Friday, August 10, 2007

How Islam Punishes a Child

EDIT! Evidently the story is backwards! The child is doing this to EARN bread! I guess that makes it ok, right? NOT!!!!!

These pictures scream a thousand words- and none of them kind.

Stealing is wrong, but destroying his arm doesn't fix anything- it just creates another wrong.

More bread can always be baked, but a little boy's arm can not so easily be remade- perhaps he should have been made to help replace that which he stole- and he would have gained valuable knowledge in learning to bake bread.

If his CULTure really cared about right and wrong, they would not do this permanent wrong to him. They would teach him to do good things to help people...

No, the bloodthirsty cult could not think beyond wanting to hurt a poor hungry child!
Justice? Religion of Peace? I THINK NOT!

No parent should have let this happen. The driver of the vehicle needs shot, as does anyone in the crowd not trying to do whatever it takes to stop this atrocity. I pray the boy gets the best medical treatment and goes to a good home where he is truly loved and cared for... but I know that probably will not happen.


WomanHonorThyself said...

falcon I wonder if that story can be authenticated..I believe this goes on but it would be a shame if it became widespread only for us to discover that it isnt the truth...sigh...great work my friend!

falcon_01 said...

Well regardless of the authenticity of the reason behind what happened-some little boy got his arm ran over... I guess it could have been faked, but I seriously doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a horror. Hopefully more people will wake up...

Check out this scary site:

The Truth About Islam

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Until the Islamists love their children more than they hate us, the Jihad will wage on. This is not only a war against an out of control ideology, but one rooted in 7th Century logic.

Brooke said...

Nothing like following the Dark Ages Guide to Raising Children, is there?

Aurora said...

This is just the tip of a horrific iceberg of the stuff that goes on over there. The trouble is that there are also so many lies, the truth dodges and twists among the shadows sometimes.