Monday, July 30, 2007

1st Amendment- Right to be Arrested

Last week I posted on a U.S. citizen who was arrested for exercising his right to bear arms. This week it is a citizen arrested for sticking a quran in the toilet! How absurd can you get? He stuck something that preaches violence in the toilet! Sure, I probably wouldn't be happy if someone put a Bible in the toilet. Sure, I'm not happy when the American flag is burned... but this happens all the time as a form of protest. Guess what though, you have the right to free speech, or at least you used to...

Thanks to SIAD for finding this!

We need to stand up for our rights because nobody else will! Even one American jailed for exercising his rights is one too many! This is an abuse of the people of this nation and must not be allowed to continue.

Thanks to Foehammer for covering this as well!

UPDATE- Quran Burning! Thanks!


Bar Kochba said...

Why should the Qur'an get a special treatement? As we still don't live under sharia, it deserves no special protection. Is there nothing that the US won't do to accomodate Muslims?

Anonymous said...

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falcon_01 said...

I'm leaving this comment just because it is frakin' hilarious! "this to make him gonad shriveling" that is the funniest thing! WTF???
I'll take it off if Foehammer wants, but I have a feeling he'll want it to stay so I have something to turn to for laughs on slow days.

"book him proverb." ? LMAO! What a gem! Is that like book him Danno? You know, from the book of Danno?

I gotta stop laughing!