Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ah, That Wonderful School System Strikes Again, and Again, and Again

Some school just outlawed hugs. Yes, hugs. You know, those friendly greetings we give friends and family to show we care. Another attempt at the left to step in and control EVERYTHING you do or think.

Another school just ditched Halloween. One kid might feel left out. Someone might not be able to afford a costume. BS. You can't please everyone at once. You know what else? We were on welfare when I was little and my mom MADE my costume for kindergarten. She sewed a little and I was Pinnochio. Because of districting, many of the other kids had lots of money, yet creativity won out and I won the contest. *gasp* Looking back, I sure hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings by winning... you know what? This is retarded. The kids just care about wearing a costume and eating TONS of sugar. When I was in school there were always a couple kids who didn't celebrate- they probably missed out on wearing a costume, but they got candy and didn't hold a grudge against everyone else because their parents didn't want them dressing up. At most, they would be asked where their costume was by a concerned kid. The kid without a costume would say they're not allowed to dress up, and someone would say, "aww, that's too bad. Hey, do you want to trade your bottle caps for my bubble gum?" or something along those lines... and that would be that.

Christmas, we all know about... Heck, even some muslim parents are saying they don't want our Christmas parties banned! Not everyone comes to America for the bland, sterile, leftist brainwaashing. Some actually want to appreciate OUR culture and our freedoms. Yes, many want to abuse our freedoms and take them away, but even more people are starting to see where that leads- corruption and cold, oppressive communism. There is going to be a rift in the muslim community where they will have to choose between conservative morals, and abandoning everything for empty headed liberalism. America is supposed to be a moral Christian nation, and that must not be taken away from us by the left who wants us to deny our heritage and take away rights.


pela68 said...

Well, yes. That´s about sums it up!

Even though we have not got excactly the same traditions as you have. It´s still comes from a common - might I say- civilized- ground!

Yes, by all means. Starve yorselves. Flog yourselves. Pray until your forehead is bigger than your brain!

Just do not think that YOUR belief makes you a morally superior person!

I do not care if someone beliefs. That is something between yourself and the "supposed" creator.

But when someone with a beliefe agenda, tries to impose it on me violently- then I explode!

Then again; I would rather live in a Christian society than in a muslim one!

A no brainer there!

WomanHonorThyself said...

o yes but we must celebrate Ramadama ding dong!..spit!