Thursday, September 27, 2007

Good Rant on Leadership on Blackfive

To see what our soldiers are facing makes me angry. Where is the support they need? It's certainly not in congress, heck, even some military leadership if this is happening! I'm not saying all leadership is bad. I know that there are bound to be bad people in all sorts of place, but the military of all places should not have as many worries because every branch has an Honor Code and everyone takes an oath. That should count for something... but learning what honor and integrity are and living it are two different things.

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It's a sad day when I feel I have to confess to being a former officer(please don't hold it against me, lol). It was in my blood to join, and I knew how things should be, so one of my first lines to "my" MSgt when I, a Lt, reported in was, "I'm not one of the know-it-alls so your job is to keep me from screwing up. You're the one with the experience, so teach me and I'll listen."We got along just fine the next couple years and he had my back all the way- including when I stood up to the corrupt new SES who was appointed to "run things"

To make a long story short, my IG complaint got swept under the rug, the SES replaced me with an old Lt Col friend of his, I got "force-shaped," and my MSgt retired soon after. That's what I got for not being a "yes man" and trying to always do the right thing. I'd have transferred into the Army in a heartbeat, but the moldy basement office I had been working in gave me lung problems... (I'm doing fine on meds now though thanks to the VA (finally)- I'm not quite back up to a 6 min mile, but 8 isn't bad for not being able to run till recently). After I left, the basement got new carpet, new ceiling tiles, a fresh coat of paint, and turned into a little-used "training room."

So, now I sit in a cube doing something similar... not bad, it's fairly rewarding considering...but 3 years is not the 20-30 yr military career I dreamed of. I know God has a plan, but I really hate seeing corruption eat away at our country. It royally ticks me off to see the military, the honor of America, the gung-ho spirit of freedom, dragged around and dogged by filthy corrupt politicians who care nothing for honor. I won't call the whole officer corps bad, though there are quite a lot of decent people, who, like the "moderate muslims," keep their mouths shut and allow bad things to keep happening to good people so they don't get their hands dirty.

Can't blame them TOO much- after all, they have spouses and kids to feed (actually had a capt say that when he said what was happening to me was wrong "but... he couldn't speak up").but there comes a time when enough is enough and you have to put it on the line and make a stand against scum before everything this country is supposed to stand for gets sold off out from under us!I know a lot of good, honorable, men and women who were "let go" in the middle of the war, just to make some politicians happy.

We are the ones here in the states, joining the older vets in watching and waiting for the politicians to give this country over to the enemy, and we will fight back when they launch their insurgency on U.S. soil because though our terms of service expire our oaths to "protect and defend" NEVER do.

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Brooke said...

It's good to know there are morally steadfast men like you about, and infuriating that our military is constantly screwed to the wall by politicians, be it from within or without!