Thursday, November 8, 2007

Troll Thread!!! Help me share the truth with this guy!

disinter said...
"I know this is a bitter pill for some to swallow, but it must be said over and over again until people get it: Bush the decider in chief can call for war all he wants, but it is the soldiers in the U.S. military that are doing the actual bombing and killing. Look at what is happening in Pakistan. Musharraf couldn't do a thing what the support of his thugs in the military. But why is it that Americans are horrified about what the military does in Pakistan but not horrified about what the U.S. military does in Iraq? The war and future occupation of Iraq would not be possible without the 180,000 plus Americans that keep joining the military every year. This is what must be stopped. "
My Reply:
November 8, 2007 11:45 AM
falcon_01 said...
YOU are the bitter pill because you're a suppository. The troops you are so quick to malign, myself included, bring freedom from tyranny!

Look, here's some GOOD news about GOOD things in Iraq that wouldn't have been possible without the troops:

Troops kill bad guys who want to take away YOUR freedoms to say such stupid things. That should be phrased easily enough for you to understand!That's right! Those evil murderous troops are protecting your lousy bum by bombing and killing bad guys.

Look up for some truth about what we are up against.

Yes, war is an awful thing, but it's better than caving in to violent oppression, or leaving those people desiring freedom to be SLAUGHTERED the minute we leave. We're giving them the tools they need to survive on their own and have freedom.

Fighting an insurgency takes more time than your short attention span can manage, but it needs done right, or good people get murdered when we leave early because people like you demand we leave early. It's a sick reality I hope and pray you'll open your eyes to.

I don't care what reason we went in there for- it's in the past and not changeable. Right or wrong, what's done is done- we need to fix the situation by supporting the people of Iraq on their hard path to freedom. Abandoning them without cleaning up our mess will result in their death. You and your kind would be responsible, but you'd be pointing the finger at the troops again for not doing a good enough job when you were witholding resources and pulling us out early!


Brooke said...

You can't reason with a troll. They repeatedly go back to places they are clearly not wanted, merely to rankle the owner of the blog and his/her guests.

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow youre still here bro!..ty for the teriffic comment at my site and Semper Fi!..stay in touch plz!!!