Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Citadel- Cruxshadows

Why do we tear down our gates to welcome the trojan horse that it islam? Despite the many warnings to remain vigilant, even after 9-11, we have been complacent. The enemy will attack again soon, and the losses will be greater. They will then see the full resolve of the American people finally brought to bear against their tyranny. They will experience the unstopable backlash of the American spirit. We will never surrender to islam.


Languid waves of desperation
Fall before the rains
A vanguard to approaching war
Is borne upon the sea
The icy breath of cyclones bent
On waging our destruction
Drills hard against the hearts of heroes
Called here to defend

I see storms on the horizon
I see the tempest at the gates
I see storms on the horizon
And a citadel alone
Clinging brave defying fate
And I will stand here at the gates to face the onslaught fighting
Without surrender or defeat
With Troy besieged by tyrants' greed - (tyranny)
In Hector's memory, God willing
We shall save this victory
Without surrender or defeat

Sudden silence - I realize
Breaking teardrops in the rain
With every breathing moment
The pillars are sustained
Waking hands attached to nothing
Tightly clutching close
Each sleeping vision speaks unheard
And heaven only knows (exactly why)
Paris' arrow landed true
Paris' arrow landed true
Paris' arrow landed true
Down upon your heel...
This Troy
She will not fall again
This Troy
She will not fall

Monday, July 30, 2007

Possible Attack on the U.S. Within Ninety Days

‘Possible Attack on the U.S. Within Ninety Days’


By FSM Editors

Counterterrorism expert Juval Aviv met recently with reporters at Fox News and revealed information, which he believes is accurate, concerning an imminent Al Qaeda attack on five to seven American cities simultaneously.

"I predict, based primarily on information that is floating in Europe and the Middle East, that an event is imminent and around the corner here in the United States. It could happen as soon as tomorrow, or it could happen in the next few months. Ninety days at the most,” said Mr. Aviv.

------------------------------------------------- Thanks Noisy Room!

So, go read what you need to keep in your Go Bag and make sure you have your camping gear together NOW. Always be prepared. Keep a nice-sized supply of drinking water available. We will show them strength and overcome ANYTHING. God bless!

1st Amendment- Right to be Arrested

Last week I posted on a U.S. citizen who was arrested for exercising his right to bear arms. This week it is a citizen arrested for sticking a quran in the toilet! How absurd can you get? He stuck something that preaches violence in the toilet! Sure, I probably wouldn't be happy if someone put a Bible in the toilet. Sure, I'm not happy when the American flag is burned... but this happens all the time as a form of protest. Guess what though, you have the right to free speech, or at least you used to...


Thanks to SIAD for finding this!

We need to stand up for our rights because nobody else will! Even one American jailed for exercising his rights is one too many! This is an abuse of the people of this nation and must not be allowed to continue.

Thanks to Foehammer for covering this as well!


UPDATE- Quran Burning! Thanks!

Russia on the rise- rewriting history, creating sheep.


This news needs widely disseminated. The world faces far too great a threat from radical islamization to have to worry about a fascist resurgence on a scale that would make the advance of Nazi Germany seem weak. How many straws to break the camels back and have every nation collapse into a war where it is every man for himself? We are not so far as some might think. Hate speech crimes? Thought crimes? Political Correctness? The violation of US Constitutional/ Human rights is already rampant here. I can only feel sorry for those forced into conforming to the whims of the governments of Europistan. I would say don't let go of your freedom without a fight, but that would be wrong. Don't let go of your freedom, no matter what.

We had such high hopes for a peaceful democratic Russia, yet like here, their education system is used to abuse and manipulate the population into spouting the party line... only more so. We are a step behind Canada, who is a step behind Europe, who is a step behind Russia, who is a step behind... ? Who are we following on this march towards inevitable destruction? More important, WHY?

Vote for people you know will keep us off this path! We must regain our freedoms! If anyone arrests a person for exercising their Constitutional Rights, they should be reprimanded or lose their job. If any politician moves to restrict, infringe, or any other word for limit, the inalienable rights of U.S. citizens, they should be tried for treason against the people they should represent!

Washington Post- On Faith

Well, I read a LGF post (http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/?entry=26452_Washington_Post_Continues_the_Parade_of_Whitewash&only)about the recent Washington Post "On Faith" nonsense. Some comments echoing those on LGF are good and made it through WaPo "moderation." Mine however, have not as of yet, so I'm posting here:

This guy is no moderate! This is taqiyya! Lying to us infidels to make us bite on PC nonsense. Jesus taught the golden rule. Mohammad lived for violence and oppression. We need to stop apologizing for their hatred of us. Enough is enough. They kill people over cartoons. They kill people who do not agree. You can spout all the nonsense you want about being allowed to live under Islam, but why should we? Why should we become a sub-class to those who want to take away our freedoms? They would tax us for being different. They would prohibit the building of any new churches, or even repairing old ones. Why should they be allowed to usurp the Constitution? Take off the blinders and do some real research. Stop parroting your PC professors. Stop bashing Christianity and defending Islam. Don't you see you have been manipulated to buy what they tell you and never TRULY think for yourself?

Here is an in-depth analysis of the quran:http://www.jihadwatch.org/articles/bloggingtheq.php

The people of the United States are being manipulated. Our Constitutional rights are on the chopping block and people naively cheer away because some popular politician makes it sound like a good thing. Well, here's something for you- Why can you burn the flag as a statement of free speech, yet be arrested for flushing the quran? Last I checked U.S. citizens fought for freedom.

Military Jihad: killing women, children, and elderly
Peaceful Jihad: lying, threatening, suing, and intimidating

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tancredo for president- why or why not???

Here are the issues:

Tancredo seems the most willing to stand fast on the majority of important issues that will determine the very future existence of our nation.

Other front running conservatives seem to have sold out, or have had hidden agendas. Tancredo clearly and boldly states where he stands on issues that will, as I and countless others have stated, determine the future of our nation. The next president, more than any other, will have the power to make or break us. We need a president who will stand firm against illegals, against terrorists, and beef up homeland security and protect the Constitution while doing so.

We need to mobilize for the very future of our country and ensure the right person gets the job. That means coming together like we have done to make our voice be heard to Congress. We need to come together and vote to make our voice be heard that we will not tolerate a socialist president or a sell-out who will not fight for our future and our freedoms!

What is your take on Tom Tancredo? Do you think he would be the best for the job? Why or why not? If not him, then who, and why?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Armed Response- Right to Bear Arms

Do you expect the police to protect you from all who would do violence against you? Terrorists, rapists, robbers, etc?
They simply can not be there at all times! Their main job is to investigate crimes after the fact.
This leads to a lot of needless deaths because citizens were not armed and ready.

Armed Response is a great book that I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone to read from cover to cover to help gain a better understanding of the "use of deadly force," your rights, and continued proposed legislation to take those rights away. It is easy to read and provides helpful guidance for everyone from the novice to the advanced. Knowing some of the things in this book could save your life.

