Friday, August 24, 2007

Evil Won't Go Away, Even if We Do...(and some Bible quotes) Long post, read anyway. ;-P

Sorry for the long post, but I hope you'll read all of it. :-) If you agree with what I say, or not- that's fine. What matters is that I remain free to say it, and as long as I am free to do so, I will.

Leaving Iraq won't bring peace. It won't make the terrorists stop- no matter what they say or promise- we recently saw that when Israel released terrorists who promised to stop.

Proverbs 27:6 "Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. "
Why do people keep falling for the multiple kisses of islam? They stab us in the back, sign a treaty, and repeat the process. Their koran calls for it.

Leaving will only appease them and the hateful leftists who blindly ignore what the terrorists do. The same people calling for "hate crimes" laws are the ones who want us to abandon people to hate, and a fate worse than most of us here in the U.S. can imagine. They seek to undermine what progress we have made in spite of them. If they can get us to fail, they can say "I told you so." That's all they care about. Know that if people die and fall slave to islam, it is because of them.

People of both political parties have lost sight of what it is about. It is about doing our best to try to keep more of this from happening:

Just as police don't necessarily prevent crime, we can't always stop these crimes against humanity from taking place... but think of how many more would suffer without police. Think of how many more crimes would be committed against the defenseless without our presence in the middle east. I know that's why our troops are there. I know that's why they spend day after day fighting against evil. They want to give children hope for a better future.

Whatever your political thoughts or feelings, this is about fighting hate. It means troops putting their lives on the line, at war, providing swift justice at gunpoint to the radicals all over the world who destroy freedom, families, lives, and spread hate throughout the world in the name of their politically motivated so-called religion.

It's ok to be angry. It's ok to hate the actions (sins) of those who follow the brutal teachings of islam... but do not hate the enemy despite the vile things they do. My advice for all is to fight honorably against the tyrants so nobody can honestly speak evil of you. They will lie anyway, but you will know in your heart you are doing good.

Again, The Religion of Peace keeps track of the numbers. Islam kills more than any other hate group in history. People are quick to point to those who have done bad things in the name of Christianity- but the simple fact is Jesus taught us to live at peace with others as much as we are able. He taught us to love God and our neighbors. People who have done bad things in the name of Christianity are NOT following the teachings of Jesus.

Islam however teaches death, lies, abuse, and murder- ie: terrorism. Those who do bad things in the name of islam ARE following their religion. Following the teachings of Islam is following hate.

No, not all people who we call muslims are terrorists, I have had friends who denounce those parts of their religion- yet in doing so, according to their own book, they are not true muslims if they are rejecting any of its teachings... Just as a person who rejects Christ is not a true Christian. Sadly, those who reject the violent teachings of islam do so quietly or risk death. Those who reject Christ risk nothing in this world, and are in fact encouraged more often than not...

Why are some people so quick to defend the hateful teachings and followers of islam, yet the same people are so quick to want to punish anything outside islam that might remotely be considered an act of hate- even if that supposed act of hate is to spread truth and try to fight against hate? The only options are that they are either blinded and misled, or they are aware they are supporting terrorists. Either way, they are dangerous to freedom and instruments of evil. Yes evil. Could anything less pour gasoline on a child and light him on fire? Could anything less than evil defend the teachings that condone that sort of behavior?

Christians should live at peace as much as we are able. We can not live at peace with islamists bent on destruction. That is why the Jews of the old testament fought so hard for so long- why they are still fighting! That is why we must not cave to islam. We must fight evil.

Islam is the ultimate "hate crime." If we are to follow the laws of the land, and if we truly want peace, we must fight and expel terrorists and those preaching our destruction.
Also if we are to follow the law we must not harbor illegals- for if they are breaking the law, harboring them is breaking the law. To put it simply: breaking the law is wrong. Harboring criminals is wrong.

Why do people harbor illegals? Why is trying to deport lawbreakers considered hateful? Yet breaking the law is not? Why not consider breaking into our country and increasing crime and violence hateful? Yet time and time again, even after breaking laws, the illegals are released to break more laws because people are scared of being labeled hateful by enforcing laws? There are those who call this good work hate, and they work towards your imprisonment or death- but those are the ones spouting the real hate and would usher in the destruction of this nation with a blissful smile on their face- claiming to usher in peace. They brag about the law and break it.

Romans 2:23 "You who brag about the law, do you dishonor God by breaking the law? 24As it is written: "God's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you."

