Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a couple links to good articles

Why we should fight the war on terror like WWII
(peaceful majority is irrelevant and other good points):

A twelve-step program for liberals
(Has some very good arguments, but even so, might not open eyes of those who wish to remain in the dark):

One last thing. How on earth could Obama go to that church for 20 years and say he wasn't aware of what racist stuff was going on??? Saying it makes him either a liar or an idiot, and we have no room for either in the White House.

I'm still alive and kicking, just not a lot of free time to post. Any down time I get I try to get the most out of, but I'll keep checking in from time to time. :-) Keep up the good fight on the home front!


pela68 said...

Be safe and kick some but!

Brooke said...

"Saying it makes him either a liar or an idiot, and we have no room for either in the White House."


Stay safe!

Flanders Fields said...

Falcon, the WOT report is correct, of course. The war would be conducted that way if it were being pursued according to US interests instead of the interests of the one worlder financial interests. It is time to kick ass and take out terrorists and their supporters. Good luck - good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Put on the (your) full armor and having done all, Stand.

God (not allah) bless you and Thank You for your service to our country.

You must be irritating to the worshipers of the moon god because they hacked your "boycot islam" site.

Va Militia

USpace said...

Falcon_01 - The 12 Step Program for Liberals is excellent. I used to think McCain had a better shot at beating the PIAPS, now I think Obama would be easier to beat. Rev. Wright seems to be trying to do everything to sabotage Obama. But McCain could still eff it up.

I hope you are well. Stay safe over there and God bless you and your band of brothers. Thank you for what you do.

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Brooke said...

We're thinking of you this Memorial Day, Sheepdog!