Chances are if you are reading this, then your eyes are already at least somewhat opened to what is going on in the world and right here in the United States! By owning a firearm, you will be stepping up, embracing your rights, saying you are an American and you will not be walked over by criminals and terrorists, or those who want to deny your rights.

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. "

Opponents of the second amendment would have you believe that only well regulated militias should have firearms, but there is a comma adding an additional thought, to create the protected status of the right of the people. You have a right to bear arms and defend yourself. Nobody else can help you but you.

Letter to Congress- John Doe


Write your representatives to ensure that John Doe is protected lest the above cartoon becomes a reality!


Once again I am writing you to implore you to defend the rights of the American citizens you represent. The rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness can not be protected if you allow the persecution of those who report suspicious behavior. We the people should not have to live in fear of losing our lives to acts terror. Furthermore, we must not be made to live in fear of losing everything else fighting legal battles against those who would commit such acts of terror or proclaim that the United States (as we know and love) must fall! Reporting suspicious activity is the right and duty of everyone. The people must not be punished for performing their duty to protect themselves and others.

Your duty is to ensure we are protected from abuse. We should not constantly be forced to resort to begging you to preserve our freedoms and protect our rights. You should already know to represent us at least that much- it is what you have been elected to do!

Where do you stand in protecting the people you are supposed to represent? Will you side with an enemy dedicated to our long-term destruction, solely to pay service to some politically correct and totally farcical ideal? Or will you side with citizens to uphold their right to self-preservation? When you risk lives so as not to offend someone, when you take freedoms and rights from loyal citizens, you are most certainly not representing the best interests of the people.

I ask you to protect the rights of those who report suspicious activity, and trust that American citizens who report such activity understand the seriousness of their actions. I ask that you understand the lethal consequences of what will happen if someone is too afraid to report something suspicious. Creating a population of sheep who are not allowed or are too afraid to take action to protect themselves is contrary to the American spirit. It hands the enemies of freedom easy targets.

Very Respectfully,

2nd Amendment- The Right To Be Arrested


This guy right here in Virginia was exercising his right to bear arms by wearing a holstered weapon in public, and was arrested.

I wish him all the luck in the world in his lawsuit. Can you imagine the public humiliation, embarassment, and fear he must have felt at being violated in public??? Since when does anyone have the right to take away your Constitutional rights? Any officer worth anything should have challenged ANY (unlawful) order that so blatantly flew in the face of the Constitution, the governing law they are supposed to protect above all else!

I hope he gets LOTS of publicity and the American people get angry at this outrageous infringement of rights!

Monday, July 23, 2007

If it looks like a duck, ignore it so you won't get sued.

It's obvious that some traitors in Congress are trying to ruin whatever chance this country has.

To think that you can't point out suspicious activity without getting sued! If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, Americans should be able to report it as a duck without fear of being punished! Instead Congress wants you to go through life with your head down, eyes and ears closed, and pretend everything's ok. Talk about promoting a culture of fear! Not only do we have to worry about terrorists, we have to worry about lawsuits for pointing out their suspicious activity.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself it's all ok when the terrorists declare open season on Americans, and Congress, in the interest of protecting you (of course) has taken away your freedom of speech, your right to bear arms, and you are left mulling around like sheep before the slaughter. Do not be bound and gagged in the face of terror, or for any reason. Write your representatives and let them know you will not stand for such treatment.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Go Bag- Your immediate survival gear after an attack by those who must not be named!

As an analyst, and one who pays attention to the goings on in the world, I have seen an increased flurry of concern about terrorist attacks. Knowing something might happen is only the first step. Being prepared to survive it is another.

You can go anywhere on the net and find "what to do" and "survival" instructions. There are books on it too. I recommend an SAS or Special Forces book on survival to help with the aftermath. Who better to learn from than those who do this sort of thing for fun?

What, were you going to just jump on a computer and look up what to do after an attack takes place? Chances are your network will be down... Disrupting lines of communication (LOCs), after all, is probably one of the first things anybody would do to be effective in an attack. Panic traffic (immediate mass communication traffic) might even cause the LOCs to crash anyway! Remember how easy it was to call friends/family after the last attack? What about trying to check in on family in a hurricane zone (before the storm even hits)? Not a piece of cake... So, get hard-copy resources now before your fancy computer is useless.

A lot of people and survival resources are concerned about a chem/bio/dirty bomb attack, and rightly so. Bluntly stated: Chances are you're screwed because your kit has everything you need to deal with "later" and not "right now" in the middle of it all. You could live in a bubble, but that's probably no fun. However, in the event of a chem or dirty bomb attack there are things you can do to get to the "later" part.

Stacks of paper you print off won't save your life, unless you are freezing to death and need a fire. You need gear to make sure you can live long enough to put your survival book to good use. That means putting together a "go bag" that will get you home or to a safe location.

If you think the baddies will eventually put to use all the nuclear material or chemicals they've stolen over the years you will likely need a gas mask. After all, before you need food or water, you need to breathe!

DO NOT BUY A SURPLUS PIECE OF JUNK from that catalogue. You know which catalogue I'm talking about! It's the one you've got that's full of all sorts of nifty gadgets and cool survivalist and camping stuff you drool over and never buy.

-Go to an official supplier for a proven and certified mask, get new filters with shelf lives that are not expired. They can last upwards tof 10 years. If EVERYONE says something will happen on US soil within that period of time, it's the best insurance money can buy! Everything is surprisingly affordable anyway. http://www.approvedgasmasks.com/

If exposure to mold in an Air Force basement office can cause a hole in my lung from a fit of coughing in the middle of a run, I hate to think of what the nasty stuff the enemy wants to use on us could do. Running 3/4 of a mile with a hole in your lung is no fun, trust me- at least I was able to eventually get medical help. Dying from poison can't be fun either. Remember, medical help, if any, will be scarce. An ounce of prevention and all that...

-Ok, you've got your mask and a filter good for up to 8 hours (Depending on exposure). Think about getting another filter because traffic will probably suck if everyone is evacuating, or whatever it was that is in the air might last longer than 8 hours. If you're in the Northern Virginia, DC area you are in a target zone and traffic already sucks anyway. Depending on exposure risks, you might actually be better served by holding tight and waiting for the "fog" to clear/dissipate after a day or two before going home or evacuating. Roads might be more clear after a day or 2 or 3, and you'll mainly have to worry about gangs, looters, etc and not contamination. Don't forget to pop some Potassium Iodide if the attack was a nuke or radiological.

-Everyone packs a change of clothes in their go-bag (right?), but if you are directly exposed to anything, everything needs hosed down. Decontamination procedures means that anything you're wearing is written off as contaminated (yes, gone, let it go!), including that favorite silk tie of yours, your nikes, etc- sorry. Store a complete set of clothes in zip-lock, or airtight vacuum/compression bags. This way you can strip, hose down yourself, hose down the bag, and have some clean clothes to wear. Metal/plastic are generally ok as they are non-porous and can be hosed down (don't be an idiot and ditch your ID or credit cards). Cash? hmm... all new meaning to "dirty money." What you do with it is up to you.