It is our duty as loyal citizens and soldiers to fight injustice, to renounce the hate that is islam, to renounce the lies fed to us by the mainstream media- and to work to expel illegals and terrorists who sneak into our country. Ignoring the problems and withdrawing does not fix the problems- such laziness does not bring peace. It only encourages hate to grow and fester and eventually overwhelm you while you are not paying attention.

There is no room for trying to be politically correct. Not being politically correct does not mean that you are hateful- it means you are taking a stand against hate by being truthful. People still fail to see we are at war with an evil ideology, a political ideology, a so-called religion, and that the seeds of war have already been planted on our own soil- we must continue to fight out of love for the preservation of freedom and life, not hate. Whether you are writing your representatives, spreading truth and under-reported news on your blog, or a soldier trying to bring hope and freedom, you are doing the right thing and doing everything you can to keep that war from growing here.

Romans 12:18"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." That does not mean submit to atrocities. It is not possible to live at peace with people who seek to torture, murder, suppress, and destroy.

There are people who stand against doing good. They stand against fighting evil.

Romans 1 29-32: 29 "They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. They are gossips, 30slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful; they invent ways of doing evil; they disobey their parents; 31they are senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them."

Why do we face such hate from islam and those who make excuses for it? Why do so many who hate filled people around the world target us?

John 15:19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

Don't worry about that.
1Peter 5; 6-10
6Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. 7Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
8Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 9Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.
10And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.

We fight evil in fighting islam. Evil won't go away, even if we do. So we fight it. Along the way we suffer abuse, slander, and persecution- especially from those liars who claim to be peaceful. It has all been foretold. We will fight on hoping that we can make a difference and save a life from tyranny. We will fight on, hoping to give someone else hope. We will fight on for freedom.

I'm going away for a little while... I hope to return recharged to continue fighting the good fight.

God Bless!


Aurora said...

Falcon, nice post. It's great to find out you're a committed Christian. But a lot of the Conservative blogosphere are I'm finding out. God bless you and I hope you'll be back soon.

Brooke said...

Great post; be safe while you're gone!

Mohamed said...

The Quran(Koran) Concerning other monotheist faiths:

Not all of them are alike; a party of the people of the Scripture stand for the right, they recite the Verses of God during the hours of the night, prostrating themselves in prayer. They believe in God and the Last Day; they enjoin good and forbid wrong; and they hasten in good works; and they are among the righteous. And whatever good they do, nothing will be rejected of them; for God knows well those who are God fearing. 3:113-115

And there are, certainly, among the people of the Scripture, those who believe in God and in that which has been revealed to you, and in that which has been revealed to them, humbling themselves before God. They do not sell the Verses of God for a little price, for them is a reward with their Lord. Surely, God is Swift in account. 3:199

Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in God and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve . 2:62

Say: "O people of the Scripture : Come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but God, and that we associate no partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as lords besides God. 3:64

And they say: "None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian." Those are their (vain) desires. Say: "Produce your proof if ye are truthful."Nay,-whoever submits His whole self to God and is a doer of good,- He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. The Jews say: "The Christians have naught (to stand) upon; and the Christians say: "The Jews have naught (To stand) upon." Yet they study the (same) Book. Like unto their word is what those say who know not; but God will judge between them in their quarrel on the Day of Judgment. 2.111-113

If any do deeds of righteousness,- be they male or female - and have faith, they will enter Heaven, and not the least injustice will be done to them 4.124

The Quran(Koran) Concerning freedom:

2:256 There is no compulsion in religion, for the right way is clearly from the wrong way. Whoever therefore rejects the forces of evil and believes in God, he has taken hold of a support most unfailing, which shall never give way, for God is All Hearing and Knowing.

16:82 But if they turn away from you, your only duty is a clear delivery of the Message .

6:107 Yet if God had so willed, they would not have ascribed Divinity to aught besides Him; hence, We have not made you their keeper, nor are you a guardian over them.

4:79-80 Say:'Whatever good betides you is from God and whatever evil betides you is from your own self and that We have sent you to mankind only as a messenger and all sufficing is God as witness. Whoso obeys the Messenger, he indeed obeys God. And for those who turn away, We have not sent you as a keeper."

11:28 He (Noah) said "O my people! think over it! If I act upon a clear direction from my Lord who has bestowed on me from Himself the Merciful talent of seeing the right way, a way which you cannot see for yourself, does it follow that we can force you to take the right path when you definitely decline to take it?°

17:53-54 And tell my servants that they should speak in a most kindly manner. Verily, Satan is always ready to stir up discord between men; for verily; Satan is mans foe .... Hence, We have not sent you with power to determine their Faith.

