Friday, October 5, 2007

Footbaths NO! Use dust instead! Koran says dust is ok!

Use dust instead!

We certainly want to support the water conservation effort, and a suitable alternative is available... so... I'm all for providing them with dust to use instead of foot-baths. That's just fine. So long as it's the dust left over from a BBQ. I'd hate for all the dust to go to waste...


Brooke said...

It says pure dust... Maybe a cremated pig.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol Brooke!..right on!

Russet Shadows said...

Heh heh heh. I like the way all y'all think. It's time to forcefully repudiate the increasing demands of the moon cultists.

pela68 said...

As i've said before (I'm not 100 % shure), I actually think the unholy quran says that you can use dirt... Before AND after a trip to the loo or the mosque.

Wanna shake a muslims hand?

Well, they would not want to shake yours anyway, being all pigs and monkeys and that.

Here in Sweden muslims refuse to use the ethanol based hand wash before visiting hospitalised relatives!

It's like asking for infections; not only for the hospitalised muslims, but also for all the other patients in the ward (MHRA).

At one time I stopped ten or so ME:s from coming in to the infection clinic because they did not want to use the anticeptic's.

I got in to a fight with a couple of them. I can take care of myself; so we had three more cases at the emergency afterwards.

Ahh, the story is to long, and it's to late. But they did not come in. The funny thing is that ethanol is routinielly used throughout the whole ME as an anticeptics...

Beach Girl said...

Falcon, I just took a bit of time off. No news, etc. Back now and have missed everyone.

On the foot baths - sounds kinky to me or maybe just demonstrates a lack of cleanliness. Now, where are those fonts of Holy Water at the door of every classroom?

And I'm getting pretty darned offended 'cause folks want to take away my hotdogs with mustard and onions. They don't like pork, don't eat pork but - takin' away my hotdogs - now thems fightin' words and actions.

Beach Girl said...

I just read about the cremated pig. OMG - too funny and probably true. Talk about a "laugh out loud" belly laugh. Thanks, Brooke.

I'd like a few demands of my own - no burkas allowed in the United States of America. We called them moo-moos decades ago and all they did was make us look like over-sized tents. No hijabs, and no minarets - they mar the landscape.

And bologna and cheese sandwiches REQUIRED eating on Fridays for all except our Jewish students who are clearly smart enough to distinguish pork from other forms of meat.

This is too much fun - I may need another "time-out".

Pela68, one can never tell where a hand has been and we know where some left hands have been. Why not just refuse them access to visiting hospitalized relatives if they won't wash their hands? I jest, of course. Glad to read you engaged and fought the good fight.