-Emergency ponchos (around a dollar) and emergency blankets, (you know, those folded up metallic ones) are lightweight and take up very little space- and their benefits are amazing morale boosters: They can keep you warm and dry.

-Weatherproof lighters, matches. Duh.

-A mini maglight and or photon (small and blinding bright LED-fits on keychain)

-A knife or two. Hey, you might not always have a firearm/ammo. A knife can also be used over and over for many different things.

-Pens, pencils.

-Compasses. They are cheap. Everyone keeps one with their big bag of camping gear. Why not put another in your go bag in case you can't make it to your camping gear. You may not know where you are going, but you will always know which way is north!

-Keep a waterproof map, or a map in a ziplock bag, so you can put your compass to good use. Learn how to read it. Learn where you are going.

Don't rely solely on GPS- you WILL eventually run out of power. Many have features that will tell you all the steps of your journey. Plot some locations and write down the directions, or print them off from your favorite map program (yahoo maps, mapquest, whatever). Save time and do this before the disaster. ;-)

-Small waterproof first-aid kit. Duh.

-An MRE (a whole day's worth of calories, but bulky) or a couple "meal" bars or shakes (slim-fast, etc).

-Canteen/bottle of water. Water purifying tabs for refills (or a small hand-pump filter- do not skimp on this if you buy one!). If you get the right filter, it is long lasting, doesn't take much room, and can be re-used after a good cleaning.

-A medium sized back-pack to put all this stuff in. Keep it close to you, whether that be in your cube at work or in your car while you're traveling. Don't leave it somewhere that you don't spend the majority of time, or odds are you might not be there when you need it, and your efforts will be for naught because you will be dead. With luck we will never have to use our go-bags, but if we do, we will be among the living.

- Last but not least: A will to survive anything, no matter how bad, and a will to overcome any obstical. Positive thinking and determination. Having the tenacity to say that no matter what you will make it through ANYTHING can psych you up enough to where you really can. "Never give up!" must be your motto. Focus on being an unstopable engine.

Don't load yourself down with much more! Remember, this is just a Go-Bag to get you to your main survival gear.

Note: For those who do not know, the zip-lock/plastic bags above can be indespensable medical supplies (use for insulation, padding, to stop a sucking chest wound), even if they are not being re-used to hold things after emptied. Remember, depending on the size of the disaster, industry/supply may fall apart, and simple things we take for granted may not be available for who knows how long. After an attack, think twice before trashing something- you might be able to put it to use.

Outside the immediate Go Bag survival items you may want the following available nearby (in vehicle or shelter)...

An entrenching tool ("e-tool" for short) consisting of shovel/pick can serve a variety of purposes (tangent: I met the Vietnam Vet with the most confirmed kills with an e-tool, so I know they're good for something other than digging), issue wool blanket, small pot/pan, are all good small inexpensive/indespensable items to keep in your vehicle. Good for surviving anything, including a long trip.

Gas is expensive now, but who will stop the price gouging after something goes wrong? Who says the station will be available/active? If you are in a target zone never let your tank drop below half full (3/4 ideally, but we have to be realistic)- or be prepared to move as slow as molasses carrying gear on your back. Before going anywhere after an attack, evaluate if you really need to risk it, or are better off where you are.

Canned food (don't forget the manual can-opener) and sources of water, water purification pumps, etc should be at the absolute top of your survival list and ready and waiting for wherever you are going to wind up... and or be ready to hunt, but from then on you're relying on your detailed survival guides and intestinal fortitude.

Good luck and God Bless!

I will update this post from time to time as needed if anyone has suggestions.

The following is a good instruction guide for setting up shelter:

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Letter to Senators- First Amendment

The following is my open letter to senators with regards to the new "hate crime" amendment to the defense budget. Please help preserve your freedom of speech before it becomes too late and gag orders are given to all citizens and news writers, as was recently done in Europe. Imagine a country in which people like Mr. Farah at www.worldnetdaily.com are sent to jail for trying to spread the truth. Go to www.senate.gov In the top right corner is a menu to get your senator's contact info. Read and use the below letter either whole or as a template for getting your own message across. It takes less than a minute to fight for your freedom because others have already done the hard part of dying for it. If we do not band together and speak out against abuse of the Constitution now, how many Americans will have to fight for ground already bought by blood? God Bless America!


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

The preceding text is the first amendment to the Constitution. I implore you forward it to your fellow representatives of the citizens of these United States in case their copy has become worn from use and thus rendered unreadable, or been misplaced or otherwise discarded, lest they attempt to abridge their constituents' unalienable right to freedom of speech. Please do so while there is still time.

The following are hereby brought to your attention for your immediate action:

Whereas Senators Kennedy and Smith have submitted a "Hate Crimes" amendment to the defense budget, they have in doing so attempted to abridge the free speech of citizens of the United States of America.

Whereas any representative lawmaker attempting to abrogate the heretofore inalienable rights of the citizens of the United States of America is by definition committing an act of treason against the governing documents of our country.

Whereas any amendments added without regards or relation to proposed legislation serve no purpose other than to provide a misrepresentation of the will and abuse of trust of the citizens of the United States of America.

Whereas any such proposed amendment put forth not only defies the Constitution, but also threatens to corrupt defense legislation key to the protection of the United States of America.

I hereby call for the immediate striking of said aforementioned "Hate Crimes" amendment and the immediate impeachment of all elected officials supporting any limits to the Bill of Rights as outlined by the founders of this nation.

I hereby call for clear, concise legislation without hidden deceitful riders. Let every bill stand on its own merit.

Countless veterans have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, and while terms of service may expire, that sacred oath does not. We may not agree with everything a person says in the exercise of their right to freedom of speech, but make no mistake, as Americans we will defend to the death their right to say it. The ghosts of our brothers and sisters in arms laid to rest in Arlington and cemeteries around the globe attest to our willingness to defend freedom.

Several states have already illegally violated the Constitutional rights of their citizens, to constrain those officers of the law to become the captors of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by the hands of those over them.

Details of these offenses against the Constitution, the people, and reason itself can be found at:

Included among the ranks of the illegally punished is a pastor and veteran of the United States Marine Corps with twenty years of service.

We have written to you, our elected representatives, time and again to uphold the Constitution, to secure our freedoms, our rights, and our borders, yet time and again our freedom and security are attacked from within by that very body of representatives who chose to defend us from tyranny some several generations ago.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.

The Declaration of Independence had strong, heartfelt language in it, and for good reason.

We ask that you uphold the Constitution and protect us from the tyranny such abusive machinations from within our very government will lead to.

To your duty senator!

Very Respectfully,

Hate Crimes law - PC Murdering of the First Amendment!

The corrupt false-representatives are at it again! First, they undermine our beliefs by allowing another religion to pray, representing YOU THE PEOPLE of this nation, on the senate floor! This action did not represent the people of this nation and was an act of betrayal. If that was not bad enough...

