Saturday, August 4, 2007

We MUST target so called holy sites to deter them!

-----EDIT: Though I usually place my edits at the bottom, I felt this needed to go up front:
You either have the stomach for what is coming or you do not. Do not pretend to be for freedom, then against standing up for it. I don't know what sort of watered down-milk-toasty vision you have of the founding fathers, but they certainly were not some PC pushovers who catered to the whims of tyrants. I love a good cliche, so you're either with us or you're against us- for in the long run, if we do not face the source of our problems, then we face destruction.
I am shocked at the number of people who forget what needs to be done to defeat an enemy as dedicated as the islamofascists. Remember Japan? They thought the emperor was a god and would carry out suicide attacks. The only thing that stopped them was overwhelming decisive force to put a stop to the bloodshed and save more lives in the long run. Their military leaders thanked us for stopping the bloodshed that would have cost more lives than those taken by the nukes. I doubt we will get such a thanks from the islamic community, but we have even more to gain.

Islam is a cult- their "holy" book advocates the destruction of us. What do you do to stop a schoolyard bully? If you keep running away, they will follow you. You have to punch them in the nose. Islam is the worst schoolyard bully this world has ever faced, and it needs put in its place. The fanatics will never back down. They believe that anything outside the quran is a lie, and that every non-muslim is guilty. There is no PC religion of peace. There is no arguing with the facts.

Anything less than total commitment to crush the enemy will result in them gaining the upper hand- which they already have because we have been too cowardly as a nation to stand up against them! I speak not of the brave men and women in uniform fighting to preserve our freedom, but of this nation's and the world's cowardly willingness to sacrifice our hard earned freedoms to accommodate those who see us as beneath them. To let them continue to hide behind the term "religion." To use it against us, every step of the way.

Targeting so-called holy sites is not stooping to their level, it is dealing with the source of the problem. Targeting mecca will put them in check.

You need to stop thinking of it as a religion in the "western" sense of the word. Mosques are the wrongly protected platforms from which they spew hatred.

Calling a mosque a holy site is merely affording terrorists unfair protection under our laws. We are at war with their ideology that wants to destroy us. If we were to bomb mecca and destroy their holy sites, it would be a wake-up call to the muslims, just as the nukes on Japan were a wake-up call to the people to stop worshiping the emperor. We have got to stop being afraid to use overwhelming and decisive force, or they will plague us like an infestation that won't go away until we are all wiped from the earth- just as they plan!

The only thing we can do is prove without a doubt that they are wrong. Get a spine. Support Tancredo.

If we are not in this to win we will never be free of the threat, and they will just keep attacking until freedom falls and the earth becomes covered by a dark blanket of tyranny, slavery to islam, and violence.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Calling a mosque a holy site is merely affording terrorists unfair protection under our laws. ..Amen brother..double Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

The way I see it:

If there is weapons fire, or if the "holy site" is being used to house weapons or terrorists, then that "holy site" has just forfeited any protected status it may have had.

If you value your "holy site," then keep the terrorists OUT OF IT. If not, we destroy it.

The same goes for mosques here in the states.

Anonymous said...

As a practical man, I advise against destroying mosques. Just get rid of the Moslems and you'll be left with empty buidings that can be put to good use in many other ways.

falcon_01 said...

Anonymous, good idea! Public dog baths!
However, for the overseas super- special buildings and things that inspire violence; those should be destroyed from a practical standpoint because to allow their continued existence encourages violence...