Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Diversion: Scrubs

Sorry, no new pic for this post, though I have a couple new ones I'll try to get on here in the next couple days. I've been watching Scrubs in my spare time thanks to some generous soul who uploaded it to a shared drive. It's such a great series (BIG praise coming from a sci-fi and fantasy fan)! So far I've watched every episode in order up to early season six! I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish the collection. I still have most of a year (or two) to go! AAAARRRRRGH!

It's been a great diversion though- and since it's really hard to get out and make friends when you're working 12 hour shifts and you've been sick, I feel like I'm best buds with J.D. and Turk. Sad, I know...

Monkeys keep flinging poo over the fence and it makes an awful noise when it lands, but thankfully I'll have a bit more shelter (or the illusion of) than currently provided by my tent- (and a bit more room) when I get a trailer sometime in the coming week (disclaimer: estimate only, no guarantee)! Thankfully some spaces have been opening up and I'm making my way through the line at a good speed!

Oh, and mostly over being sick! :-)


pela68 said...

O hope you are faring well. If you have the time (and the acess) go to:

Take care!

And by the way. Scrubs is more authentic than ER ever was. And funny! I know, I've done my fair share of time in hospitals both at the reciving end and as the grim reaper...

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Brooke said...

I used to be a nurse aide in the ER, and Scrubs absolutely kills me with how much stuff ACTUALLY goes on!

I've watched it all, too, and anxiously await the next season release to DVD.

I suggest you eat the monkeys. I HAAAAATE monkeys. :(

Stay safe, and stay healthy!

pela68 said...


I just remembered one time during a Hysterectomy (I was assisting), when the surgeon suddenly asked what nerve in the abdonimal cavity he was pointing out was, and when I did not know he pinched it with a pincher making the patients right leg kick out. I was like...Ehhh? Are you allowed to do that? Later I learned why you after surgery are so beaten up- it's not like surgeons use silk gloves. I know- I've been on the reciving end too...
It's a very (What the heck; he/she won't notice anything anyway!)kind of thinking.

But in many ways Scrubs are totaly on the spot. You have your Todd- charactere. You have the almost impossible hostile janitor, a Dr Cox and all those different characteres you find in Scrubs. If anything, the most unauthentic thing of the show is the type of stetoschopes they use (double instead of single tubes) and that they carry them around their neck insteaf of in the pocket. But well, what do I know, maybe that's how you do it in the states?

pela68 said...

Oh! Poo flinging monkeys. That's just hllarious! Now I'm waiting for the punchline he, he, he!