Friday, October 26, 2007

Tancredo Trivializes Election- To Quit If Rockies Lose World Series???

You just can't trivialize the presidential election like this!

“Governor Romney, I propose we make a bet on the World Series.” Tancredo said. “I will agree to drop out of the race if the Red Sox win on the condition that you will agree to drop out if the Rockies win.”

This comes a week after Tancredo challenged Romney to a trap shooting contest in New Hampshire, with the loser to drop out of the race.

What on earth is he thinking? Someone tell me he's joking! DANG IT. Candidates, square yourselves away and knock this crap off!


Subvet said...

It's one of the reasons I don't support Tancredo. He reminds me too much of the politician "Greg Stillson" in Stephen King's "The Dead Zone". Tancredo has impeccable credentials but for some reason when things like this surface or when he jokes about nuking Mecca I just get the feeling we'd regret having him as President. My gut feelings are usually wrong, but that doesn't stop me from considering them.

So if I have my druthers, Duncan Hunter will get the nomination. Failing that, I'd settle for Fred Thompson.

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