Monday, October 1, 2007

Your Defeatist Attitude About Voting Will Help Destroy Us- A Wake Up Call

"but unless things change ... I'm not sure he has a chance." I've seen or heard this comment EVERYWHERE when it comes to voting for someone (like Tancredo or Hunter) who has been completely steadfast in their beliefs. It is not my intent to single anyone out, so I want to make that perfectly clear- I've just heard it from too many people, and it's starting to add up.

Why shouldn't the best, most steadfast candidates "have a chance?"

See, that's the sort of defeatist attitude that leads to our eventual destruction. The Fall of America will be all YOUR fault if you don't vote for the right person because you feel they "don't have a chance"
j/k, sort of... thousands, no MILLIONS are thinking the exact same thing! "Why should I waste my vote on this guy? Even though he echoes what is in my heart, and what I know is right, he does not have a chance..." Baaah, baaaah. That is precisely the programing we must rid ourselves of!

If we only vote for people who "have a chance" that means we are letting someone else tell us who has a chance in the first place, be it the media or our discouraging "peers." What really determines who "has a chance?" We The People, of course! The majority of us really DO want change. We want someone willing to stick to his guns and defend this nation, get it "back on track," and gosh darn it, be politically incorrect while doing it!!!

If you would rather see someone who stands firm on their issues- the same ones you say you consider vitally important for the future of this nation, get out there and encourage others to vote for them- don't hedge your bets for the person the media tells you has a chance (who is just the lesser of two evils)!

Search for the truth, post it, maybe even mention an "underdog" candidate as an alternative to others who might not have heard of him and will just vote for "whoever has the best chance." This is the only way to plant the seeds of success and really change things!

How else can we get anything really drastic done by a president to get our nation back on track? Certainly not by playing "American Idol" with the Whitehouse anymore!

Unless us Americans vote our conscience, and vote for the right people, we, as a nation, are doomed to picking the lesser of two evils that are set before us by the people running things behind the scenes. Look how many years we've suffered for our collective apathy! "Oh, he doesn't have a chance..." WHY NOT?

Why are you letting the very people you are blogging about, talking about, telling others you wish they would be unbiased, etc..., tell you who has a chance?

It's because people have been conditioned to buy what the media sells them. Even us conservatives fail to see it staring at us right in the face from time to time. This time, the stakes are too high to pick the lesser of two evils. Even slowly moving us down the wrong path at this critical juncture is too much for this nation.

Naysayers will say that we've been through worse as a country... We have not since our Revolution or Civil War faced such a threat- even then it can be argued that the threat now is greater- England just wanted us to remain a subjugated colony. We can argue over North and South, but in the end it was about government and slavery went away as a result of the North winning. The slavery we all would face under radical islam, the fall of democracy, or a "peaceful" invasion of illegals is far worse than the typical abuse of traditional tyrants. The violent crime in this nation has already skyrocketed. Imagine if you will, the future if we continue down this path. The entire country is already slowly bending under a multitude of external forces. It may take years more for the end result to reach you, but the things we set in motion now will determine that end result. Chances are you already know someone who has been hurt by these forces- yet we go about as if there is nothing to be done- not much better than the sheep we try to wake up, really.

Our borders have always been porous, but the terrorist threat is higher than ever. The Cuban Missile Crisis is a joke in comparrison with what we are in danger of with each passing day unless something proactive is done. We have become desensitized as a population- even here in our little "right-wing blogosphere" where we are less blinded than others.

The enemy has clearly stated their intentions. We are playing for keeps this round. Unless we are dead serious about playing catch-up with our security and defense with this next president, it may be too late by the next chance we have to vote someone into office. This also means paying close attention to who we vote into Congress. I'm not singling anyone out with this, but asking everyone to look inside and make darned sure you are voting for who you know is the right person to lead us, and not who "has a chance." Sure, it's a little more risky- but not if we are all in this together.


Bar Kochba said...

So true. Apathy will be the death of us all.

Subvet said...

Amen brother, amen.