Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Citadel- Cruxshadows

Why do we tear down our gates to welcome the trojan horse that it islam? Despite the many warnings to remain vigilant, even after 9-11, we have been complacent. The enemy will attack again soon, and the losses will be greater. They will then see the full resolve of the American people finally brought to bear against their tyranny. They will experience the unstopable backlash of the American spirit. We will never surrender to islam.


Languid waves of desperation
Fall before the rains
A vanguard to approaching war
Is borne upon the sea
The icy breath of cyclones bent
On waging our destruction
Drills hard against the hearts of heroes
Called here to defend

I see storms on the horizon
I see the tempest at the gates
I see storms on the horizon
And a citadel alone
Clinging brave defying fate
And I will stand here at the gates to face the onslaught fighting
Without surrender or defeat
With Troy besieged by tyrants' greed - (tyranny)
In Hector's memory, God willing
We shall save this victory
Without surrender or defeat

Sudden silence - I realize
Breaking teardrops in the rain
With every breathing moment
The pillars are sustained
Waking hands attached to nothing
Tightly clutching close
Each sleeping vision speaks unheard
And heaven only knows (exactly why)
Paris' arrow landed true
Paris' arrow landed true
Paris' arrow landed true
Down upon your heel...
This Troy
She will not fall again
This Troy
She will not fall


Steve Harkonnen said...

Good blog you have here. Who wrote the poem? Choice words.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I tend to change topic a lot.

falcon_01 said...

It's a song by Cruxshadows.
I posted "Eye of the Storm" lyrics a while back- it's fitting too.
I haven't made it around to posting "Winterborn" but that's classic Cruxshadows there.
It's semi-goth/tech/industrial, but the words are usually clear and tell a story- usually deeper than whatever pop stuff is on the radio. Definitely check out "Eye of the Storm!"

PS- welcome back from the cruise, we'll be taking our first soon!

WomanHonorThyself said...

she will not fall!
Amen my friend for fighting the good fight..its because of pple like u that I hang on too!