Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pandagon panda bites back with an excuse!

Ah, the excuse for not posting my comment:

Subject: "How not to get your comments posted:
"Ignore the clear notices about being patient for the moderation queue, and quickly claiming that easily spooked liberals are afraid of the truth."- Auguste

I don't suppose me wondering had anything to do with plenty of other comments quickly showing up over the course of the last few hours... I was going to surrender and apologize until I realized something...

See you can claim a delay for a moderation cue in hopes of making me look like an ogre if not a troll, but others' responses to earlier posts show up before my post (that was submitted BEFORE even those), then you're just making excuses for being "afraid of the truth" and not posting what I said. You can not possibly be 6 hours backed up. If so, then either the simple task of checking "approve" is overwhelming you or there really are so many (defeatist socialists wanting to bash Christians and surrender to fundamental islam in the name of multiculturalism) posting to back up your site so much, meaning that we are already doomed as a free nation.

Anyway, why do self-styled liberals need a moderation cue? I thought they would be open to let everyone share their feelings freely without moderating what they were saying in some "Patriot Act" style review. Sheesh. Oh, I know it's so you can keep someone from posting something "offensive" right? Well, I guess you don't find all the Christian bashing offensive. You CERTAINLY don't have a problem with those talking about *whisper* masturbation...or gay sex. Gosh, maybe to show what un-offend-able people you are you could post the video of the Danes burning the quran as a gesture of free speech and good will.

I'll make it easy so you don't have to troll through "fundie" sites:


The Sniper said...

Hey! I got my comment posted and I didn't have to wait six hours for moderation! Thanks Sheepdog!

Seriously, though. We don't moderate at The Sniper, you don't seem to here... so why do some people fear discourse so much? Oh, I know! Because they're idiots!

Like your blog, by the way. In fact, I added it to our blogroll. Hope you don't mind.

falcon_01 said...

Thanks for the add! The more exposure the better. Sure, most of the stuff I post are my own rants on things already out there, but the more people shouting in unison for freedom, the better!

Maybe, just maybe, one of the rants gets read by a politician and someone takes action to protect our Constitutional rights and defend us... a long shot, but that's all we have for now.

On another note, I went to another site and it wouldn't even accept my comments it told me that "your post may contain offensive language" or some such nonsense and would not even accept it for moderation. I wasn't swearing. I merely stated that Tancredo would be harsh on terrorists and illegals. that's it. I even replaced illegals with undocumented individuals crossing a line and it wouldn't take it. What a crock, huh?

I do have a statement saying "Rude comments by anti-Americans will be exterminated" but I have not had a reason to delete anything yet, probably because my blog is fairly new- but it would have to be a pointless string of profanity to get me to delete something. If someone wanted to discuss a point I made, or disagree with me for a logical reason, I'd be elated!