Now they betray you by taking away your right to say whatever you want- specifically targeting Christianity!

They failed at limiting your free speech when they tried to impose the (un) fairness doctrine that would have destroyed what free press we have left- requiring "equal" air-time to opposing, even fanatical and nonsensical views! Now they don't just care about what goes on the radio- they want to come after YOU!

Not clear enough???


I'm not talking about limiting people from yelling something dangerous like "Fire" in a crowded place where there is no fire- which would endanger lives of many. The intent of the Constitution is to protect and preserve your freedoms. The Constitution is being dismantled by traitors, yes traitors, to every single human being who has ever fought and died for freedom.

Already the states that have passed so called "hate speech" laws have violated your fellow American's Constitutional Rights and illegally arrested them for exercising Constitutional Rights.

YES, ILLEGALLY- for any law violating the Constitution is illegal. It does not take a lawyer or Supreme Court Justice to reach that obvious conclusion.

No, they did not go after radical muslims calling for your death.
No, they did not go after Nazis calling for the extermination of Jews.

How much do you want to bet that saying "radical muslim" or using muslim and terrorist in the same sentence will be targeted just as it was targeted in the UK, where people are now sent to jail for speaking their mind, or punished for displaying a Christian expression of their faith as simple as a ring. No outward physical expression is required, but to punish someone for exercising their rights to display such an expression is apalling!

How much do you want to bet that those same radical muslim terrorists (hah, all 3 in one sentence!) will be free to spread their hatred and continue to encourage violence and terrorism across America?

Here is a sample of those (dastardly, vile criminals) who have suffered the injustice of the so called Hate Speech laws in these United States:

-Madison, Wis. David Ott, a former homosexual, was arrested for a "hate crime" for sharing his testimony with a homosexual at a gas station. He faced a $10,000 fine and one year behind bars. Seven thousands dollars in legal fees later, he was ordered to attend re-education classes at the University of Wisconsin conducted by a lesbian.

-St. Petersburg, Fla. Five Christians, including two pastors, were arrested at a homosexual rally for stepping onto the public sidewalk instead of staying caged in their officially designated "free speech zone." Their signs were also "illegal" because they were slightly "bigger than their torsos." Apparently, large people are entitled to more speech than those with smaller frames.

(Ha- Maybe I should stop trying to lose that extra 5 pounds so I can squeeze in punctuation on my protest sign if I'm ever in Fl? I don't see a "torso clause" in the Constitution, do you?)

-Elmira, N.Y. The Elmira police arrested seven Christians for praying in a public park where a homosexual festival was getting started. A female officer told the group, "You're not going to enter the park, and you're not going to share your religion with anybody in this park." The group of seven didn't say anything, but got down on their faces and silently prayed. They were promptly placed in handcuffs.

-Crystal Lake, Illinois. Two 16-year-old girls are facing felony "hate crime" charges for the content of their flyers. (I do not know the content of the flyers, but even knowing how mean some kids can be, it should not matter according to the Constitution)

-Philadelphia, Pa. Arlene Elshinnawy, a 75-year-old grandmother of three, and Linda Beckman, a 70-year-old grandmother of 10 (along with nine others), were arrested for sharing their faith on the public sidewalk. They faced 47 years (the rest of their lives) in jail for spreading the Gospel because of a Pennsylvania "hate crimes" law. Hear from the grandma's at http://www.stophatecrimesnow.com/.

-Palmdale, Calif., Pastor Audie Yancey, a retired U.S. Marine Corps 20-year veteran, was charged with a "hate crime" for handing out a Christian tract that illustrated the link between Islam and the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The tract featured a picture of an American flag and beneath it the words, "Remember 9/11: In the name of Allah they brought destruction and death to thousands. In the name of Jesus Christ you can have eternal life."

(Hoorah Marine, you serve your country yet again and make true patriots proud, unlike those scumbags who would try to tarnish the reputation of champions of freedom)

The corrupt false-representatives want to place a gag on the entire country and have the ability to throw you in jail at their convenience for saying ANYTHING they decided was hateful!

The Declaration of Independence had some strong language in it too as I recall. I wonder if they would consider it hateful too... After all, it did incite violence!



Call your senators at 202-224-3121 or use their direct lines or e-mail addresses available at http://www.senate.gov/. Let them know what you think about the government-approved idolatrous prayer and the assault on Christians and freedom of speech in the dangerous "hate crime amendment" (No. 2067) to the Defense Authorization bill, H.R. 1585.

I will work on drafting a letter for your senators, and a "bill" of my own to prevent corrupt amendments from detracting from the original intent of ALL proposed legislation. Such "hidden riders" are an abuse of power, an abuse of trust, and a misrepresentation of the will of the American citizens. In short: an act of treason against the people of the United States of America.

Legislation should stand or fall on its own merit, and any substantive changes should require a new draft. Unrelated amendments should be excluded. This amendment failed to stand on its own, and has no business being tucked away in a bill designed to support the troops and fund our defenses!

Calling it treason is harsh words, I know, but true, and I wanted to say it before doing so becomes illegal! I suggest you do the same, loud, and often, until the point is made that WE THE PEOPLE will not be silenced!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Recent "Gut Feelings" and educated guesses

My position as a Sr. International Security Specialist aside, because it does not take a fancy title to see that if they plan 7 to 10 attacks and nearly all of them fail, the odds are they will have at least one successful catastrophic attack. This is nothing new. Frankly, I would be surprised if they only tried one attack.

Look at 9-11. Out of the few simultaneous attacks, only one got stopped- and that because people on site were courageous enough to take action. They know we are better prepared now, so they will probably up the stakes!

No matter how brainwashed and stupid the enemy is, we must not underestimate their ability to plan and coordinate. To illustrate this- any idiot can coordinate meetings. It happens in offices all across the nation every day! Most of these meetings, as you probably know from personal experience, are fruitless- but every now and then someone actually spurs a plan into action. Now, if that illustration helps, imagine a bunch of idiots meeting and plotting to kill as many people as possible. It's a lot easier to plan to kill people, especially if you are planning on and hoping to die in the process, than it is to plan to keep people safe.

So, not only are the terrorists planning these things, they've got the easier job! Lets not make it any easier for them by ignoring the threat!

Not to beat a dead horse, but far too many people seem lulled into complacency and apathy, and expect someone else to do the work to keep them safe! NOBODY can keep you safe but you. Police generally investigate crimes AFTER the fact, and are generally not there to stop crime before it happens. Guess who that leaves looking out for you and your loved ones? Unless you are planning on throwing yourself on the mercy of terrorists, or expect a stranger to save you, you are on your own.

This means being educated AND prepared for anything. Yes, it is burdensome trying to stock-up and prepare for a war, but that is our duty as American citizens. Never forget the generations before us who did that very thing and fought and died for freedom. The threats today are even more severe.

We can not bury our heads in the sand any longer and pretend we are safe. I am not saying live in fear- quite the contrary! Rest assured that by being educated and preparing for a disaster you can be calm in the eye of the storm.

