Monday, July 9, 2007

The media's freedom fighters hard at work chopping off children's heads. I dare anyone to defend their actions after seeing this. If you do, you're more brainwashed than I thought, and beyond hope. Religion of peace. Right.

It's only a matter of time before they start doing this here in the US. Look what they're doing in the UK. You can't even call say islam and terror in the same sentence without risking jail.

We are already facing crack-downs on freedom. 7 Christians were just arrested for praying on a public sidewalk near a gay pride function. They were merely peacefully gathered- not violating anyone's constitutional rights... but their own were violated when they were arrested. Christians can not pray in public, yet school systems everywhere teach how Islam is a religion of peace. Blinders are put on the American people, and our own president, much hated by the left, speaks in a radical mosque!

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when- for those we face are devious, and they fully intend to take as long as necessary to fully infiltrate and subvert our freedoms. They have said as much- yet still we blindly are told that it's too far-fetched. How far fetched was it that they should knock down skyscrapers? How far fetched was it that they would enlist Drs to strike British airports? When will the masses acknowledge the threat and demand the government take action? Or are we being left to fend for ourselves when they start picking us off in the streets? Will we even be able to fight back, as more and more laws are proposed to limit our right to bear arms?

If you tell people to stock-up, or prepare, you liable to be labeled a paranoid fanatic- but look at the facts and decide for yourself how prepared you want to be for the next wave of attacks. When they come, it will be in wave after wave, and our country may not fall, but it will be radically changed.


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