Sunday, October 21, 2007

Message For America About Who We Are

I have very good reasons for leaving out Ron Paul when I discuss our options for 2008. They primarily involve the long-term survival of our nation.
I leave out Ron Paul because he is as great a threat as the other front-runners; perhaps more so, in that he misleads so many to putting this nation on a road to hell- with the best of intentions. He would have us bury our heads in the sand while the islamofascists chop away at our necks. Any success in reforming government under Ron Paul would not last.

We are at war with islamofascism. They have stated their intent to kill us all, no matter what. Even if we leave the middle east, they will continue to attack. Look up their "perfect day" scenario. The enemy must be crushed, or in the long run, America, and our freedoms are doomed as we know it. Yes, we all have our guns, and would go down fighting, but there's a smarter way to do it- and maybe even prevent unnecessary bloodshed on our soil.

Thomas Jefferson had the Koran (that the islamist swore on) to study the enemy! He knew the threat- that's why he sent troops to Tripoli! After America tried and failed at being isolationist- to the point of PAYING TRIBUTE, he determined that peace would never be had. He declared millions for defense, but not one more cent for tribute!

EVERY peace treaty the islamists make, they break- you know why? Because they believe it's ok to lie to infidels, as we are nothing but apes and pigs to them. Living in the dark won't make the threat go away, it will just fester outside our borders and eventually overwhelm us. I do not doubt for one minute that there would be acts of patriotism and heroics in small groups- but in the end, we face a people who don't care about living or dying, or how many innocents they kill so long as their evil is spread and they dominate the world... and it would spread like wildfire without good Americans fighting that fire.

Yes, you'll hear some people spit terms like "American Imperialism" but in the end it's all about trying to make us give up and run away from a fight so they can declare victory in the name of Allah and double their recruiting- after all, if they can defeat the "Great Satan" (what they call us) once, then surely their masses will believe God is on their side. We can not afford to give them even an inch, yet Ron Paul would cede the world to them. That is why he is dangerous.

Look what they do to Israel EVERY time they give land for peace! How much of the rest of the world would you give over to tyranny for false peace? With every advance they make, and every resource they capture they gain more advantages and power to bring to bear against us. On our own soil they have already purchased 20% of NASDAQ. They bought large chunks of our resorts and casino businesses- so you're not just funding terrorism at the pump anymore. Their plan is multi-faceted and many of them are patient. Many want physical jihad against us now, others bide their time and are content with financial jihad (buying up America), legal jihad (suing people, limiting their freedoms, gaining power over courts)... Together, they spread terror over the world- fast and slow.

Shutting the doors and kicking out illegals is a good step, as would be being more strict on keeping our freedoms- but cutting us off from the rest of the world would be suicidal in the long run. Not as soon as some of the front-runners would make it, but an eventuality nonetheless. America is great, but if the world's resources were turned against us, it would be the END. It would make any Cold War MAD scenario look preferable.

There is a global resistance against islamist expansion and we must not abandon our friends to the enemy, or what kind of Americans would we be? Trust me, wouldn't you rather have Freedom and someone call us "imperialists" than have the REAL islamic imperialists in charge?

We were LOSING the Revolution, until one young man decided to go against his king's orders. He believed in liberty and America, so much so in fact that he spent his personal fortune to bring ships, guns, and men to our aid, risked his life on the battlefield time and again. America as we know it would not exist today were it not for foreign assistance and the "American" spirit of others- the spirit of Freedom. Similarly we have since devoted and given lives so others might know freedom. Unfortunately that process is never ending, so long as there are evil tyrants and brave men to fight them. I would hate to think the process would end because America had run out of the latter.

Should we cheapen ourselves now by turning into cowards and tucking our tails in the face of enemies on multiple fronts only to have them eventually overwhelm us down the road? Or should we face the enemy wherever they may be, and make them pay dearly for every inch of turf they would despoil- no matter where? Either we are America, and all that it was supposed to be, or we are not. Let there be no middle ground.

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Check out the chart on this page:

Looks like the military supports Ron Paul more than any other candidate.