Friday, September 14, 2007

Gathering Of Eagles!!! Checklist, ideas, etc

Night Before:

Dug out my BDU pants, still fairly presentable despite being folded over a year ago... :-(
Partially shined up my boots (no Hershey bar... only the finest moonbat guano) ;-)
Hey, the blousing straps were still tucked inside waiting for me after a few moves!
Readied "illegal" t-shirt
Filled canteen with water and put it in fridge (since water may be scarce and plastic-tasting water is better than no watter)
Charged cell phone
Checked camera, charged batteries, emptied media card
Checked Metro route...

need sleep

Day of event, heading out.

Wouldn't it be great if we could "never leave a man behind" when the hippies hold their die in... LOL Oh well, we'd probably be arrested for bruising their egos when we tried to haul them to our side. ;-P

I plan on commanding the dead to rise later today... ;-)

I JUST thought of some great poster ideas... have to use them next time...
Lets get one thing straight: The Leftists kill the babies.
Troops make sure they have a country where they can safely grow.
Religion of Peace
So easy, even a hippie could remember it.

Sheep, wolf, or sheepdog?

The Bible wants us to live at peace as much as we are able.
The Koran encourages its followers to lie to and kill us.
I'd say we aren't able.


I'm getting ready... should have pics in a day or so. God Bless!

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