Yes, there are thousands of people world-wide fighting terror and doing their best, but the nature of insurgency is to exploit gaps in security. Believe me, there are FAR too many gaps, but even if there were not, we should still be ever vigilant- as that is the price of freedom.

Budget for and buy emergency supplies, have a plan, and discuss it with your loved ones. Know what to do when disaster strikes and you will be ahead of the game. The recent large-scale natural disasters clearly show that the gov't is not prepared to take care of you. That never has been their job anyway. Now imagine how frantically they would be scrambling in multiple attacks that would make Katrina look like a walk in the park... Chaos will run rampant and help might be weeks away if it can come at all- so plan now!

Chuck Norris wants you to read this!


I'm glad such a role model and celebrity is stepping forward to speak openly about the threats facing us. He's not saying anything any of us don't already know, but it is reassuring to know that Chuck Norris is on the lookout and spreading awareness! ;-) Too bad I couldn't convince him to run for office... at least not yet! We need good people like him who would honestly represent us, genuinely do his best for us, and not abuse his power.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ghandi must have died in vain! Reid insults America (again)

After arresting Christian Patriots for interrupting the opening Hindu prayer of Senate, Reid had the following to say:
Reid, in remarks from the chamber shortly after the prayer, defended his choice, tying it to the intense debate over the Iraq war.
"If people have any misunderstanding about Indians and Hindus, all they have to do is think of Gandhi," a man "who gave his life for peace," Reid said.
"I think it speaks well of our country that someone representing the faith of about a billion people comes here and can speak in communication with our heavenly Father regarding peace," said Reid. (From http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=56645 )

I do not believe our representatives are representing us for we are a Christian nation, and to open our government's proceedings by putting a prayer to a different god first does not represent the people. It is a betrayal of our faith and a betrayal of our trust.

To equate a billion people to Gandhi is an insult. Gandhi did some great things, but to compare an entire group of about a billion people people to him is apalling! It belittles what he died for and it raises up all the murderers and persecuters of Christians in India. Yes, peaceful Hindus, who have seemingly been more compatible with Christians than Muslims because they are supposed to be peaceful. Well, it's time to take the blinders off and be sheepdogs folks. If Ghandi wanted peace, he died in vain-

Just look for the recent flood of reports concerning purging of Christians from villiages. The "peaceful" hordes force-convert all Christians or failing that they seize ALL property, land, you name it, tear families apart, perhaps give them a nice beating for good measure, and leave any remaining Christians with nothing but their faiths to sustain them. Well, you know what? Blessed are they!

The machinations of Reid are loud and clear. His gang seeks to insult us, undermine our freedoms, not represent us or our best interests, destroy this nation as we know it, and steer us further and further away from our faith.

I have nothing against anyone from another faith praying, so long as they are not doing so representing the people of this nation. Congress is supposed to represent us! Were the majority of the people in our country to be of a certain faith and elect representatives of that faith, I could understand an opening prayer in that faith, as that would have been representative of the population- even if it is not in line with my own beliefs- but for no other reason. To do so without that condition of representing being met, is to be a traitor to the duties of and definition of representation.

To cover it up with some stereotypical plattitude- and a false one at that- adds insult to injury.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Most Germans weren't Nazis, right?


Credit to Old Soldier for finding and posting this.
We need to learn from history!

Most Germans weren't Nazis, right? Oh, that's right... according to some radical muslims, the Holocaust never happened!

I bet most Russians and Chinese weren't/aren't for killing people who don't toe the party line...

The real point to take away here is: How many millions have been murdered by a "radical" group that got into power when the majority refused to pay attention?

If you are not actively seeking a solution, you are part of the problem!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

AZ Senator Speech! Gutsy!


Hoorah for this guy!

GreatArticle on Education


It's true. A few years ago, as a Political Science major I took a course called Politics and the Media. I expected an intellectually stimulating environment in which we would be presented with diverse ideas and be able to logically challenge them with intelligent discussion and debate... at least that's what I thought college was supposed to be about because that is how it was always presented in the old sci-fi novels I read growing up.

Ha! How wrong I was!

The teacher stated that, "There is no bias in the media" and called for discussion. Little did I know at the time, he was actually calling for blind agreement! I, being the naive individual for following my mom's early teachings to "question authority" and "challenge things that aren't right," proceeded to give examples of bias in the media. I was yelled at for presenting a dissenting opinion! Every paper I wrote from then on out was marked at least a letter grade lower than could have ever been justified by the most harsh critic.

This became most obvious when I was given half-credit for an extra credit assignment. When I asked why, he said I was lucky I got any credit. A nearby jock acquaintance showed me his paper, and openly proclaimed how it was just so much garbage, and that there was no reason I should have been marked down. That took guts and I thank him for it.

College, a place of intellectual stimulation? Hardly. As an ROTC cadet I was called a baby-killer on "uniform day" by a hippie under a giant peace sign draped from one of the buildings. I told him I didn't kill as many babies as him and his pro-choice types. That shut him up.

I hope the above article, my experiences, and the way people seem to become brainwashed sheep after being exposed to the education system help people remember to not believe everything the teacher says. Of course if you are reading this you're probably already aware of the problem, or else looking for a way to turn me in for being intolerant of the ideas of others or some such nonsense.

Challenge when you think you can get away with it, but ultimately you may have to strategically bide your time spouting the propaganda you loath just so you can get better grades. Think long-term. Pick your battles well. Live to fight another day in a more effective way. ;-)

PC Term for terrorists

We must avoid labelling those who want to kill us as "terrorists," "radical muslims," or anything that might offend them. After all, your rights and lives aren't as important as theirs- it says so in their holy book. We must keep an open mind to other people's world-views and be sensitive and supportive of their cultural and religious needs.

Instead of calling them terrorists, simply refer to them as those individuals freely expressing themselves with heightened levels of aggressive emotions and behavior because of and towards arrogant-right-winged-closed-minded-people not in agreement with their moral relativistically justified way of fulfilling their religious obligations which include the peaceful practices of mutilation, torture, oppression, and death of those aforementioned closed-minded individuals.


barf. I could get a job with the BBC with writing like that (if I could stomach it)!

Why mislead the public? Why create a generation of sheep to be slaughtered? Why not call them terrorists for trying time and again to kill you??? These are the people who will roast your child and serve him on a plate before you! These are people who want to cut off your head and stack it in a pile! They really do these things in Iraq and other Muslim countries, yet there is no widespread public outrage! Together their acts and long term intentions make Hitler's activities seem tame, yet the European leaders of all people rush to their defense! People blame the West? How can any such behavior be excused away or justified? Oh, they're just misunderstood. You would rape and behead people too if you got billions of dollars for your oil... blah, blah, blah... or should I say Bah, bah, bah?

Homeland Security Threat Level Chart



Now the general public can know what the different colors mean.

I personally like Ron White's two levels:

1. Get a helmet.
2. Wear the helmet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Burn a terrorist flag! Support Free Speech!!!

