Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mexican TB Bio-Terror Threat. Mexican crisscrosses border 76 times over a year with dangerous TB strain

This man crisscrossed our border 76 times and took multiple flights over the course of the year exposing countless people to a dangerous highly contageous drug-resistant form of TB.

This is beyond negligance. It is willful endangerment and an attack on Americans!

It's bad enough our border agents must walk on eggshells while the Mexican military openly "smuggles" thousands of pounds of drugs and trains machine guns!

Then there's the trucks that Pres. Bush agreed to let in carrying who knows what!

Now this guy comes in willfully committing an act of bio-terror!



Debbie said...

There is so much that could be said about this story. He crossed the border 76 times and no one notices??? I'm so sad.

Debbie said...

I assume by the name of your blog, you are a fan of Eject Eject Eject, the author of the article from which you name comes? I LOVE his writings. He is absolutely correct. Nice blog.

falcon_01 said...

Just checked his site out... That's a different guy.

Scroll down to the bottom for the link to the article I read...

Almtnman said...

I'm sure that he wasn't the only one that walked in here with TB. A local college in my state just reported a case of TB there, which has been rare until we got all these illegals walking in here.

Ya'll have a good day,

Almtnman said...

BTW, Sheepdog, I added your blog to my blog roll.

Ya'll have a good day,

falcon_01 said...

Thanks, likewise!

Oh, there's plenty to worry about- We're not a melting pot anymore- this country is one big pressure cooker waiting to blow!

At least from a bio-terror standpoint we should have learned from the outbreaks in the past. We CAN survive, if we prepare for massive quarantines and get the right gear. Too bad all the news and gov't does is talk...

One company in California of all places, at least has placed thousands of bio-sensors across the nation in larger/high traffic cities, so I feel a little better knowing someone is looking- it's not going to be enough for everyone... but it's something at least.

pela68 said...

Sort of reminds me of my sisters son that got TB from an African immigrant employed at his preeschool. (Thankfully, after 18 months of medication, he seems to be cured!)

But we also have the multi resistant strains knocking at our door coming in from Russia in hordes.

If you have that cough- why do you not go and have a check up?

As a side note, my nefwiew was only one of 20 kids and three teatchers at the preschool that got TB.

I'm not saying that we should close our borders. I'm not even shure what to do about it. But somehow I feel that the problems with resistant strains of TB (and other illnessnes) is something that you have to blame these countrys for (sub- healthcare, the use of anti biotics when there is no need and so on). I cant help to think that what we are doing is to import other countrys problems. And the bleeding hearts think that that is our moral obligation...

Maybe some sort of obligatory screening for TB, HIV and other virulent diseases for immigrants would be ample? It has been suggested before, but has been deemed as "degratory profiling and racistic" (in most cases by the left).

falcon_01 said...

Screening should definitely be in place. Nothing wrong with quarantine procedures- they've been the ONLY thing that works against the spread of some diseases. For any citizens who pick something up on the outside, there should be a procedure for getting them help. Others? Well, their countries have socialized medicine, right? Should be no problem for them to get "help."