Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Another home destroyed in attack!

Fatima Lady sprouts wings to spread message!
Edit: (It's only fair we put her to good use too!)
Edit edit: MY GOSH she looks like a zombie!
Thought: Emperor palpatine has a sister?
Edit edit edit: an even better link to the real fauxto scandals:


WomanHonorThyself said...

hey falcon!..FATima strikes again? one!

pela68 said...

Oh my!
Night of the living dead- again... Not even Romero could have come up with a scarier creature.

How is that new gun of yours? You do know that Kel-Tech has Swedish gunsmiths (engineers)?

Yupp- if nothing else we have learned the art of killing others (JAS 39 Gripen, Carl Gustav recoiless rifle, AT-4, CV-90, Aimpoint, Bofors 40-57 mm, and more and more).

But... WE don't use 'em!

Ho' We have 1 (one) company left in the reserves!
Besides from that we only have some SFU:s and the Nordic battle group ( who are abroad- or in stand by), the conscripts (fewer than 5000 anually) and the National Security Forces (underequipped for the most part). The only other forces to be recconed with is the Rapid response units (whom I belong to).

This in a land that only 15 years ago could munster between 1/2 and 1 miljon soldiers in the event of disturbance.

We have a doodooload of weapons and ammunition (I'm not joking- we could be shooting day and night for 20 years without depleting even a fraction of the stored hardware. We just don't have the soldiers to do it!

So, meanwhile we have a shootfest (with our rifles- the grenades, fighterjets and other systems is to expensive to use). Ammo is gratis- so why not make the best of it!

Swe Arctic Rangers

falcon_01 said...

The new gun is nice (didn't know there were Swedish gunsmiths in Cocoa, Fl- but they're smart to be there- real nice place) though I haven't shot it yet.

I have got to find time to hit the range... plus ammo is scarce and thus expensive too- I can't believe you get it for FREE! I don't suppose you need a former Lt to join the ranks and help burn through some rounds? LOL No? Oh well, I only speak English anyway... :-(

Heavy equipment you mentioned aside... dang, you guys just need to go in the export business!!! Plenty of us gun loving Americans would no doubt be willing to buy some nice surplus Swedish small arms and ammo! :-)


Always On Watch said...


Either the same Fatima keeps appearing or she has clones. That second possibility is frightening!

pela68 said...

I did try to write a lenghty answer- only to see it vanish in an Explorer crash!

To make a long story short- yes ammo is free here. Atleast the fabric linked 7.62x51. The 5.56 is fairly cheap, enough, not to make a dent in the platoons budget anyway...

So we can pretty much fire away 'til our shoulders are blue!

If you ever take the trip over the Atlantic, I can arrange for you to fire away until you are dizzy (c;

(M240, G3, AK5, AIAW, Glock, Swedish K- you name it!)

Did I mention that it's free?


Brooke said...

Aw, I haven't seen Flat Fatima in a little while. It's good to know she's still got a job and all... *snerk*

falcon_01 said...

*drool* Lead me not into temptation! Yeah, I think we'll be saving up for a trip sometime in the next few years- that is if we all aren't fighting for our lives over here by then... ;-)
Taking in the scenery and blowing through rounds on awesome equipment like that would be unbelievable... of course I just realized why all your rounds are free- the socialists and high taxes! 50%? ARGH! Oh well... you have Malmsteen so I guess that sort of makes up for it!

Aurora said...

LOL...yes she does look like a zombie...I've seen her around and never saw her in that light before.

falcon_01 said...

brooke, either she's got a job, or someone really is throwing unfired bullets at an old lady's house in a warzone!
Beauchamp will write of the horrors of such an act and Congress will order a $10 Billion investigation and the leftists will proclaim that all U.S. troops are savages, (otherwise, why would Congress in all its infinite wisdom see the need to investigate?), a handful of privates will be brought up on Hate Crimes charges, dishonorably discharged, and hippies everywhere will gloat before trying to pass a hidden rider requiring the country to change "God" to "Allah" in the pledge, and on all currency.