Monday, July 30, 2007

Washington Post- On Faith

Well, I read a LGF post ( the recent Washington Post "On Faith" nonsense. Some comments echoing those on LGF are good and made it through WaPo "moderation." Mine however, have not as of yet, so I'm posting here:

This guy is no moderate! This is taqiyya! Lying to us infidels to make us bite on PC nonsense. Jesus taught the golden rule. Mohammad lived for violence and oppression. We need to stop apologizing for their hatred of us. Enough is enough. They kill people over cartoons. They kill people who do not agree. You can spout all the nonsense you want about being allowed to live under Islam, but why should we? Why should we become a sub-class to those who want to take away our freedoms? They would tax us for being different. They would prohibit the building of any new churches, or even repairing old ones. Why should they be allowed to usurp the Constitution? Take off the blinders and do some real research. Stop parroting your PC professors. Stop bashing Christianity and defending Islam. Don't you see you have been manipulated to buy what they tell you and never TRULY think for yourself?

Here is an in-depth analysis of the quran:

The people of the United States are being manipulated. Our Constitutional rights are on the chopping block and people naively cheer away because some popular politician makes it sound like a good thing. Well, here's something for you- Why can you burn the flag as a statement of free speech, yet be arrested for flushing the quran? Last I checked U.S. citizens fought for freedom.

Military Jihad: killing women, children, and elderly
Peaceful Jihad: lying, threatening, suing, and intimidating

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Brooke said...

Not only is this taqiyya, it is legal jihad!

The LJ's will soften this country so much that when the time comes for official dhimmitude, no one will even notice.

Not me...