Friday, September 7, 2007

Media Candidates, Voting, the Future of America!

To fully win freedom and peace we must expel the enemies within our country- that means voting in the right people who will actually do the job... not just voting for someone the media makes look popular- beware!

Look at the background of all the candidates. Continue to ignore what the media is selling. We don't buy their propaganda, so why should we buy the candidates (of either party) they keep pushing? We are the people with the power to determine who gets elected- NOT THEM, so don't just side with the glamorous candidate because you want to be a winner in the eyes of the media or you will be in no better position than the blind and deaf sheep we keep trying to warn of the obvious doom that awaits as a result of trading morality and justice to embrace some politically correct vision for America.

If we stand firm for our principals and are not swayed by the media, we really have a chance! Why not Tancredo? Why not someone who stands firm and will do more than spout platitudes? Why not someone with a clear history and strong convictions? Why be duped by the media with propaganda and a fake popularity contest? Mr. Popular is not going to be Mr. Right when it comes to accomplishing the multiple controversial, risky, and unpopular tasks done that need done to save this country.

Jokes, media soundbites, superficial talk-shows and celebrity followers are not key indicators of the great president we need- if anything they indicate who we should avoid at all costs! Why not pick the sensible candidate the media is purposefully shunning??? You know... the same media that we complain about every day for their lies, propaganda, endangering our troops, leftist bias, attacks on morality, justice, freedom, education, common sense and decency? Why buy a media candidate?

Wouldn't you rather poke the media in the eye and vote for the person you know will do what it takes to save America? If the future and freedom of America really is at stake as many of us keep saying, then we should avoid gambling on any and all of the wolves in sheeps clothing they keep pushing on us!

Personally I'd much rather place my trust and the future of this country in the people purposefully being shunned by the people and their mega-companies who control the media...

As we learned yesterday, NC jumped on board the NAU bandwagon. Do we want a president from either party who will lead us further down that path? We certainly must not jump on celebrity bandwagons! We need to stand firm on the issues we hold dear, for if any of those issues is not firmly held to, it will cost this country dearly.


WomanHonorThyself said...

Wouldn't you rather poke the media in the eye and vote for the person you know will do what it takes to save America? a word: YES!..great post my friend!.:)

Aurora said...

Falcon, I know someone else who thinks Tancredo is great. I would love to read a complete post by someone on Tancredo giving all his pros and why he's a good choice. Is he better than Fred Thompson do you think?

falcon_01 said...

Aurora, run a search for Tancredo on my blog. You'll see a post for July 27th. It's short, but if you check the link to Tancredo's issues page, he comes right out and states precisely where he stands on EVERYTHING. ;-)

Brooke said...

I think it's sad that voters are more likely to get their info on a candidate from Leno than a credible source!