfighter, and contribute to defense in some small way. My experiences with a couple bad apples will never disuade me from knowing that the majority of the people in the service of this country are honorable people dedicated to the Constitution and the preservation of our rights and freedoms.

We must not allow corrupt politicians to destroy the freedoms so many have fought for in so many ways on and off the battlefield. I am thankful for your friend's past and continued service.

There are a countless vets, whether forged in battle or not, who are STILL ready to fight for freedom because we know our oaths never expire, though our term of service has. Every time I encounter one such dedicated person, my faith that America will survive the tough times ahead is strengthened.