21:107-109 (O Prophet?) 'We have not sent you except to be a mercy to all mankind:" Declare, "Verily, what is revealed to me is this, your God is the only One God, so is it not up to you to bow down to Him?' But if they turn away then say, "I have delivered the Truth in a manner clear to one and all, and I know not whether the promised hour is near or far."

22:67 To every people have We appointed ceremonial rites which they observe; therefore, let them not wrangle over this matter with you, but bid them to turn to your Lord. You indeed are rightly guided. But if they still dispute you in this matter, `God best knows what you do."

24.54. Say: "Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger. but if ye turn away, he is only responsible for the duty placed on him and ye for that placed on you. If ye obey him, ye shall be on right guidance. The Messenger's duty is only to preach the clear (Message).

88:21 22; And so, exhort them your task is only to exhort; you cannot compel them to believe.

48:28 He it is Who has sent forth His Messenger with the Guidance and the Religion of Truth, to the end that tie make it prevail over every religion, and none can bear witness to the Truth as God does.

36:16 17 (Three Messengers to their people) Said, "Our Sustainer knows that we have indeed been sent unto you, but we are not bound to more than clearly deliver the Message entrusted to us.'

39:41 Assuredly, We have sent down the Book to you in right form for the good of man. Whoso guided himself by it does so to his own advantage, and whoso turns away from it does so at his own loss. You certainly are not their keeper.

42:6 48 And whoso takes for patrons others besides God, over them does God keep a watch. Mark, you are not a keeper over them. But if they turn aside from you (do not get disheartened), for We have not sent you to be a keeper over them; your task is but to preach ....

64:12 Obey God then and obey the Messenger, but if you turn away (no blame shall attach to our Messenger), for the duty of Our Messenger is just to deliver the message.

67:25 26 And they ask, "When shall the promise be fulfilled if you speak the Truth?" Say, "The knowledge of it is verily with God alone, and verily I am but a plain warner."

The Quran(Koran) concerning justice:

"And among His signs are the creation of the heaven and earth, and the variation in your language and your colors; verily in that are signs for those who know" (30:22).

"Satan seeks only to cast among you enmity and hate"(5:91).

O you who believe! Stand out for justice, as witnesses to God, and even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be rich or poor. An-Nisaa’ 4:134

"O you who believe! Be the maintainers of justice and bearers of witness for God's sake though it be against your own self, parents and relatives" (4:135).

"O you mankind! We have created you from a single pair of male and female and made you into nations and tribes so that you know each other. Verily the most honored in the sight of God is the one who is most righteous" (49:13).

O you who believe! Stand out firmly for God, as witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred of others to you make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety and fear God, for God is well acquainted with all that you do. 5:8

And thus We made of you a justly balanced community that you might bear witness to humankind and the Apostle might bear witness over you. 2:143

O you who believe, observe your duty to God with right observance, and die not except in a state of submission (to Him). And hold fast, all of you together, to the rope of God, and do not separate, and remember God's favor unto you: how you were enemies and He put love between your hearts so that you became as brothers by His grace: and how you were upon the brink of a fire and He saved you from it. Thus God makes clear His revelations unto you so that you may be guided" (3:102-103).

"The believers are nothing else other than brothers, Thus make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to God that you may haply receive His mercy" (49: 1 0).

The Quran(Koran) Concerning who we fight or don't:

As for such who do not fight you on account of faith, or drive you forth from your homelands, God does not forbid you to show them kindness and to deal with them with equity, for God loves those who act equitably. God only forbids you to turn in friendship towards such as fight against you because of faith and drive you forth from your homelands or aid in driving you forth. As for those from among you who turn towards them for alliance, it is they who are wrongdoers. 60:8-9

Permission (to fight) is given to those against whom war is being wrongfully waged, and verily, God has indeed the power to aid them. Those who have been driven from their homelands in defiance of right for no other reason than their saying, ‘Our Lord is God.’ 22:39-40

The Quran(Koran) Concerning propagation:

Invite (all humankind) to the path of your Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation and argue with them in the most kindly manner, for, indeed, your Lord knows best as to who strays from His path, and best who are the right-guided. (16:125)

Had your Lord so willed, all those who live on earth would surely have attained faith, will you then compel people, against their will, to believe? 10:99

And We have not sent you, but as mercy to all the worlds. 21:107

Islam is peace

falcon_01 said...

How do you explain the hate directed towards us? Please see my post on hate speech for hateful verses. How do you explain the encouragement to lie? We are no less than you, yet your holy books and teachers encourage you to break your word to us as if we were less than human, thus making any sin against us not a sin at all.
It would not even matter if we were something else; for it is only your integrity that you sacrifice, and then to bring death and destruction. No good God would desire that, meaning Mohamed was misleading people and twisting what was written long before him for his own desires.

