Monday, August 6, 2007

Beat your wife to discipline her because it's "therapy"

This would be comical if the subject were not so sad, and this guy not so serious:

Yep, beating your wife is "therapy!" ZOMG! No meal waiting? Just beat her to teach her a lesson. Problem solved... wow. I wonder if his next meal is his last. "Dear, I hope you enjoyed your meal- rat poison surprise!"

Hear that? Stop watching TV and get in the kitchen! *BAM!*
What was that libs? allah said it was ok... so don't dare say anything lest you offend someone!

Now for "Cooking With Momo" on the food network!

"The secret to today's recipe is beating your wife to get her to get off her lazy butt and cook it for you! *BAM!* Kick it up a notch! *BAM!*"

And people don't want to fight them to keep them from taking over the world? Something is wrong with the picture...

----------UPDATE: More from Atlas Shrugs


Brooke said...

I've seen this.

It's just as flabbergasting as the Muslim who said that men in New York should be permitted to take multiple wives because of the man shortage due to overbreeding of women, and that there are too many gay guys, and therefore less potential husbands.

It's on YT somewhere...

Russet Shadows said...

Brooke: The strange thing is that there are a lot more women in NYC than men, so what the Muslim was saying started off with a grain of truth. Typically, though, he deduced utter balderdash from his grain of truth. I guess you can't expect much for a bunch of inbred 7th-century-mentality wife-beaters.

Falcon: Thanks for the blogroll! I've added you to mine also.

falcon_01 said...

I showed my wife the clip and told her she better have dinner waiting from now on. I almost received my own "light beating" ROTFLMAO!!!