Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FINALLY got to bring home my new gun!

That explains why the DMV is always crowded with NOBODY speaking English!

After much waiting (hours) at the DMV Monday, where my wife and I appeared to be among the few native english language speakers- including the employees, on top of people being slid in front of me in line and a convenient mishap with the ID card machine breaking right after my photo (insert joke here), but somehow still spitting out everyone else's licenses, I FINALLY got my address updated so I could meet the imposed requirements at the gun shop.

I can not understand why government offices don't hire people who speak clear english for positions that must interface with citizens. An accent doesn't bother me- I'm usually pretty good at making out what someone is saying and am very patient and very appreciative of those learning english. The frustration kicks in when a person at a help-desk (of all places) does not have a fundamental grasp of the language and can not answer your questions, then blows up at you when you politely say you do not understand and ask them if they could please explain something again to make sure you understand. They have no problem talking at length to the hundred other people in spanish, but if you try to take up more than 10 seconds of their time to try in vain get a straight answer in english, the clerk snaps at you to just take the form and go (even if it is the wrong form sometimes) and everyone else glares at you.

I can not possibly begin to convey all the inconvenience, rudeness, intentional misdirection, etc. one can experience at a DMV, so if you haven't been in a while, just go and sit there a couple hours. You don't even need to take a number- why bother? They are just going to send you home for a different piece of paper only to have a different teller say that you didn't need it when you come back another day and speak to someone else. Just go and bask in the hostility. It's as if you are an unwelcome invader in your own country!


The hassles were immediately forgotten as I finally held my new "toy" aka "freedom defending implement" aka Kel-Tec PLR-16! I rushed home and immediately took it apart and put it back together (no spare parts=good) and installed the forend that had already arrived. The 40rnd mags from Cheaper Than Dirt fit like a charm. :-)

My sling came in Tuesday- now I'm just waiting for the wicked looking muzzle break/flash suppressor, which should arrive today... I'll eventually order a tactical scope (it is a "long-range" pistol after all)- I want something cheap and reliable (usually an oxymoron since you get what you pay for, but there are always good deals for the patient).

There's one more "accessory" but since it's unusual for this gun and may not even fit, I'll not talk about it until I can make sure- which may take a couple months to acquire (ie-cough up the money for) and try to make it fit... when I feel like I've got everything, I'll have to post a pic to show it off!

Can't wait to hit the range though!

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Brooke said...

You just can't say enough bad stuff about the farkin' DMV.

I'm not even gonna get started. It's no wonder the gov't doesn't allow weapons on the property.

Have you ever heard Glenn Beck talk about his little trip to the DMV? HILARIOUS!

BTW, congrats on your new toy! :D