Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Got a Trailer!

It's been a LONG month+ in that tent, but it's finally
over, and at least it wasn't 4 months like they originally thought.
Not a minute too soon either! People were
ignoring the "no-eating in the tent" rule and it got
infested with bugs and I was getting eaten alive every
night. The day I found out I had finally gotten to
the top of the list for a trailer, I came back on a
lunch break to drop off laundry to find a note saying
that everything in there had to be inspected and the
mattresses and the wooden bunks were to all be burned.

I was able to take some clothes after I inspected
them, but the majority had to go for "medical" laundry
where they scald them just in case a bug is hitching a
ride. Sounds good until they tell me that they only
pick up on Monday and drop back off on Saturday.
Since it was Tuesday when I dropped them off, it means
I won't have my most of my stuff for about 2 whole
weeks! After inspecting every inch of my clothes
inside and out and putting them in a plastic bag I
went to the BX and bought another sheet set and a
blanket in case the heater breaks (with my luck
lately, it probably would have if I didn't buy the

Tonight I'm stuck at work late (no overtime here
folks), but thankfully it's relatively slow so I can
type this out in advance and post it when I get back
to my trailer. :-) I'd like to at least be able to
enjoy my new trailer since I have to walk between
30-45 minutes (uphill each way in the mud) to get to
and from work now... ;-)

We shouldn't have to fight al-qaeda much longer, if at
all... I mean, now that Osama said he's sorry, and his
son called him a nice guy, the bad guys will start
improvising hugs instead of explosives and we'll all
live happily ever after in some delusional politically
correct fantasy... right?

*yawn* See, you can tell I need sleep! I hope everyone
back in the states is having a good time. Take care
and God Bless,



Brooke said...

I'm glad you finally got out of the tent. I don't even want to THINK about the bugs over there.

Aurora said...

Chris, God bless you. I can't imagine what it must be like over there. Just the bug thing says it all. Glad to see you guys kicking butt. You're heroes.

pela68 said...

Thumbs up! Don't be a stranger...

Take care!