The Jews and early Christians (who many were Jews themselves before accepting Jesus) were meticulous in copying the scriptures, and any copy that was not exact was destroyed. All the ancient texts agree with the modern- and there has been no going astray.

Jesus was and is more than a prophet- He claimed to be the Son of God, and no mere prophet would dare say such a thing. He was either who he said he was, or he was a liar. Nearly every disciple was put to death for proclaiming him to be who he said he was. They would not have died such awful deaths for a liar.

I hope I have been able to break through with some truth, because I am going away for a little while now...

Flanders Fields said...

Enjoy your break, Falcon. We know who wins in the end, anyway. We just are required to do our part.

This was a very good post. I do know of a lady who could use some understanding of it. I'm sure I could stand more, too.

We are faced with principalities and powers, and confusion reigns. We know the author of confusion and we know the book of a much better author.

falcon_01 said...

Just arrived at destination and wanted to check in, might do so off and on...but it looks like I've got a busy schedule. ;-)
Thank you for the kind words!

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey falcon..taker easy and be safe bro..awesome post too!

USpace said...

Falcon - Great one, very well said! We must keep fighting and spreading the word. Thank you very much for the visit and nice comment, and for the link, yours are cool too, I got your sites linked back.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
tolerate evil...

najistani said...

What Hitler learned from Islam:

"Just as Hitler wanted a Nazi-dominated world that would be Judenrein - cleansed of its Jews - so in 1914 the Ottoman Empire wanted to construct a Muslim empire that would stretch from Istanbul to Manchuria.

Armenia, an ancient Christian civilisation spreading out from the eastern end of the Black Sea, stood in its way.

At the turn of the 20th century, there were two million Christian Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. Already, 200,000 had been killed in a series of pogroms - most of them brutally between 1894 and 1896.

In November 1914, the Ottoman Empire entered World War I against the Allies and launched a disastrous military campaign against Russian forces in the Caucasus. It blamed defeat on the Armenians, claiming they had colluded with the Russians.

A prominent Turkish writer at the time described the war as "the awaited day" when the Turks would exact "revenge, the horrors of which have not yet been recorded in history".

Through the final months of 1914, the Ottoman government put together a number of "Special Organisation" units, armed gangs consisting of thousands of convicts specifically released from prison for the purpose.

These killing squads of murderers and thieves were to perpetrate the greatest crimes in the genocide. They were the first state bureaucracy to implement mass killings for the purpose of race extermination. One army commander described them at the time as the "butchers of the human species".

On the night of April 24, 1915 - the anniversary of which is marked by Armenians around the world - the Ottoman government moved decisively, arresting 250 Armenian intellectuals. This was followed by the arrest of a further 2,000.

Some died from torture in custody, while many were executed in public places. The resistance poet, Daniel Varoujan, was found disembowelled, with his eyes gouged out.

One university professor was made to watch his colleagues have their fingernails and toenails pulled out, before being blinded. He eventually lost his mind, and was let loose naked into the streets.

Varter never found out what fate her husband suffered. Some said he was shot, others that he was among the men held in jail, who suffered torture so unbearable that they poured the kerosene from prison lamps over their heads and turned themselves into human pyres as a release from the agony.

Heavily pregnant, Varter was ordered to join a death convoy marching women and children to desert concentration camps.

She survived the journey alone - her six children died along the way. The two youngest were thrown to their deaths down a mountainside by Turkish guards; the other four starved to death at the bottom of a well where they had hidden to escape.

Varter herself was abducted by a man who promised to save her - but raped her instead. Eventually, she was released to mourn her lost family, the victims of Europe's forgotten holocaust.

The killing of 1.5m Armenians by the Ottoman Turks during World War I remains one of the bloodiest and most contentious events of the 20th century, and has been called the first modern genocide.

In all, 25 concentration camps were set up in a systematic slaughter aimed at eradicating the Armenian people - classed as "vermin" by the Turks.

Winston Churchill described the massacres as an "administrative holocaust" and noted: "This crime was planned and executed for political reasons. The opportunity presented itself for clearing Turkish soil of a Christian race."

Chillingly, Adolf Hitler used the episode to justify the Nazi murder of six million Jews, saying in 1939: "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?"

Yet, carried out under the cover of war, the Armenian genocide remains shrouded in mystery - not least because modern-day Turkey refuses to acknowledge the existence of its killing fields.

