Friday, October 12, 2007

Why Not To Pick The Lesser of Two Evils in 2008- Don't Compromise Your Honor!

I can only say I will NEVER vote for someone who supports killing babies. It is a traitorous action to our country, as America is losing lawful citizen's reproductive sustainability. We, will cease to exist as we are overrun.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming that the unborn feel pain, and the recent successful survival and development a child weighing mere ounces confirms that although the baby still relied on assistance (as do all), it was able to survive outside the womb.

Anyone supporting the murder of these children can not ever be considered conservative- regardless of how it is spun.

I will never compromise my integrity by voting for one evil over another, and neither should any other American. Don't buy into the politics and the media polls. The only way this nation's long term survival has a chance is if we live by an honor code and make a stand.

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