Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin VP!!!

Hello all! I don't usually take the time to post as much as I should anymore- between working 12 hour shifts in Iraq, and doing other things, I've been strapped for time, but I REALLY wanted to write something when I was coming out of the chow hall and saw that Sarah Palin was finally chosen as the VP for McCain.

I've been rooting for her for months and months! She's anti-corruption- so much so that the Republican party even shunned her for trying to clean things up... but she won hearts and minds and was elected Gov of Alaska anyway! She is completely pro-life, and has a special needs child. Her oldest child is enlisted. She knows the truth about where they want to drill in Alaska- in a wasteland!!! She is conservative. She's not associated with the old regimes, and being anti-corruption, is solid proof that America has been heard.

For quite some time I wasn't fond of McCain, but I think perhaps he had to toe the party line- but choosing Sarah Palin has been the most logical choice all along, and I have newfound respect for him for thumbing his nose at the establishment. He knows he may or may not survive, so he's doing a heroic act in ensuring that the first person in line to be president after him is as honest a politician as the country has seen in some time. He's also ensuring that the odds are better that the first female president would be that person, and not someone like Hillary Clinton.

I won't have to hold my nose when voting for him because I know Sarah Palin will be watching, ensuring that there is not going to be any corruption or manipulation that people fear. This is certainly a much better alternative to Obama and Biden- both extremely corrupt and bad for the long-term best interests of the United States!

God Bless the USA, and good luck to McCain and Palin!!! I know there are some people, most notably those at WND who advocate a "NONE OF THE ABOVE" ticket, and Farah produced a pretty convincing argument- but I pray that he will change his tune now that Palin is going to be on the ticket! This can make or break the country, and we need to ensure Obama is not given power. He would surely lead to some dark times- times which I fear our nation would not survive should he attempt to enact even half of what he has proposed.