Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Rant Against An Isolationist "neo-moonbat"

I call them a "neo-moonbat" because they twist some conservative ideas into a strategy for defeat and the eventual destruction of this nation- different strategy from their leftist counterparts, same end result.

"What if we we didn't do anything? i contend nothing would be any different"

X, as an International Security Specialist I must "contend" that you are wrong in your assessment.

If we do nothing, as you propose, the terrorists who have publicly proclaimed that they are going to attack us... (get ready, because this is a big surprise for most Ron Paul supporters)... they will ACTUALLY be able to attack us!

Look up their little "perfect day scenario" They want to activate existing cells, they want to continue to spread lies and propaganda here, but wait, there's more... they want to continue to chop off heads, cook children and serve them to their parents, torture (and I don't mean make them wear underwear on their head), and murder people, not just in the Middle East, but on U.S. soil.

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." I've seen that quite a lot lately, maybe you missed it... so read it again. There's a lot of truth to it. "Not my problem" is the attitude that leads to the decline of morality and nations. It is not what this charitable nation is about. However, when I hear stories of someone being publicly beaten without someone lending a hand to rescue them because "it's not my problem" I worry, as every time that happens, America dies a little.

No, we can't be everywhere. We are in Iraq now. For better or worse. There were WMDs they were evacuated or hidden, while your head is in the sand doing nothing, maybe you can at least help look... We removed a petty dictator who abused his people, and people are getting safer there- slowly but surely. Historically insurgent warefare is a pain in the butt, and we have to think long-term. Sadly, we will be there a while longer. Sadly, more troops will die. However, if we pull out, or do "nothing" when we have an opportunity to do something to make some people safer, the terrorists will see an opening and exploit it- one of the OLDEST lessons about warfare.If we leave before crushing them, they will proclaim a victory against us, the "Great Satan." Who cares what they say? Well, their millions of followers who are sitting on the fence. It would be a huge recruiting bonus to anyone who could proclaim any relationship to kicking our butts.

If we let Iran do whatever it wants, they will... (Here's another surprise for the Ron Paul fans) likely do what they want! What they want includes wiping Israel off the the map. This would involve slaughtering a lot of Jews. I'm sure Ron Paul wouldn't have wanted us to lift a finger to help them in WWII, but by the time he would want us to do something Europe would have fallen and all their resources would have been against us too! We'd be having this debate in German.

Here's another newsflash for the isolationists: Covering your eyes and ears doesn't make the bad people go away. I have the greatest respect for our Constitution, that's why I took a life-long oath to protect and defend it. Defending it doesn't mean sitting on my ass waiting until the enemy has a gun to my head.

The bad people are invading Europe, this time it's not with blitzkrieg, but Europe is surrendering with appeasement anyway. Jefferson was very forward thinking. He had a koran because he was enlightened. He was studying the enemy. Our first war after the Revolution was fought against these barbarians. We won it by going to them and crushing them, not doing waiting for them to come to us. Remember Tripoli. He proclaimed "millions for defense, not one more cent in tribute!" See, we tried appeasement in the past, it does not work. We tried keeping out of the rest of the world's business. it doesn't work either. We can't police the entire world, but we CAN find a balance in picking our fights that will make the greatest difference in the course of events. Allowing islamofascism to flourish by "doing nothing" only lets it grow into something we will have to face later when they start kicking down doors, raping students in schools, and then executing them... Oh, didn't you know that's what they did in Beslan? They want to do it here. They will do it here unless we do something... not nothing.


Russet Shadows said...

Well said. The RP droolers need to be debated and thereby exposed as the massively naive people that they truly are. Expecting a RPer to have a clue about foreign policy is like expecting Galileo to have known about computers.

falcon_01 said...

I expect Galileo would be a quicker study. ;-)