I have been trying to get people to burn terrorist flags for a while in response to all the flag burning the terrorists do... and finally! Someone proved me right!


The students were prosecuted! If terrorists and their dhimmie hippie allies can claim protection under free speech guarantees to burn American flags, why can't we then burn terrorist flags? Oh would that be intolerant??? YOU BET!

I'm now going to be finding ways to print off terrorist flags and get pics/vids of them under my dogs at potty time! :-) Please feel free to join in the fun and post your own free speech accomplishments! Links, pics/vids highly encouraged.
I know it's juvenile sounding, but who said fighting terror couldn't be fun?

Print off and...
Burn a terrorist flag!
Slide one under a pet at the right moment!
Smear it with pork products! (thanks! Conservative Beach Girl: al Qaeda, US military coming to dinner, bringing "pot luck")
Spit on it!
Target practice at the range!
Add you own idea!

Duped about Kosovo

We were duped about Kosovo (breeding ground of al-qaida):


Why am I not surprised?

Monday, July 9, 2007


The media's freedom fighters hard at work chopping off children's heads. I dare anyone to defend their actions after seeing this. If you do, you're more brainwashed than I thought, and beyond hope. Religion of peace. Right.

It's only a matter of time before they start doing this here in the US. Look what they're doing in the UK. You can't even call say islam and terror in the same sentence without risking jail.

We are already facing crack-downs on freedom. 7 Christians were just arrested for praying on a public sidewalk near a gay pride function. They were merely peacefully gathered- not violating anyone's constitutional rights... but their own were violated when they were arrested. Christians can not pray in public, yet school systems everywhere teach how Islam is a religion of peace. Blinders are put on the American people, and our own president, much hated by the left, speaks in a radical mosque!

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when- for those we face are devious, and they fully intend to take as long as necessary to fully infiltrate and subvert our freedoms. They have said as much- yet still we blindly are told that it's too far-fetched. How far fetched was it that they should knock down skyscrapers? How far fetched was it that they would enlist Drs to strike British airports? When will the masses acknowledge the threat and demand the government take action? Or are we being left to fend for ourselves when they start picking us off in the streets? Will we even be able to fight back, as more and more laws are proposed to limit our right to bear arms?

If you tell people to stock-up, or prepare, you liable to be labeled a paranoid fanatic- but look at the facts and decide for yourself how prepared you want to be for the next wave of attacks. When they come, it will be in wave after wave, and our country may not fall, but it will be radically changed.

Muslim leaders declar sovereignty over US, UK

Muslim leaders publicly call for death of Blair and overthrow of US and UK governments!


Friday, July 6, 2007

Unable to deport?


Why are they still in the US after jail? After they "pay" for their crime (violent or not), they should be deported and that's that.

Eye of the Storm- Cruxshadows

Eye of the Storm- Cruxshadows

The trials you now are facing
They are not greater than your will
For there is nothing under heaven
You cannot overcome
See the door that lies before you
And know this too shall pass
The confrontation of your fears
In strength drawn from the past
When the silent voices whisper
Find the course that is your own
And however great the obstacle
You will never be alone
For I have watched the path of angels
And I have heard the heavens roar
There is strife within the tempest
But there is calm in the eye of the storm

In fragments of an instant
The chaos has returned
And all that was left is sentiment
Beneath the banner burned
And as that voice was slowly ceded
Into echoes memory
My doubts were re-ignited
And fear awakened from its sleep
I believe in what I fight for
And I have paid for it with pain
I am here because my contributions
May help turn this fate away
And all who stood by and did nothing
Who are they to criticize?
The sacrifices of others
Our blood has bought their lives

This is the moment of truth
At the point of no return
Place faith in your convictions
As the boundaries start to blur

There is no love untouched by hate
No unity without discord
There is no courage without fear
There is no peace without a war
There is no wisdom without regret
No admiration without scorn
There is strife within the tempest
But there is calm in the eye of the storm

The pages of our history
Are written by the hand
With eyes and ears and prejudice
Too far removed to understand
And so the heroes of the ages
Are stripped of honesty and love
To make them seem less noble
And hide what we can become

If you find the courage within you
To face the path ahead
It matters not the outcome
If what you will gain instead
Is a heart deepened in the knowing
That experience carves the soul
And the very thing that empties you
Shall surely make you whole
Where the silent voices whisper
Find the course that is your own
And however great the obstacle
You will never be alone
For I have watched the path of angels
And I have heard the heavens roar
There is strife within the tempest
But there is calm in the eye of the storm..

City ordinance used to silence Christian's message

It continues...

A town in Louisiana has begun using a vaguely written ordinance aimed at preventing public disturbances to stifle the biblical message of a Christian who wanted to share his religious beliefs on a public street.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

Religion of Peace at Work Around the World

The Religion of Peace at work around the World

In the Middle East, Africa, and in Asia, Christians are being persecuted at the hande of the "
Religion of Peace". Why is none of this being tols to us in the MSM, all we hear is how the US is torturing Iraqis and killing civilians by NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the Drive-By Media. In today's American Thinker, Patrick Poole has a great column about the destruction of 2000 year old religions in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

Islam's Global War against Christianity

By Patrick Poole

From Nigeria to Indonesia, Christians are under siege in virtually every single country in the Muslim world, the victims of countless acts of discrimination, depredation, brutality, and murder that are so widespread and systematic that it can rightfully be called the new Holocaust. This time, however, the perpetrators of this Holocaust aren't wearing swastikas, but kufi skull caps and hijabs.

