Wednesday, July 11, 2007

PC Term for terrorists

We must avoid labelling those who want to kill us as "terrorists," "radical muslims," or anything that might offend them. After all, your rights and lives aren't as important as theirs- it says so in their holy book. We must keep an open mind to other people's world-views and be sensitive and supportive of their cultural and religious needs.

Instead of calling them terrorists, simply refer to them as those individuals freely expressing themselves with heightened levels of aggressive emotions and behavior because of and towards arrogant-right-winged-closed-minded-people not in agreement with their moral relativistically justified way of fulfilling their religious obligations which include the peaceful practices of mutilation, torture, oppression, and death of those aforementioned closed-minded individuals.


barf. I could get a job with the BBC with writing like that (if I could stomach it)!

Why mislead the public? Why create a generation of sheep to be slaughtered? Why not call them terrorists for trying time and again to kill you??? These are the people who will roast your child and serve him on a plate before you! These are people who want to cut off your head and stack it in a pile! They really do these things in Iraq and other Muslim countries, yet there is no widespread public outrage! Together their acts and long term intentions make Hitler's activities seem tame, yet the European leaders of all people rush to their defense! People blame the West? How can any such behavior be excused away or justified? Oh, they're just misunderstood. You would rape and behead people too if you got billions of dollars for your oil... blah, blah, blah... or should I say Bah, bah, bah?


WomanHonorThyself said...

haha..great rant..I mean post buddy!..jus dont call them late for dinner!

falcon_01 said...

Dinner, hmm... speaking of which, I have a great new food idea!

CAIR Packages: swap the labels from cans of pork and beans(or other pork products) with labels from other cans and donate them.

That's awful, I know... don't do it, you might go to jail or something. LOL...

WomanHonorThyself said...

haha....coverin my ears..hear no evil Falcon..grinz*