Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You Asked For It! My "This Shirt Is Illegal in 51 Countries" Shirt Now Available!!!

Illegal T-Shirt

Click to order! $14.99

Alright, show your support of free speech and Christianity!
Wear it to your next counter-protest!
Draw attention in public!
Be your own billboard!
Start up a conversation!

I had about 50 requests for this shirt, and countless pictures taken when I attended the Gathering of Eagles on 15 Sept 2007. Someone who didn't attend even asked me where to get one when I was riding the bus home!

I promise any proceeds I earn through the affiliate sales will go towards my personal 2nd Amendment Appreciation fund or something equally worthy. Though I doubt I'll be able to afford much more than a few cleaning patches with the dough I'll be raking in. Prove me wrong! ;-)