Some of the oldest Christian communities in the world are subject to relentless attack and teeter on the brink of extinction at the hands of the "Religion of Peace": Palestinian Christians in Gaza and the West Bank; Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldean Christians in Iraq; Coptic Christians in Egypt; Evangelical and Orthodox Christians in Eastern Ethiopia and Eritrea; Armenian Orthodox Christians in Turkey; and Maronite Christians in Lebanon.
Several of these communities date back to the beginning decades of Christianity and all have weathered wave after wave of Islamic persecution for centuries and more, but in the very near future some will simply cease to exist. In our lifetime, the only trace of their past existence will be in footnotes in history books (and probably only Western history books at that).
Meanwhile, we in the West hear much from radical Islam's apologists how the US is engaged in a war against Islam citing of our military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are lectured on the inviolability of the Muslim ummah and justifications of defensive jihad.
But an extensive search this past weekend of the websites of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Student Association, the Fiqh Council of North America, and the Muslim Public Affairs Committee - the most visible institutional representatives of Islam in America - found not a single mention or reference of the religious persecution of Christians by their Islamic co-religionists, thereby making them tacit co-conspirators in the Final Solution to the Christian problem in the Muslim world.
The global war on Christianity by Islam is so massive in size and scope that it is virtually impossible to describe without trivializing it. Inspired by Muslim Brotherhood ideology and fueled by billions of Wahhabi petrodollars, the religious cleansing of Christians from the Muslim world is continuing at a break-neck pace, as the following recent examples demonstrate.
Iraq: In the current issue of the American Spectator, Doug Bandow observes that centuries of dhimmitude have left Christians in the war-torn country without any means of self-defense. Washington policymakers have refused to lend assistance for fear of showing partiality, despite the murder of hundreds of Iraqi Christians, the kidnapping and torture of Christian clerics, the repeated bombings of Christian churches, the torching of Christian businesses, and the flight of close to half of the entire Iraqi Christian population since April 2003. Those who remain have been subject to the imposition of shari'a by the Shi'ite Mahdi Army and Sunni militias (al-Qaeda doesn't bother with such niceties, preferring to murder them immediately instead), including the recent published threat in Mosul of killing one member of every Christian family in that city for Christian women not wearing the hijab and continuing to attend school. (Be sure to remember that the next time an Islamist apologist claims that the hijab is a symbol of women's liberation.)
Egypt: Journalist Magdi Khalil chronicles in a new report ("Another Black Friday for the Coptic Christians of Egypt") the campaign of violence directed against Christian Copts almost weekly immediately following Friday afternoon Muslim prayers. Inspired by Islamist imams preaching religious hatred in mosques all over the country and protected by government officials willing to look the other way, rampaging mobs of Muslims set upon Christians churches, businesses and individuals, from Alexandria to cities all the way up the Nile. Coptic holy days are also favorite times for Muslim violence, which the Egyptian media likes to describe as "sectarian strife" - as if it were actually a two-sided affair.
Gaza: Ethel Fenig recently noted here at American Thinker ("More Gaza Multiculturalism") the systematic destruction of churches and desecration of Christian religious objects by Jihadia Salafiya following the HAMAS takeover of the Gaza Strip from their Fatah rivals and the imposition of Islamic rule. The head of Jihadia Salafiya told reporter Aaron Klein that any suspected Christian missionary activity in the area will be "dealt with harshly". (Ynet News)
Saudi Arabia: According to the Arab News, a Sri Lankan Christian man barely escaped with his life in late May when he was found working in the city of Mecca, Islam's holiest city, which is officially barred to non-Muslims. In December, an Indian man had been sentenced to death for accidentally entering the city, but was spared after the Indian embassy made an urgent appeal to the Saudi Supreme Court.
Pakistan: In Islamabad, Younis Masih was sentenced last month to death under the country's frequently invoked blasphemy laws, which were also used against six Christian women suspended from a nursing school after they were accused of desecrating a Quran. And as protests against Salman Rushdie's knighthood raged, a Muslim mob armed with guns, axes and sticks attacked Christians worshipping in a Salvation Army church in Bismillahlpur Kanthan. (Associated Press; United Press International; Mission News Network)
Bangladesh: Almost a dozen Christian converts in the Nilphamari district were beaten last week by Muslim villagers wielding bricks and clubs, and threatened with death if they did not leave town immediately. Local hospitals subsequently refused them treatment. Christians in the area have also been prevented from using the only potable water well in the area after a pronouncement by religious authorities at the mosque in Durbachari. This came after 42 former Muslims were baptized as Christians in the local river on June 12. (Compass News Direct)
Malaysia: Government authorities demolished a church building on June 4th in Orang Asli settlement in Gua Musang in Ulu Kelantan, despite prior government approval of the project. The church was built on donated property after the entire village had converted to Christianity just a few months ago. Also in late May, the Malaysian high court ruled that Muslims who convert to Christianity must appeal to the religious shari'a courts to officially be deregistered as Muslims and reregistered as a Christians. (Journal Chretien; Associated Press)
Indonesia: Agence France Presse reported last month on an attack by the Islamic Anti-Apostate Movement, who stormed a church service in a Protestant church in the West Java town of Soreang. The AFP report notes that more than 30 churches have been forced to close in West Java and dozens more throughout the country in recent years due to Muslim violence, churches which were among the few spared during the outbreak of hostilities during 1997-1998, where hundreds of Christian churches were burned to the ground and never rebuilt.
Turkey: The Christian community is still reeling from the torture and ritual slaughter of three Protestants at a Christian publishing house in Malatya in April by an armed Islamist gang, which was preceded by the murder last year of Catholic priest Andrea Santoro in Trabzon and the assassination of Armenian journalist Hrant Dink in Istanbul in January. An additional six men allegedly associated with the same Muslim gang were arrested on May 30th for plotting an attack on a Christian pastor in Diyarbakir. (Lebanon Daily Star; ADKNI)
Cyprus: The Cyprus Mail reports that during a meeting last month in Rome the Archbishop of the Cypriot Greek Orthodox Church pleaded with the Vatican Secretary of State for the Pope's assistance to pressure Turkish authorities in restoring and repairing Christian sites and churches in areas occupied since the invasion of the island nation by Turkey in July 1974 and the ethnic cleansing of 160,000 Greek Christian Cypriots.
Lebanon: More than 60,000 Christians have left the country since last summer's war between Hezbollah and Israel, fearing the rise of both Sunni and Shi'ite extremism and terrorist activity. The Sunday Telegraph recently revealed the results of a poll finding that at least half of Lebanon's Maronite community were considering leaving the country. More than 100,000 have already submitted visa applications at foreign embassies.
Algeria: In what is considered one of the more "moderate" Muslim regimes, Al-Quds Al-Arabi announced that the Algerian government has just issued regulations requiring advance permission for non-Muslim public events, following a 2006 law aimed at limiting Christian evangelism in the Kabylia region and the Sahara. (MEMRI )
Morocco: In the country that The Economist magazine in 2005 anointed "the best Arab democracy", all Moroccans are considered Muslims at birth and face three years in prison if they attempt to convert. They are also prohibited from entering any of the few churches permitted to operate for the foreign inhabitants of the country. Moroccan Christians must operate covertly for fear of imprisonment by the government and attacks by Islamists. They cannot bury their dead in Christian cemeteries, and they must be married by Islamic authorities or face charges of adultery. Late last year, a 64 year-old German tourist, Sadek Noshi Yassa, was sentenced to six months in jail and fined for missionary activity. (Journal Chretien)
Nigeria: Police in Gombe arrested sixteen suspects after a Muslim mob stoned, stripped, beat, and finally stabbed to death a Christian teacher, Christiana Oluwatoyin Oluwasesin, after she caught a student cheating on an exam in March. Her body was then burned beyond recognition by the mob who falsely accused her of desecrating a Quran. The suspects were released last month without any charges being filed, prompting Christian leaders to accuse government authorities of a cover-up and raising concerns about additional attacks. (Christian Today)
Eritrea: Just a few weeks ago, the Islamic government installed a new Orthodox Patriarch after they removed the previous Patriarch and placed him under house arrest for no stated reason. Compass News Direct reported in February the death of Magos Solomon Semere, a Christian who had been imprisoned in a military jail for four and a half years for illegal Christian worship, the third Christian to die in government custody since October. Authorities have also cracked down on unapproved churches, jailing at least two thousand Protestants and members of the Medhane Alem Orthodox renewal movement since the beginning of the year and publicly burning confiscated Bibles. (Christian Post; Compass News Direct ; Journal Chretien)
It is not an exaggeration to say that I could extend this brief list ad infinitum with additional Islamic countries and news items from just the past few weeks' worth of incidents of violence, discrimination, intimidation and murder targeting Christians in the Muslim world. In many instances, the government and religious authorities in these Muslim countries work hand-in-hand in their campaign of religious persecution.
A scene in the Academy Award-winning movie Schindler's List gives us some insight into what is happening all across the Muslim world with respect to Christianity. As the SS Commandant Amon Göth and his Nazi Stormtroopers prepare to liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Krakow, Poland, Göth (played in the movie by Ralph Fiennes) gives his men a peptalk:
For six centuries there has been a Jewish Krakow. Think about that. By this evening, those six centuries are a rumor. They never happened. Today is history.
This scene is being repeated in the Friday sermons in mosques and on Islamic satellite TV all over the world, only this time it is the Christians in addition to the Jews who are targets. Great efforts are being made to make the two-thousand year history of Christianity in North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia a blasphemous rumor. Soon students in Turkey will be taught that the Hagia Sophia, the greatest architectural structure in the Muslim world, wasn't built by the Christian Emperor Justinian in the Sixth Century, but by the Sultan Mehmed II a thousand years later after the Ottomans seized the Byzantine capital. That Christians lived at all in the Muslim world, let alone that much of the territory occupied by Muslims used to be Christian lands before the Islamic Wars of Conquest, will be nothing but a rumor by the end of this century punishable according to the precepts of shari'a.
President Bush announced last week that he will be sending a special envoy to the 57-member Organization of Islamic Countries. Hopefully, the systematic persecution of Christians and other religious minorities will be the first and primary item in the new envoy's portfolio, with the 2007 annual report of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom and the State Department's Annual Report on International Religious Freedom, which name virtually every single country in the OIC for its human rights abuses and religious cleansing, as evidence for our country's concern.
The fact remains that not a single Christian or Jew lives in peace in the Muslim world, and if it is truly our nation's foreign policy to spread democracy around the world, this issue is the perfect topic for us to press. Back at home, raising Islam's global war on Christianity should be the immediate response to the seemingly endless media grievance machine of radical Islam's Western apologists. Until they begin to address the new Holocaust perpetrated in the name of Islam, their complaints and denials are nothing but bald hypocrisy.

