Friday, August 10, 2007

My Right to Bear Arms Infringed in Virginia

If you may recall I recently purchased a Kel-Tec PLR-16 as a freedom implementing device to protect the homeland. I went to pick up my firearm and was told that I could not since the apartment number on my drivers license had not yet been updated since I recently moved WITHIN THE SAME BUILDING, (so my street address is the same)!

I served my country. I offered proof that I was a US citizen and had the right to bear arms. I had already paid for the gun!

They told me that they could not do the paperwork without the address matching and I would have to submit a change of address through the DMV. What does the DMV have to do with my right to bear arms??? The only thing necessary should be proof of US citizenship- and enough info to do a simple background check- guess what, they would just need a name and Social because your address can change it has nothing to do with investigating your criminal record... Though my government ID should have been sufficient to verify that I had a security clearance.

They refused to give me my gun until I met the requirement of updating my address. Not wanting to make a scene, and since it's not really their fault- they explained that they could get in trouble for my apartment number not matching, I agreed to go through the process of changing the apartment number on my license...

Where in the Constitution does it say anything about having an apartment number be updated in order to bear arms? This is just an extra bureaucratic hurdle!!!


John J. Kaiser said...

"They told me that they could not do the paperwork without the address matching and I would have to submit a change of address through the DMV"

They just want that $35 bucks out of you to change your license.

WomanHonorThyself said...

guess we best read the REALLY fine print..whatamess!..good luck bro!

falcon_01 said...

That's the funny thing- it defies logic. The gunshop wouldn't be getting anything out of it. They could have done the background check with the info provided and discovered I don't even have a parking ticket to my name.

I read a story in which gunshops were being SHUT DOWN by the government for meaningless reasons. They are just playing it safe lest they ever get inspected and wonder why my address didn't match.

Angel, I don't know what fine print you're referring to- but there is nothing in the Constitution that says before I can have a firearm I need to update an already valid form of ID. Establishing citizenship and a clean record should be enough.

Wild Bill said...

I hear ya brother. I haven't tried to buy a gun in a long time. I guess I'll have to spend 4 hours at the DMV to make sure that my address is right before I go get my next gun. If I was an illegal alien they would probably just give me the gun. Great blog you have here.

pela68 said...

Apartement number on your driving licence?


Heck- and I thought WE were living in an Orwellian state. Holy doodoo!

Brooke said...

Hell, WB, if you were an illegal or any other manner of criminal, you wouldn't be purchasing one legally any damned way!

This is utterly ridiculous!