Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Letter to Congress- John Doe


Write your representatives to ensure that John Doe is protected lest the above cartoon becomes a reality!


Once again I am writing you to implore you to defend the rights of the American citizens you represent. The rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness can not be protected if you allow the persecution of those who report suspicious behavior. We the people should not have to live in fear of losing our lives to acts terror. Furthermore, we must not be made to live in fear of losing everything else fighting legal battles against those who would commit such acts of terror or proclaim that the United States (as we know and love) must fall! Reporting suspicious activity is the right and duty of everyone. The people must not be punished for performing their duty to protect themselves and others.

Your duty is to ensure we are protected from abuse. We should not constantly be forced to resort to begging you to preserve our freedoms and protect our rights. You should already know to represent us at least that much- it is what you have been elected to do!

Where do you stand in protecting the people you are supposed to represent? Will you side with an enemy dedicated to our long-term destruction, solely to pay service to some politically correct and totally farcical ideal? Or will you side with citizens to uphold their right to self-preservation? When you risk lives so as not to offend someone, when you take freedoms and rights from loyal citizens, you are most certainly not representing the best interests of the people.

I ask you to protect the rights of those who report suspicious activity, and trust that American citizens who report such activity understand the seriousness of their actions. I ask that you understand the lethal consequences of what will happen if someone is too afraid to report something suspicious. Creating a population of sheep who are not allowed or are too afraid to take action to protect themselves is contrary to the American spirit. It hands the enemies of freedom easy targets.

Very Respectfully,

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