Thursday, November 8, 2007

Of "Mercenary"/ Contractor Pay/Status

I was looking for family support services for contractors deployed to Iraq and didn't find much.

What I did find was apalling in that it's mainly moonbat attacks against contractors being evil money-grubbing mercenaries.

Let me set the record straight, yes, the pay is better than we got in the military. The key word there is military. We've already signed our lives away at some point- were willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice doing the jobs others wouldn't step forward to do- and survived. Unless you've got some vital experience or military training and discipline, chances are you aren't going to wind up a defense contractor. When we leave the military, our options are often slim, "society" thinks they don't need us anymore, and we lose the level of trust and responsibility we once had.

Everyone knows the military (benefits aside) doesn't pay much for what it asks of you (whether you sit in the office or serve on the front, you placed the needs of the country above yours meaning you could be sent anywhere, anytime, to do anything), and when you get out, yes, you have the ability to put your military service on your resume. Most of America doesn't know what that means, and sadly many don't care.

Officers make more than enlisted, but it still doesn't compare to the civilian sector of the outside world. Working as a contractor is often only way to again put our unique skills to use and begin to make up for what we weren't able to earn while in uniform. It helps us provide for our families, pay for a medical procedure the VA won't cover, or anything else we want to do because this is a free country because of the fact people wore the uniform, so don't look down on our continued service. Plainly: Even though we're not wearing the uniform and we're getting paid more, we're still dedicated professionals, and still serving!

So don't look at contractors as dirty- ignore the media. We're mostly veterans who still have something to contribute, and are getting paid for it. The left is so fast to give away hard-earned tax-dollars to illegal criminals, but never thinks about the Americans sticking their necks out to make sure this nation continues to exist. What does it matter if I make a little more money now? This is a free country and I'm still contributing to the system- definitely more than most of those mooching off of the hard work of others and griping without doing anything to make this country better (but have the nerve to march in the streets calling for more dead troops)!

Keep another thing in mind- our oaths never expire, so while we may somehow be serving corporate interests by working on a particular contract in support of the U.S. government or multinational forces, our duty is still to the Constitution.

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Anonymous said...

Well im not north american and my country where i actually live has a lot of mercenaries and our governament doese't aprovve it. I think its wrong, beecause when a soldeir come back from the war , people think he became a "monster" a "crazy dude" with a pertubated mind, so they have problems to have a job, if he ahs a wife and kids he problaby will need to make money to himself and his family.
Before reading this post i never tought mercenaries were so mistread persons by society, if someone tells you that you are a "mercenary" you feel bad because of the ignorant media, they only shows mercenaies are people that loves " blood-money" , they dont tell into media that they are veteran soldeirs who fought in front, saw a lot of bad things and their mind are really messed up, and they want go home. And when they finally return to their homes ,they got fired from their jobs, got nowhere to go, the last way of continue living is being a mercenary, its his choice.
I won't will tell my history while i was in military but yes all contries are exacly like this.