Friday, September 7, 2007

Revealing Riots Over Cartoons, 9-11 anniversary

I was going down my blogroll and ran across this at Hard to Swallow
absurd thought
-God of the Universe says
start a riot today
if your faith is so weak
a cartoon will threaten it
The formatting can be hard to swallow, but the points really hit home.
It must be true that their "religion" and faith really is so weak if they need to constantly riot and attempt to crush others in a vain attempt to validate it and their disgusting behavior, and bolster themselves. That's a textbook psychological problem. The truths are self-evident; their religion of peace isn't.
We few (the majority actually) know this deep down and all facts shout this truth, yet our press serves them time and again by spreading sugar-coated lies and misdirecting the people of our nation. This will continue until either there is a revolt against the status quo, or the loud minority of bleating sheep continues to steer this country to its destruction and we reach the sad destination of tyranny and oppression that the followers of islam long for.
Their belief system that espouses hate, lies, torture, and is totally at odds with the golden rule can never be validated no matter how many are murdered in its name. No loving God would ever decree such filth. The koran is blasphemous for daring to proclaim hate in the name of the God of the Universe, who is really a God of Love and wants us to love him AND our neighbor.
He tells us to live at peace as much as we are able. Unfortunately, we are not able, and can never be able, to live at peace with people bent on our destruction.
Certainly, if we are so bad, where are OUR riots? Are the majority of Christians calling for oppression and hate? Do we congregate waving banners calling for the death of an "artist?" No, we want peace, are sane enough not to be rioting and calling for blood over some sketches... We are civilized, but we understand that peace and freedom from the violence of islam and tyranny comes with a price, and know that price must be paid, and there will be bloodshed as the islamic tyrants won't stop without it, but we do not revel in the cooking or beheading of children.
Whenever there are civilian casualties inflicted on the population of an enemy state, there is sadness. However, we know that we are still fighting for an eventual peace that will save more lives in the long run, so we must not stop... The enemy on the other hand actively enjoys, celebrates, and dances in the streets when our non-combatants are killed. In fact, non-combatants remain the primary target of the enemy. That was their first target nearly 6 years ago on 9-11. Civilians have ALWAYS been their main target because they are the easier prey.
They are cowards for rioting over cartoons, they are cowards for delighting in the slaughter of innocents, and we must not forget- no matter how much time passes.


USpace said...

Hey, thanks for posting about HTS and elaborating on this theme. Well done!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
KILL all cartoonists

who dare draw pictures of dogs
wearing religious clothing

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never discuss religions

all are very peaceful
none inspire terrorism

USpace said...

Also, I think that 'faith' can mean many things: A certain faith, someone's faith, someone's faith in their faith, a faith in something, or whatever.

Probably, Muslims get upset over criticism of Islam because the truth hurts. Part of their brains are logical and realize some truths, but they conflict with the part of the brain that says to the other half 'Don't think about that!" and "You shouldn't question that!" So, they find it much harder to ignore and suppress when other people criticize Islam.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never mock Islam...