Friday, August 3, 2007

Johnny Five is alive, and tricked out to go after terrorists!

I hope these robots can be used to strike fear into the blackened hearts of the terrorists (and keep troops as safe as possible).

They strike me as a better equiped and tougher version of a bomb disposal robot I got to play with once... easy to drive (like a video game), sensitive precise controls (I shook a friends' hand with the claw, only later to be told that had I applied more pressure it would have turned his bones to so much dust and goo), and way, way cool. The unit I got to toy with had a shotgun for remote destruction of suspicious packages- beefing up the concept and adding a heavy duty rifle and sending them after terrorists makes perfect sense.

A remote robot can be more accurate, and soak up more punishment than a human, and you can patch it up and send it back out, or at worst not have to write a letter to loved ones if it is KIA.

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