Thursday, February 21, 2008

Need Help Translating Swedish Comment in Sandstorm Post!

I have no idea what she's saying- I can't tell if she's being supportive, or something else... but she's also go Arabic on her site. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated!


Brooke said...

Sorry, man. Out of my league!

pela68 said...

Ok- I'll make a try...

Swedernized Imams- No thanks!
If the latest discussion about [Swedish] Imam edjucation [SIC]. Support our protests sign the petition! We want to deliver our protest against [SIC] Lars Lejonborg [Minister for higher edjucation and research], the Swedish ministers plans of Swedish imam schools. Our demands consists of;- no state funding of religious organisations and particulary not for the islamic movements- the principles of a secular society that is legislated in the Swedish constitution should be implemented also to people of foreign origin- islam like all other religions are a free- and a private choise for adult people and therefore all interfearance of imams or islamic movements in public affairs should be forbidden.
Sign the petition here

(Sorry but Swedish is hard enough to translate when it is correct from the beginning, doing it when it's broken is even worse- no offence Rana!- But I think I translated the essential message quite true to it's meaning)

pela68 said...


It all refers to a proposition from Lars Lejoborg to have state financed imam edjucations in Sweden (much like we have state financed priest edjucations right now- [but that really is just theology and litterature, which is a road to BECOMING a priest, but as I understand it- not really nessescary]).

Me myself have trouble to descide what to think of the proposition. On one hand- it would indeed feel much better to have imams that are not edjucated in Saudi-Arabia or in pakistan or iran here. On the other hand- because there is aleays an other hand, if you're not a Saudi-Arabian shoplifter that is- There should not be any need of imams here in Sweden at all!

Damned if you do- damned if you don't kind of thingy!

pela68 said...

Just watching Scrubs 6/6- the musical. HEH!- I have never enjoyed a musical this much.

How is it going down in the sandbox? My feet are aching from doing sentry duty for the Swedish force going down to Chad. Glad I'm not going there (see other posts).

Just carrying around the "Iron Rod" (G3 rifle) is bad enough, but doing it with the - 94 body armour makes it so much worse.

But still I get to crack one cold one open and watch Scrubs at nights (c;

Be safe- Stay in touch!