Friday, October 19, 2007

Something good in WAPO! Comcast- It's Craptastic!

This lady, a patriot, gets fed up with crappy service, takes a hammer into the Comcast office and goes to town! MY HERO!

Let me just say COMCAST SUCKS! They lie to you and abuse you left and right! I've been kept waiting days for service, with THREE, yest 3 back to back no-shows, gotten double billed, disconnected the day after service was connected when I moved because they idiots had done it backwards! To top it off, my internet is slow, my voicemail can't be turned off and you can't delete a message from an automated telemarketer until you listen to the WHOLE thing, and though I don't watch much TV, the shows ALWAYS freeze for a few seconds here and there- usually at key points in a movie or something.... yeah, I'm sick of Comcast and this lady deserves a medal.


WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo nice to see justice eh my friend?..!!!

falcon_01 said...

yeah, unfortunately, she got punished. Even so, it's hard to believe the Washington Post, a leftist rag, sided with such obviously violent and anti-PC behavior... maybe there's hope for some leftards if even they will condone action in the face of rampant corruption!

Subvet said...

I'll be posting this sucker on my own blog (with due credit of course).