Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dirt on Huckabee (DARN He was too good to be true)

My friends of the VA Militia sent me the following from hot air and now I feel the need to rain on everyone else's parade:

The Case Against Huckabee

Well, crap. Another one bites the dust. Thank you
for sharing. I'm back to Tancredo and Hunter. I
watched Hunter speak at the GOE on 15 Sept. He had
remarkable charisma, and came across as having a
passion for trying to do the right thing. As a vet,
he's got more cred, and his son's in the service too if I recall correctly.

I think subconsciously I knew Huckabee was "too good
to be true" and that's why I wasn't giving him any
time until Chuck Norris (Please don't roundhouse kick
me) weighed in...

I gotta say, even with all that
dirt, he still comes out looking cleaner than most of
the others- but that's besides the point- I'm not
going to compromise my integrity and vote for anyone
who betrayed the trust placed in him. America doesn't
need that.
Again, I'm back where I started, 2 underdogs: Tancredo and Hunter.

3 if you count Colbert, who, since he's cleaner than Huckabee, moves up on my list if he can overcome the little matter of the FEC breathing down his neck. I mean, come on, it's Doritos promoting him... It's not like he's got Chinese dishwashers sending him millions... and he's not CFR. LOL. Yes, America, we are screwed, but I can't help but imagine Ben Franklin might like Colbert if he were alive today...


Russet Shadows said...

There was a nasty divorce I think a few years back as well, though I'd have to research that one as well. Hotair, though, is a joke. They're political inbreds because no-one is allowed to join their site. Screw Hot Air!

falcon_01 said...

Hey, you're right... I wonder why they don't let new people join. You'd think they'd want as many as possible!

Always On Watch said...

America is in desperate need of statemen. Where are they?

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah I am still on the fence falcon but never surprised when new scandal erupts!

Aurora said...

I suspect that the other team is going to be able to dig up mud on just about anybody. At least Huckabee is morally conservative. I'd say if we get that much, we're doing well, considering the dismal array of choices out there now. Hillary is so covered with mud, you can't see the human underneath but it doesn't seem to be hurting her much. The Dems seem quite happy with their choices. Mind you, they're not too picky.

falcon_01 said...

LOL... so true. Huckabee's still on my list, though he's never been my top pick. As much as I preach that America must not settle for the lesser of two evils, whoever gets the nomination in the end is better than whoever the dems decide on. It's sad.