Monday, September 10, 2007

History Lesson from CHUCK NORRIS!

A 200-year-old lesson on 9/11

Courtesy of WND

I'm so glad a public figure like Mr. Norris is getting out there with the facts. I hope he manages to reach a wide audience... but unfortunately you don't see his words covered by mainstream media as you do the countless leftist celebrities (I wonder why that is!).

Kudos to Mr. Norris for continuing to make a stand for America.


Anonymous said...

Awesome article! I checked out his others on World Net Daily. Can't believe how good they are!

falcon_01 said...

Thanks for dropping by!

Awesome says it all...Every last one of his articles is amazing and inspiring. It really is refreshing to see a star use their charisma for good.

pela68 said...

Chuck Norris uses rocks for shaving. And the rocks pleades for mercy!

Aurora said...

Falcon, great post and link. Chuck Norris is great and it doesn't hurt that I'm a history nut anyway. He went from being a brawn machine to a real thinker. His stuff is great.