Monday, July 30, 2007

Russia on the rise- rewriting history, creating sheep.

This news needs widely disseminated. The world faces far too great a threat from radical islamization to have to worry about a fascist resurgence on a scale that would make the advance of Nazi Germany seem weak. How many straws to break the camels back and have every nation collapse into a war where it is every man for himself? We are not so far as some might think. Hate speech crimes? Thought crimes? Political Correctness? The violation of US Constitutional/ Human rights is already rampant here. I can only feel sorry for those forced into conforming to the whims of the governments of Europistan. I would say don't let go of your freedom without a fight, but that would be wrong. Don't let go of your freedom, no matter what.

We had such high hopes for a peaceful democratic Russia, yet like here, their education system is used to abuse and manipulate the population into spouting the party line... only more so. We are a step behind Canada, who is a step behind Europe, who is a step behind Russia, who is a step behind... ? Who are we following on this march towards inevitable destruction? More important, WHY?

Vote for people you know will keep us off this path! We must regain our freedoms! If anyone arrests a person for exercising their Constitutional Rights, they should be reprimanded or lose their job. If any politician moves to restrict, infringe, or any other word for limit, the inalienable rights of U.S. citizens, they should be tried for treason against the people they should represent!

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