Almost all young women were raped according to Fisk, while older women were beaten to death - they did not merit the expense of a bullet. Babies were left by the side of the road to die.

Often, attractive young Armenian girls were sent to Turkish harems, where some lived in enforced prostitution until the mid-1920s.

Many other archive photographs testify to the sheer brutality suffered by the Armenians: children whose knee tendons were severed, a young woman who starved to death beside her two small children, and a Turkish official taunting starving Armenian children with a loaf of bread. "

Heil Allah!!!


Jim Baxter said...

Every September, I recall that is more than half a century (62 years) since I landed at Nagasaki with the 2nd Marine Division in the original occupation of Japan following World War II. This time every year, I have watched and listened to the light-hearted "peaceniks" and their light-headed symbolism-without-substance of ringing bells, flying pigeons, floating candles, and sonorous chanting and I recall again that "Peace is not a cause - it is an effect."

In July, 1945, my fellow 8th RCT Marines [I was a BARman] and I returned to Saipan following the successful conclusion of the Battle of Okinawa. We were issued new equipment and replacements joined each outfit in preparation for our coming amphibious assault on the home islands of Japan.

B-29 bombing had leveled the major cities of Japan, including Kobe, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, Yokosuka, and Tokyo.

We were informed we would land three Marine divisions and six Army divisions, perhaps abreast, with large reserves following us in. It was estimated that it would cost half a million casualties to subdue the Japanese homeland.

In August, the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima but the Japanese government refused to surrender. Three days later a second A-bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. The Imperial Japanese government finally surrendered.

Following the 1941 sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, a Japanese admiral said, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant..." Indeed, they had. Not surprisingly, the atomic bomb was produced by a free people functioning in a free environment. Not surprisingly because the creative process is a natural human choice-making process and inventiveness occurs most readily where choice-making opportunities abound. America!

Tamper with a giant, indeed! Tyrants, beware: Free men are nature's pit bulls of Liberty! The Japanese learned the hard way what tyrants of any generation should know: Never start a war with a free people - you never know what they may invent!

As a newly assigned member of a U.S. Marine intelligence section, I had a unique opportunity to visit many major cities of Japan, including Tokyo and Hiroshima, within weeks of their destruction. For a full year I observed the beaches, weapons, and troops we would have assaulted had the A-bombs not been dropped. Yes, it would have been very destructive for all, but especially for the people of Japan.

When we landed in Japan, for what came to be the finest and most humane occupation of a defeated enemy in recorded history, it was with great appreciation, thanksgiving, and praise for the atomic bomb team, including the aircrew of the Enola Gay. A half million American homes had been spared the Gold Star flag, including, I'm sure, my own.

Whenever I hear the apologists expressing guilt and shame for A-bombing and ending the war Japan had started (they ignore the cause-effect relation between Pearl Harbor and Nagasaki), I have noted that neither the effete critics nor the puff-adder politicians are among us in the assault landing-craft or the stinking rice paddies of their suggested alternative, "conventional" warfare. Stammering reluctance is obvious and continuous, but they do love to pontificate about the Rights that others, and the Bomb, have bought and preserved for them.

The vanities of ignorance and camouflaged cowardice abound as license for the assertion of virtuous "rights" purchased by the blood of others - those others who have borne the burden and physical expense of Rights whining apologists so casually and self-righteously claim.

At best, these fakers manifest a profound and cryptic ignorance of causal relations, myopic perception, and dull I.Q. At worst, there is a word and description in The Constitution defining those who love the enemy more than they love their own countrymen and their own posterity. Every Yankee Doodle Dandy knows what that word is.

In 1945, America was the only nation in the world with the Bomb and it behaved responsibly and respectfully. It remained so until two among us betrayed it to the Kremlin. Still, this American weapon system has been the prime deterrent to earth's latest model world- tyranny: Seventy years of Soviet collectivist definition, coercion, and domination of individual human beings.

The message is this: Trust Freedom. Remember, tyrants never learn. The restriction of Freedom is the limitation of human choice, and choice is the fulcrum-point of the creative process in human affairs. As earth's choicemaker, it is our human identity on nature's beautiful blue planet and the natural premise of man's free institutions, environments, and respectful relations with one another. Made in the image of our Creator, free men choose, create, and progress - or die.

Free men should not fear the moon-god-crowd oppressor nor choose any of his ways. Recall with a confident Job and a victorious David, "Know ye not that you are in league with the stones of the field?"

Semper Fidelis
Jim Baxter
WW II and Korean War

Job 5:23 Proverbs 3:31 I Samuel 17:40