Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Most Unlikely Ally Against the Liberals! or: Some "Local Intel" I Gathered

I think there is still some REAL untapped hope here for Conservative America and Republicans- among the muslim community. Don't run screaming yet, I've not gone mad!

I've personally gathered some "local intel" I consider valuable: That many muslim families no longer give at mosques, or to muslim charities because they do not want to fund terrorists. Stopping that giving alone may not seem like much to you or I, but to them it is a huge deal, and don't forget, IT SAVES LIVES! But wait, there's more!

They hate the corruption in their home countries- where they would be killed for speaking out against it. Even after decades here in the states to learn about our government- they say that although we have corruption it is nowhere near as bad as the lands they left. They are proud of their American freedoms and don't want to see this country become like that which they fled... that's something I wish the immigrants from our southern border would take to heart!

Again, though their religion may advocate violence against us- a lot of people were "born muslims" meaning they follow a couple traditions because that's what they've been doing for a thousand years, but they don't actually "practice" it. Our only way to win the war here isn't just by stocking up on ammo for when SHTF, but with using reason, logic, and smiles, making and winning over friends who don't like where they came from, but don't necessarily want someone shoving a Bible in their face and telling them they're going to Hell- that doesn't save ANYONE, and it just scares people away and makes you look like a fruit. Heck, I'm a Conservative Christian and I find it particularly scary! ;-) I'm not saying pander- far from it, so keep reading!

When they mentioned Ahmenidijad's statement about homosexuals they laughed. They said Iran is filled with gays!

As far as the school system goes, they don't like seeing a lot of the stuff taken out and substituted with teaching 2nd graders about homosexuality. They'd prefer an honest straightforward, and even Christian education to what the leftists are pushing which removes all reason, morals, and "cause and effect" from the system!

My assessment is that if someone could be a hardcore and blunt conservative politician and offer common American ground, the moderate muslim community could be a great tool and ally. I think many would support a Republican candidate in a heartbeat if someone would lay the cards on the table and publicly say, "I'm a Christian, I hate radical islam and the threat it poses to our country, and I, much like you of the moderate muslim community, want good morals in our society. The left wants us to surrender to the same sort of corruption most of you fled. I'm offering you a chance, as Americans, to have the same secure and free America that you came here looking for, in which you can be free to believe what you want without bringing harm to your fellow human beings." I would rather try to win them over to our side with logic, and plainly spoken conservative Christian morals (which actually DO appeal to them) than leave them vote for a democrat because they are scared of persecution.

They don't like the democrats because they kill babies, teach homosexuality, and are a reminder of the corruption in government they fled. Many families don't want catered to with public funds, because they know that money could be better spent on America as a whole... just as you or I would probably not think it right to take something we don't need/ are not entitled to- like welfare. It's stealing, and it's just as wrong to them as it is to us... we need to make these points and use them to get them on our side! No, it's not just for PSYOPS anymore!

They see the preferential treatment and the catering the illegals are getting from the leftists and they hate it as much as you or I. They learned the english language, just like many of our ancestors, because they want to be Americans. They hate seeing all the money wasted on posting everything in spanish. They hate to "press 1 for english." They worry about the illegals smuggling their anti-American culture, drugs, and violence across the border. They worry about terrorists smuggling something across the borders and want them secured too because it would threaten the peace they enjoy here! They've got just as much reason, if not more, for wanting the border secure. These days, most of us don't fear being rounded up and beaten or worse... something that's more likely to happen under a democrat anyway...

The enemy of my enemy, really could be our friend.

Like most people they are stuck trying to pick what is best for their families, so us conservatives are missing out on a great opportunity to gather support from a most unlikely source. There is a void that needs filled.

I know a lot of people will think I'm crazy for even suggesting it- but we actually have more in common with them than we do with the leftists and socialists who want us to surrender to radical islam!

Well, that's one more long rant from me today! :-) I've been vague about my sources for good reason, so don't ask.

Follow up/summary: There are grandparents and parents who dislike the moonbats as much as us. If a conservative candidate gets elected, we can beef up the military, secure the borders, put an end to baby killing, and accomplish all the things on our list of issues. Many "muslims" feel strongly about these issues because the leftists are immoral and threaten the long term stability and security of this nation. If we can divide some of the muslims by showing them life in the U.S. will be better and moral under conservative government, we will stand a better chance of getting conservatives in office, and we'll also be breaking down the supposed "united front" that our country thinks they have.


Brooke said...

I do tend to be a bit wary of the enemy of my enemy...

falcon_01 said...

Me too, but the fact is, they are here, many don't like the liberals, and they may be just the tool to use to fight fire with fire.