Well, that didn't turn out so well

Funny spoof recounting of failed attack:


Gotta laugh at these idiots!

To ensure the terrorists don't mess up again and wind up with mental anguish and feelings of inadequacy and failure, ABC now explains why the attacks failed:

I am sure that under socialized medicine they will get the finest mental care for their depression before being reinstated to help with the healthcare shortage.

My hope is that maybe some of these losers wake up and realize that the violent cult of radical islam is not cool. Too bad that after spending all that effort (and money) to become a Dr. you can still wind up without any common sense, decency, or even one redeeming quality! It is still hard to believe people like this exist, and in large numbers!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dr. Jihad- Take two and caliphate in the morning

Recent violent islamic activity has been traced to a group of Doctors in England! Those charged with no less than preserving life have been linked to attempts to extinguish it!

I am sure their "oath" is something like "First, do no harm... unless you want to." It was bad enough people had to worry about insurance problems and substandard care when going to the doc. Now we have to worry about whether or not they want to kill us!

DISCLAIMER: "symptoms may include kow-towing, blind adherance to PC doctrine, SJS (sudden jihad syndrome), and even death. If you are prone to experience involuntary limb loss or death as a result of explosions, martyrdom may not be right for you. Please consult your imam before beginning any radical jihad training program."

Unfairness Doctrine Letter to Senators


I am so troubled by the ludicrous re-introduction of the so-called fairness doctrine that I want to share with you the text of the recent article written by Mr. Joseph Farah, editor of World Net Daily http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=56473:
"Today I would like to discuss the proposed reintroduction of the Fairness Doctrine in a way no one else has.
First let me say there is another name for government regulating political speech to determine what is fit and proper and ensuring all sides of an issue are heard. It's called censorship. And it is not only anathema to all we hold dear in America, it is unconstitutional, totally at odds with the First Amendment and the founders' idea that there should be no bounds on political speech.
Yet, there is a more practical objection to re-instituting the Fairness Doctrine in our increasingly morally relativistic culture.
Taken to its logical extreme, a radio talk-show host who condemns al-Qaida for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America would have the responsibility to balance those views with others. For instance, there could be demands from the following:
Those who believe 9-11 was actually a giant U.S. government conspiracy;
Those who believe al-Qaida's actions were justified because of U.S. meddling in the Muslim world;
Al-Qaida itself.Now, you may view this idea as preposterous. No one would take these demands seriously, you might say.
But why not?
If "fairness" means "balance," then these demands should be taken just as seriously as those of Democrats who think they have been slighted by Rush Limbaugh or Republicans who think they have been given the shaft by Air America.
In other words, the Fairness Doctrine enforcement bureaucracy could never consider "truth" in the equation. It could never consider who is "right" or "wrong." It could only consider whether someone using the public airwaves did not present all sides of a story.
The proposition is so ludicrous on its face it is amazing to me that anyone living outside a mental institution or a working anywhere but on a university campus could seriously suggest it.
Never before in history has there been so much information available to people. Everybody's got an opinion and a blog and a podcast of their own. Why on earth would politicians choose this time and this place for such a draconian, Stalinist, evil proposal?
I'll tell you why.
You just witnessed the reason.
The people spoke loud and clear on the issue of immigration. Their opinions were galvanized by talk radio. Their activism was boosted and channeled by talk radio. Their victory in the U.S. Senate was made possible by talk radio.
Now it's retribution time. The political and cultural elite don't like it when they don't get their way – when the riff-raff like you and me mess things up.
So they are coming after talk radio.
This is going to be one of the biggest showdowns in the history of American politics.
Already, Sens. John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer have spoken out in favor of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. Kerry even went so far as to call for bringing back the equal-time provisions, which would mandate not just "fairness" in broadcasts but actual minute-for-minute, second-by-second measurements of what is said on the public airwaves.
As we approach Independence Day, it's a good time to consider just how hopelessly un-American these people and their ideas are.
The Fairness Doctrine is the antithesis of freedom. It is meant to stifle free, open and lively exchanges of opinion. It is designed to control the flow of information. It is worthy only of a totalitarian society, not the birthplace of self-government and the free press.
Kerry and company can put as much lipstick on this pig as they like, but there's still no disguising this oinker. They are showing their true colors this Independence Day – and they are not red, white and blue."

I once again ask you to support and defend the Constitution against such a blatant attack on freedom as this. Please be a champion of freedom for the American people. We do not need legislation like this- instead, we need legislation that protects us from exactly this sort of thing! We need clear, concise legislation not laden with hidden riders. We need Congress to reaffirm that our Constitutional rights will not be infringed, and that the lawful citizens will not suffer such abuse of authority as this misleading piece of legislation represents.

Very Respectfully,